15 Best Coding Apps for Beginners and Kids

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15 Best Coding Apps for Beginners and Kids

Sameeksha Medewar
Last updated on June 20, 2024

    With coding being one of the most in-demand skills in several industry verticals, many students and non-tech professionals aspire to learn to code. Coding opens up dozens of lucrative career opportunities. Some popular coding-related job roles include web developer, software developer, mobile app developer, data scientist, and game developer.

    When it comes to coding, only learning a specific programming language is not sufficient. Instead, practice is essential to master coding competence. There are many resources on the internet today, such as YouTube videos, tutorials, bootcamps, and so on, that can help you to learn to code.

    However, it is not always easy for people to sit in front of computers for long hours and practice coding. This is where coding apps come into the picture. Learning to code becomes more convenient when using a coding app since you can do everything from your phone.

    Also, non-tech working professionals desiring to learn coding skills can opt for coding apps. Such apps allow them to learn in their spare time from any location.

    Well, in this article, you will get to know about the best coding apps available for beginners. Also, you will become familiar with some popular coding apps for kids, which will assist them in learning to code in an easy-to-understand manner.

    So, let us get started!

    10 Best Coding Apps for Beginners

    The following is the list of popular coding apps for beginners that can assist you in learning to code.

    1. Sololearn

    Sololearn is one of the best mobile coding platforms compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices. Also, you can access Sololearn on the web. It offers a wide range of courses from machine learning to web development.

    Moreover, you can learn and practice various programming languages, including JavaScript, Python, C++, C#, Go, C, PHP, and Ruby. In addition to programming languages, there are courses that teach you the basics of various frameworks and libraries, such as React and Angular .

    Key Highlights

    • Each course is designed by coding experts and follows a step-by-step approach to help you understand the concepts.
    • You can find in-lesson quizzes to assess what you have learned.
    • After the completion of a course, you can receive certification to showcase the newly acquired skills.
    • Sololearn has a Code Playground, where you can find code for various problems. These codes are submitted by developers across the globe. Also, you can submit your solutions to various problem statements.
    • There is a Discussions section where you can post a coding challenge or provide solutions to others’ coding challenges.
    • You can highlight yourself as a Top Learner in the Global Leaderboard of Sololearn.


    Sololearn is available in two different editions, Basic and Pro. The Basic plan is free to use. The Pro plan charges $5.83 per month if billed annually and offers a 14-day free trial. If you bill the Pro plan monthly, you have to pay $12.99 per month, and it does not include a free trial.

    2. Enki

    Enki is an award-winning application that assists you in learning to code. It is compatible with Android and iOS devices. Besides learning to code, it also helps you to learn how to leverage the available data and unleash the power of any data stack, including Tableau, PowerBI, Spreadsheets, and Salesforce.

    This platform offers over 1500 lessons on programming languages, including JavaScript, Java, Go, CSS, HTML, TypeScript, and Python.

    Furthermore, Enki is ideal for working professionals. The best part of Enki is that it understands an employee’s workflow and productivity to determine the skills that need to be taught to boost their productivity.

    Key Highlights

    • Enki provides you with a dedicated mentor that helps you to learn your desired course.
    • There is a team of experts from various fields that are readily available to answer your question and troubleshoot your problems.
    • Enki comes with a coding playground that helps you learn and practice coding.
    • Each course consists of interesting exercises and quizzes to stimulate your thinking.
    • Mentors provide feedback on your code that can assist you in writing better code.
    • It also has a huge content library to gain insights into a specific topic.


    Enki offers two different plans, Individual and Team, intended for individuals and teams.

    • Individual

    The Individual plan charges $50 per year for the Self-guided track and $350 per year for the Mentor track.

    • Team

    The Team plan further offers four different editions, as listed below:

    • Seed: $500 per month or $5,000 per year
    • Series A: $2500 per month or $25,000 per year
    • Growth: $10,000 per month or $100,000 per year
    • Enterprise: Custom pricing

    3. CodeHub

    CodeHub is a popular coding platform for Android mobile devices. It provides the best approach to learning to code. This application is India’s first mobile application for coding with multi-lingual support. It is available in English, Hindi, and Telugu. Moreover, you can also access CodeHub on the Web.

    Key Highlights

    • CodeHub provides insights into the basics of the web, HTML, and CSS.
    • You can access your content even if you are offline. You just need to synchronize content once and access it anywhere. The only prerequisite is that your mobile phone should have a Google Chrome browser.
    • There is a community of local developers with whom you can chat in case of queries.

    CodeHub is the best place for individuals wishing to just start their journey in web development.



    4. Mimo

    Mimo is yet another popular coding app for Android and iOS mobile devices. With Mimo, learning to code can be easy and fun. It helps you advance your programming career, build applications and websites, and become a professional developer.

    This platform lets you learn Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and SQL. Mimo provides you with comprehensive courses designed by a team of experienced coders or programmers.

    Key Highlights

    • Mimo’s Code Playground allows learners to write and run code and share it with friends.
    • You will get to work on real-world projects.
    • Mimo’s Python course includes over 53 concepts, 2,600 bite-sized exercises, and 32 projects.
    • If you choose SQL, this course will help you learn data science and SQL to perform data analysis .
    • The web development path covers all the concepts of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. You can find 87+ concepts, 13,000+ bite-sized exercises, and 62+ projects.
    • You will earn a certification upon completion of a course.


    Mimo offers a 7-day free trial. After the free trial, you need to subscribe to Mimo Pro, which charges $6.66 per month and $79.99 per year.

    5. Programming Hub

    Programming Hub is an interactive yet simple application for understanding the basics of coding and programming . This application is compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices.

    With this platform, you can learn major and in-demand programming languages, including C, C++, Java, Python, R, Swift, and C#. In addition to programming languages, you can also learn three web technologies, namely JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. You can also learn the basics of digital marketing, data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

    Key Highlights

    • Programming Hub offers a variety of bite-sized courses on web development, mobile app development, digital marketing, game development, hacking, analytics, and full-stack development.
    • You can find 5000+ code examples for your daily practice.
    • Get a verified certificate on completion of any course.
    • There is a powerful compiler for over 25 programming languages.
    • The course content and new coding samples are added periodically.


    Programming Hub provides free and paid courses. The price of each course varies.

    6. Codecademy Go

    Codecademy is a mobile application for learning to code, and it is compatible with Android and iOS devices. With this application, you can practice coding, read articles, and brush up on various coding concepts. It is a supplemental tool for Codecademy, an online platform that provides free online coding classes.

    With a free Codecademy Go account, you can practice Python programming and HTML/CSS. To practice JavaScript programs, SQL queries, and CodeCademy Pro Path content, you need to upgrade to the Pro plan.

    Key Highlights

    • You can download the resources and access them even if you are offline.
    • Top industry-leading coding experts provide effective learning tips and the best coding practices.
    • There are review cards to help you revisit and polish up coding concepts.
    • You can find ‘fill in the blank’ coding questions to boost your knowledge.
    • Maintain streaks by learning daily.
    • Get learning tips and career advice from experts in programming, computer science, data science , and web development.


    CodeCademy provides two plans, namely Free and Pro. Anyone can use the Free plan and practice Python and HTML/CSS. The pricing for the Pro plan depends upon the career path you choose.

    7. Khan Academy

    Khan Academy is a coding application with a mission to provide free classes and training to students. This application is compatible with Android and iOS devices. It provides training on JavaScript, HTML, and CSS for creating interactive web pages and SQL for querying and managing data.

    Besides coding, this platform also provides training in Maths and Science to students of grades 1 to 12. Also, you can find courses on Art & Humanities and Economics. You can also prepare for SAT and LSAT tests with this platform.

    Key Highlights

    • Teachers can enroll in Khan Academy to become an instructor and provide training to students.
    • Subject-matter experts have designed the trusted content for all the courses available. It is free for learners and teachers.
    • It is available in various languages, such as Hindi, Gujarati, and Kannada.
    • Parents can also create their accounts and later, they can create an account for their children.
    • You can just bookmark content and read it offline.



    8. Programming Hero

    Programming Hero is a coding platform that follows a personalized, fun, and interactive approach to facilitate effective learning. This application is compatible with Android and iOS devices. It helps learners to build games while learning coding concepts. Also, you can add elements to your game as you learn.

    This coding platform offers a variety of courses, including web development, data structures, algorithms, game development, object-oriented programming, and database. Recently, Programming Hero has added courses for machine learning .

    Key Highlights

    • There are 100+ code samples with solutions and explanations.
    • Learn coding with visual and real-world examples to have a better understanding.
    • Gain superpowers, such as surprise points and superpower badges on solving coding exercises.
    • Fun quizzes, such as the 3-seconds burger game, 45-seconds ice-cream game, 5-second pizza game, will help you to boost your coding knowledge.
    • Offline Code Playground enables you to build web applications or websites using JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Vue.js, and Bootstrap. Once you develop an application, you can publish it on GitHub and share your live site with anyone.
    • Bookmark any content while reading for future use.
    • You can get help from various learners in the Programming Hub’s Forum.


    You can use Programming Hero for free. In addition, you can also upgrade to Programming Hero Premium, which charges $9.99 per month or $39.99 per year.

    9. Grasshopper

    Grasshopper is a coding application available for Android mobile phones and all major web browsers. This application teaches you JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

    You can also learn other coding concepts that you can apply to any programming language. These concepts include loops, function declaration, conditional statements, control flow, recursion, string manipulation, array methods, animation, and many others.

    Key Highlights

    • Visual puzzles to simplify coding concepts and develop problem-solving skills.
    • Get real-time feedback on your code that helps you write better code.
    • Learn new skills and collect achievements.
    • Glossary section to brush up on your coding knowledge.



    10. Encode

    Encode is another coding application for Android and iOS devices. It has an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Encode aims to help you in learning to code and other technical skills, ranging from JavaScript and Swift to command-line. Moreover, it will guide you to build websites and analyze data.

    Key Highlights

    • Bite-sized lessons and exercises to help you understand various concepts effectively.
    • Real-world coding examples to boost your coding skills.
    • Coding challenges to test your knowledge.



    Top 5 Coding Apps for Kids

    Coding is not all about learning technical skills. It is also about developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Coding apps have made it easier to teach coding to children in a fun and engaging way. They assist children in the development of coding skills that will benefit them in the future.

    The following is a list of several famous coding apps for kids:

    11. Hopster Coding Safari

    Hopster Coding Safari is one of the most popular coding apps for kids of ages ranging from 3 to 10. This application is only compatible with iOS devices. It offers animal-themed pre-coding logic games that help kids to understand the fundamentals of coding.

    In addition to the coding fundamentals, kids will also learn the basics of computational thinking and develop critical thinking, planning, and problem-solving skills.

    Moreover, kids will learn four fundamental techniques of computational thinking, namely decomposition, pattern recognition, abstraction, and algorithms. All these skills will help them to solve complex tasks.

    Key Highlights This coding application helps children to:

    • Understand what algorithms are.
    • Write algorithms.
    • Develop programs using simple loops and sequences.
    • Debug errors in algorithms that consist of loops and sequences.
    • Use logic reasoning to understand the behavior of programs.


    Free with in-app purchases.

    12. codeSpark Academy

    codeSpark Academy is a popular coding application for Android and iOS devices that teaches coding to kids. It has a game-like and word-free intuitive interface that assists kids in learning to code without letting them know that they are learning.

    There is a character in the game called Foos with whom kids will learn to code. They need to use their critical thinking and problem-solving skills to help Foos complete different tasks in the game.

    Key Highlights

    • A lot of puzzles can help kids to develop coding skills.
    • Fun and logical games that teach various concepts, including boolean logic, variables, stacks, and queues.
    • Kids can build their own arcade-style games after solving puzzles using Game Maker.
    • Story Maker helps kids to create their own stories with drawings, music, and speech bubbles.
    • A plethora of mini-games for kids to have a better understanding of coding concepts.


    codeSpark offers a 7-day free trial. After the trial period ends, you need to subscribe to either the annual plan or the monthly plan. The annual plan charges $6.67 per month ($79.99 per year), and the monthly plan charges $9.99 per month.

    13. Kodable

    Kodable is yet another robust coding application for the iOS platform. This application is ideal for kids ages 4 to 10. It covers every aspect of computer science. Also, this application helps them to play and create their own games.

    While learning the coding concepts through Kodable, children can explore the asteroid fields of Asteroidea, the technomazes of Smeeborg, and the slime-infested plains of Bug World. Moreover, it consists of age-appropriate games that will help kids to learn how to think like a programmer and write real code using a built-for-kids coding interface.

    Key Highlights

    Through Kodable, kids will learn the following coding concepts:

    • Algorithmic operations
    • Conditional statements
    • Object-oriented programming
    • Order or sequence of operations
    • Syntax
    • Classes and subclasses
    • Properties and methods


    Kodable charges $6.99 per month and 59.99 per year. The bill will be applied to your iTunes account.

    14. Algorithm City

    Algorithm City is a fun and engaging coding application that provides interesting games for kids to learn the fundamentals of programming and algorithms. Kids of age above 5 will learn to code with animal-themed games. This application is available for only Android smartphones.

    One who plays games on Algorithm City will develop a basic understanding of coding, functions, loops, and command sequencing. Kids will learn coding by playing games, where they have to collect gold and complete levels.

    Key Highlights

    There are 51 levels in Algorithm City that kids have to complete. These levels will assist them in learning to code.

    • Educational chapter: It has 6 levels and teaches how to do coding.
    • Easy chapter: It has 15 levels and teaches the basics of coding.
    • Normal chapter: There are 15 levels that teach the basics of loops.
    • Hard chapter: It has 15 levels and they teach kids the fundamentals of functions.



    15. ScratchJr

    ScratchJr is a free coding application available for Android and iOS mobile devices. Kids ages 5 to 7 can leverage this application to develop coding skills. Furthermore, this coding application helps children to design projects, solve problems, and express themselves creatively on computers.

    Key Highlights

    • With ScratchJr, kids will create characters that can jump, sing, dance, and move by placing graphical programming blocks together.
    • Children can use the paint editor to modify characters, insert their own photos, and add their own voices and sounds.




    Here we reach the end of the best coding apps for beginners and kids. Today, several students are inclining towards coding because it is one of the most sought-after skills. Learning to code is also good for children. They may learn the fundamentals of coding, which will benefit them in the future.

    Coding applications have made it easier for individuals to learn at their own pace right from their smartphones. However, it is also important to note that only using coding applications is not enough. If you want to be a professional coder, you can couple coding apps with coding books , online bootcamps, and coding courses and certifications.

    We hope this blog post has helped you to find the best coding app that can assist you in learning to code.

    Happy learning!

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