What is VPS Used For?

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What is VPS Used For?

Srijani Ghosh
Last updated on May 22, 2024

    VPS stands for a virtual private server. It is a server built up “virtually” in a parental server by the host. One parent server can have many virtual private servers. These servers act like dedicated servers but in general, are shared in one parental server. Now the question is, “What is VPS used for?”

    What is a VPS Used For?

    Virtual private servers mimic dedicated servers - by leveraging virtualization - and, thus, provide complete control to clients. One can manage, update and run hefty websites on them. Overcoming the cost and hassle of shared hosting, VPS hosting often proves to be a cost-friendly solution with no limitations, but its amenities don't just end there. Here is a list of uses of VPS:

    1. Host Your Hefty Traffic Volume Website

    The virtual private servers are equipped with quality features that can help in hosting a bulky website receiving high traffic. By choosing VPS hosting , you can elevate your website's responsiveness, speed, etc.

    Websites hosted on virtual private servers have more server controls or flexibility of installing specific plugins and software and also enhance data security. The unmetered bandwidth associated with virtual private servers further increases website performance. All these functionalities elevate the stability of the website under heavy traffic volume and make sure it doesn’t crash, thereby establishing a satisfying user experience.

    2. Improve and Maintain the Performance of a Website

    A website working and loading optimally with no errors or server issues can retain and connect users better. Hence, continuous improvement and maintenance of business websites are vital. Generally, your web hosting plan can take care of this.

    VPS hosting is efficient in maintaining the performance of a website throughout without showing any errors or server connection issues. Its scalability also allows you to download or configure software and plugins in case your website needs excessive support.

    3. Host Websites for Others While You Run Your Own

    Perhaps the most attractive and profitable amenity about a virtual private server is that you can have a few other domains as well while guaranteeing sufficient RAM for every domain to function rapidly.

    If you are building and delivering websites to your clients, VPS can be a boon for you. It provides the capacity, security, CPU, and RAM as well. This often helps developers to attract clients and serve them with a smart, fast and responsive website without compromising on quality, server control, and stability.

    4. VPS Could Be Your Ideal Gaming Server

    Gaming servers demand stability, quality features, more RAM and space, and good scalability. By opting for VPS, one can develop a gaming server with all the essentialities. Doing so has the following benefits:

    • Mitigates limitations on performance and stability.
    • Reduces security risks.
    • Offers easy and swift customization.
    • Affordable than managing a dedicated server.

    Due to all these benefits, VPS has been widely used for designing gaming servers. The proposed space, stability, maintenance, and scalability fulfill the gaming requirements and elevate its acceptance in the gaming world.

    5. Create and Test Code

    For all app developers, VPS works as an ideal hosting with negligible limitations and concerns. It works as a virtual working space allowing easy and interactive team collaborations as it permits team members to access and monitor processes from different locations. This makes remote development practical.

    Also, a VPS permits designers to test applications in a live setting, thereby eliminating the need for a dedicated server. VPS permits developers to work out bugs and test the application on different quality parameters before going live.

    6. Extended Storage

    VPS provides complete control and extended storage. Cloud storage, being an expensive option, often comes with financial concerns. Therefore, to get extra storage that too with a safe and scalable platform, VPS can be considered. It provides complete security and a reliable platform to store some extra and/or important files.

    7. VPS Encryption for Hosting VPN

    If you want to host a VPN rather than leveraging the best VPN services, VPS can help. VPN can establish secure and reliable private connections over public networks, but if the same is not done securely, public networks can attack you with malware or with data hacks. Thus, it is important to have VPS while hosting a VPN to create a secure, stable, and encrypted VPN.

    A VPN encrypts and stabilizes your remote connections, making it incomprehensible for programmers or hackers to peruse your information and harm your PC. Also, by utilizing your VPS (as the hosting server) to have a VPN, one can overcome the location constraints and can bypass the limitation of accessing province-specific websites or search engines.

    8. Test New Environments

    Server setups are paramount and need to be tested on various grounds for launching. In such a scenario, having a dedicated server for testing purposes can dig a hole in your pocket. VPS comes to the rescue in such a scenario. Its friendly and cost-effective solutions make sure you get stable and reliable server testing.

    9. Create Private Backups

    Cloud-based storage is less expensive, but in case you're utilizing a VPS, its huge storage capacity can provide you with extra storage space to store and record reports and other significant data securely.


    No doubt, dedicated servers are paramount server options and are reliable and preferred options, but VPS is no less. These provide stable and scalable hosting features, thereby establishing a fast and quality website. The affordability of VPS gives it an advantage over dedicated servers. The incorporated benefits and extended valuable features elevate the demand for virtual private servers. As such, there are various hosting service providers with effective and reasonable packages for VPS hosting.

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    VPS is an acronym for Virtual Private Server. It is a hosting service that leverages virtualization technology to provide you with a dedicated server in a shared hosting environment.

    With VPS, you can host or set up your website in a secure container where you get all the resources, such as CPU, memory, etc., and you don't have to share them with others.

    VPS is a hosting service provided by a service provider to host your websites and provide all the required resources. On the other hand, VPN is an encrypted connection over the internet that lets you browse safely and securely without revealing your identity online.

    Websites owners whose websites receive traffic beyond the limits of shared hosting but do not require resources of dedicated hosting need VPS hosting.

    In shared hosting, you need to share resources with others. This is not the case in VPS; you get resources anytime you need them without having to share them with others. The availability of resources results in faster and more reliable performance of websites.

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