6 Best WordPress JavaScript Plugins to Use in 2024

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6 Best WordPress JavaScript Plugins to Use in 2024

Saumya Rastogi
Last updated on May 30, 2024

    WordPress is one of the leading content management systems that allow you to create amazing websites having interactive features and functionalities. If you are a WordPress user, you might have thought of tweaking your website beyond the themes without impacting or breaking the website.

    Customizing a WordPress website by adding or altering the existing code is the most obvious choice that you have. However, adding code to a WordPress web page or website is not as easy as you think because if anything goes wrong, your whole website may crash.

    So, what can you do to overcome this and customize a WordPress website by adding code? Well, one potential solution is to use JavaScript for adding dynamic features to your WordPress website.

    In this article, we will be introducing you to JavaScript and how you can use it for adding interactive elements to your website. Also, you will get to know about various WordPress plugins that make it easier for you to add JavaScript code to your website.

    What is JavaScript?

    JavaScript along with HTML and CSS are the basic technologies powering the modern web. Also, JavaScript is among the most widely used programming languages for web development. It assists in developing dynamic web pages and adding interactive features to websites.

    Though it is possible to create basic websites with HTML and CSS, JavaScript makes it possible to add dynamic behavior to web pages that eventually improve the overall user experience. One of the best things about JavaScript is that you can use it for client-side or front-end development as well as server-side or back-end development.

    When to Use JavaScript?

    You can use JavaScript whenever you want to add new functionality or add elements like audio-video players to your WordPress website. Also, if you are thinking of integrating various third-party applications with your website, you should consider using JavaScript as it ensures that the third-party apps function properly without bogging down the server.

    One more notable use of JavaScript is to add event-based actions to your WordPress website. You can trigger a certain action when a particular event takes place on your web page, such as a user clicking a button.

    Best JavaScript WordPress Plugins

    There are various WordPress plugins for safely deploying JS code on your website. We have summed up some of the most popular JavaScript WordPress plugins below.

    1. Insert Headers and Footers

    Developed by WPBeginner, it is one of the simplest WordPress JavaScript plugins to work with. It allows you to add the scripts via headers and footers. Also, you can leverage it to integrate third-party social media APIs with your WordPress website without editing your theme directly.

    Key Features

    • It has a simple interface that allows you to edit the scripts and insert the important elements quite easily.
    • You can either add the code in the header or footer of your web page as per your requirement.
    • It also allows you to add Google Analytics code to your website’s theme.
    • You can add any type of code to your website, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
    • This plugin is available for free.

    2. Simple Custom CSS and JS

    This plugin is available as a simple developer tool, and you can avail of its additional features if you upgrade it to its pro version. It enables you to add customized CSS and JavaScript code without the need to make changes to the theme or the plugin file. You can make desired changes to individual web pages with the help of this plugin. Additionally, you can preview the changes made to your website before making them live.

    Key Features

    • It allows you to display the code inline or in a separate file.
    • You will be able to add the desired code either in the header or the footer of a web page or post.
    • The plugin makes it possible for you to add as many code snippets as you want in any section of your website.
    • It will save the changes automatically.
    • You can avail this plugin for free.

    3. SOGO Header Footer

    If you want to integrate and leverage the functionalities of multiple third-party APIs, this plugin is a great choice. It allows you to add the JavaScript code to the header, footer, and other sections of a web page. While the free version of SOGO Header Footer comes with ads, you can disable them by upgrading to its pro version.

    Key Features

    • It allows you to add code to a single page or multiple pages of your website.
    • This plugin supports the Gutenberg editor.
    • It comes with the support for terms and category pages.
    • Price: you can avail of its free version, and upgrade to its premium version which starts at $9.90 .

    4. Scripts to Footer

    This WordPress JavaScript plugin is capable of adding desired code to the footer section of a website. It will help in reducing the loading time of the website and avoid any bottlenecks that occur due to the loading of complex images or multiple scripts. This plugin works efficiently if you use the plugins and themes that use the wp_enqueue_scripts correctly.

    Key Features

    • You can disable the plugin for a specific page directly from the edit section without impacting the working of the website.
    • You can choose which script to keep in the header of the website.
    • You can use this plugin for free.

    5. CSS & JavaScript Toolbox

    CSS & JavaScript Toolbox is among the leading WordPress JavaScript plugins trusted by several WordPress developers. This plugin comes with a dashboard from where you will be able to manage all the extra code and snippets added to your website. Also, the plugin allows you to create code blocks that you can use within your website. You can easily add and manage CSS, JavaScript, HTML, and PHP code that can be added to any section of your website.

    Key Features

    • You can add CSS, JavaScript, and other code snippets to web pages, posts, custom post types, tags, URLs, and more.
    • It also allows you to add front-end styles without the need to alter the theme files.
    • It helps you to integrate third-party scripts for advertising purposes and visitor tracking or social media channels.
    • You can use the plugin for free and upgrade to its premium version for $29 to get access to more advanced features.

    6. Scripts n Styles

    This plugin lets you add customized CSS and JavaScript code to web pages. Apart from this, the plugin comes with built-in security features to safeguard your website.

    Key Features

    • It allows you to add desired classes to the body tag and post container.
    • You can create scripts for the entire site with the help of the global settings page.
    • It comes with the option of restricting the usage to specific user types.
    • This plugin is free to use.


    We have mentioned some of the best WordPress JavaScript plugins that you can use to add JavaScript code to your WordPress website easily. By adding customized JavaScript code, you can extend the functionality of a specific webpage or the entire website. The plugins that we listed above let you add JavaScript code without impacting the working of the website or crashing the server. You can learn more about these plugins on their official website.

    Finally, we hope that this article will make it easier for you to choose a WordPress JavaScript plugin that best suits your requirements.

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