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When you use a web-browser such as Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and Edge, then you may have noticed that whenever you visit a website on the top on URL bar before the www.domain name there is a text https//: or http://. what does it signify? It signifies the type of Internet protocol, by which that specific website showing what you have requested for.

Here in this article, we have provided a simple and brief difference between the HTTP and HTTPS internet protocol before we compare these two terms let’s have a brief explanation of what is Internet protocol.


What is Protocol?

A protocol is a set of rules, followed by the internet when it comes to sending data from one computer to another. Each computer which is connected with the internet has its individual and unique IP address, with the help the internet to identify and separate so many computers connected to it.

Internet works with different protocols and which protocol to follow depends upon the user request, if a user wants to surf a website the server can communicate with the user in simple HTTP or HTTPS protocol or if the user wants to send an email the internet follow the SMTP protocol.

Types of Protocol

  • TCP(Transmission control protocol)
  • FTP (File transfer protocol)
  • SMTP (Simple mail transfer protocol)
  • HTTP
  • Telnet

What is HTTP?

HTTP is an acronym of HyperText Transfer Protocol and it is one of the most basic internet protocols, which is used to communicate between the client and the server.

The main purpose of this protocol to transfer data over the network according to the client request. In general, whenever we visit a site, the internet uses the HTTP protocol to show us the hypertext of that specific website.

Mostly all the information that we can see on our browsers, such as the website hypertext, API or website content is all because of HTTP.

The user generates an HTTP request when he enters the website address on the address bar of the browser or just click a hyperlink, and that request either goes to the origin server or proxy server, and that server generates an HTTP response according to that request and renders the appropriate result on the user browser.

HTTP is an extension of TCP because it is built on the top of it, HTTP uses Hypertext Structure text to establish a logical link between nodes.

Advantages of HTTP:

  • It can take advantage of Caching infrastructure to deployed worldwide.
  • It can work efficiently with other Internet protocols.
  • It is platform-independent
  • If we compare it with HTTPS, HTTP is faster.
  • With HTTP we can connect globally.
  • It has content negotiation, with which the client and server negotiate over the desired format of the resource.

Disadvantages of HTTP:

  • It is not secure.
  • The data flow on HTTP is not encrypted
  • It is not SEO friendly.
  • Data is not secured with an HTTP request.

What is HTTPS?

HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, it is the same protocol as HTTP the only difference is it is more secure. Now mostly all the websites use the HTTPS protocol to render their data according to the user HTTPS request.

In 2014 Google asked its all user to switch to HTTPS from HTTP for a better SEO search, and better webpage ranking and since than many websites have moved to HTTPS. You can check huge and famous websites such as Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, etc uses HTTPS instead of HTTP to give more security to their users.

In HTTP the data was not encrypted so if anyone hack the server can grab all the data in a readable format, but now with HTTPS data flow from server to client in an encrypted format, so even if someone steal the data, he will get an encrypted data which would  be of no use if the hacker does not have the right key to decrypt it, that’s how HTTPS provides more security to the user.

HTTPS uses SSL which stands for (Secure Socket Layer) which is used to create a secure and encrypted connection between the server and client browser.

Advantages of HTTPS:

  • It uses SSL to set an encrypted and secure connection between server and client.
  • It provides more security to the user when they use transection.
  • More secure than HTTP.
  • More SEO friendly.

Disadvantages of HTTPS:

  • The confidential data stored in the form of a cache can be stolen by someone.
  • It uses a lot of server resources.

HTTP Vs HTTPS: Head to Head Comparison


Full form:

Hypertext Transfer Protocol Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure


Data is not encrypted in HTTP, so it is less secure Data is encrypted in HTTPS which make more secure

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

HTTP is not that much SEO friendly, it might be possible with HTTP your website would not be able to rank good on Google. With HTTPS you can boost your ranking on Google because HTTPS is more SEO friendly

Port No.

HTTP uses port 80 HTTPS uses port 443


It is faster because it does not encrypt data and form a direct connection It is slower than HTTP.


Server Resources

It can work with less server resource It needs more server resources to act on a client request

SSL Certificate

HTTP does not have an SSL certificate HTTPS comes with SSL certificate

Ideal websites

HTTP ideal for those websites which do not accept any data from the user such as blog webpages. HTTPS mostly used for those websites which use transaction gateways and store user confidential data.

Data Encryption

HTTP does not encrypt the data and send it in the simple text format from the client to the server or vice versa. HTTPS uses SSL to encrypt the data.

Protocol uses

HTTP uses TCP/IP protocols. It is an extension of HTTP, it uses HTTP along with TLS/SSL.


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