Best IoT Applications

By | November 13, 2021
Best IoT Applications

IoT (Internet of Things) heating up the current market of all gadgets. You can’t even imagine how much the IoT has affected our daily lives. From our smartphones to the smart appliances in our home, IoT is everywhere.  Everything that can access through internet and can be controlled by a platform comes under IoT. With the up-gradation of wireless tech and sensor, IoT is just unstoppable. Every gadget in the market connecting to the IoT so the consumer could get more features and can easily control the gadgets over a long-range. In your day to day life, you counter many IoT applications such as your smart AC that you can turn on and off from your office and there are many other applications of IoT that you are using right now and maybe you have no idea about it.

So, in this article, we are going to cover some Applications of IoT but before it lets have a look at what is IoT


What is IoT?

IoT is a platform in which devices are connected through the internet with the help of medium so that we can exchanges data from one device to another. The medium to connect device could be wireless or with wires but these days we prefer wireless medium.

The exchanging of data helps us to command different devices and help devices to perform various task.

Internet of things IoT Applications

Best IoT Applications

Wearables Gadgets with IoT

It looks kinda cool when you have an IoT gadget which you can wear. Some main gadgets such as Fitbit and smartwatches come with IoT and different kinds of sensors make your life so easy even many people first check their Fitbit and then decide which meal to take or which do not. These devices come handy to those people having high calories and the problem like high and low Blood pressure.

Smart Home Appliances

These days not only computer devices having IoT but the home appliances too. What if I tell you the appliances that you use in your day to day life at your homes such as Tv, Refrigerator, AC, Heater, Light switches, door locks, vault lock and many more all those coming with IoT support. Big tech such as Samsung, LG has released a series of their smart home appliances that can connect to your mobile or smartwatch and from any corner of the world with the help of internet and your device you can control them. You have seen many advertisements in which they show that you can turn on and off you AC from your office or school or college.

Smart City

Many developed countries like USA, Japan, Norway have a smart city, so what a smart city. A smart city in which everything is managed properly with the help of the IoT concept. From water supply management to traffic lights everything is controlled by the IoT, and with the help of your mobile devices and internet you can catch up with everything. With the help of IoT, a large amount of data is recorded by the smart city so that the data could be analyzed and more work can be done on future development.

Amazon Go

Amazon one of the big tech company of the world has released a retail shop where you can shop anything if you are an Amazon user. The Amazon Go is not like normal retail shops it is a very high-tech shop with a bunch of modern sensors. In Amazon Go, you do not have to go to the check-out counter for the billing just pick the thing you want to buy and leave the shop the moment you leave the shop the amount will deduct from your Amazon wallet is that simple.

Smart Grids

Before when the electricity was generated for the consumer it used to flow in only one way and the supplier could not get the real-time data about the utility of electricity. The smart Grids with the help of IoT solve this problem now the consumer can interact with the power supply and the supplier can supply the power in an automated fashion.

Smart Farming

With the rising of many environmental issues, such as climate change has a major effect on agriculture and we just can’t neglect the farming society. The smart farming techniques bring more efficiency and productivity in the farming country like Japan practice smart farming and showing a tremendous result on it. Yet there is a lot to do in the smart farming and IoT playing a significant role in it with sharing a useful amount of Data.

Smart supply chain

You often order stuff online and there you get a feature where you can live track your order and can check till when the order would reach your place. All this smart supply chain make life very easy and satisfying.

IoT Advantages & Disadvantages

Though IoT is providing a lot of features which is making our life so easy but like another tech, it has some advantages and disadvantages.

IoT Advantages

  • It is very efficient and comes at a low cost
  • Helps us to get more information
  • With its help, we can communicate with other devices
  • Give us wireless connectivity and help to automate the devices

IoT Disadvantages

  • Over dependency on technology can affect social life
  • Compromising with the privacy
  • The decrement in human resource employment.

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