Best Free Wordpress Themes in 2024

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Best Free Wordpress Themes in 2024

Vinay Khatri
Last updated on April 17, 2024

    WordPress is the most famous Content Management System (CMS), it is a tool which can create and publish webpages for your website. If you are a WordPress user then you need to install a theme for your website, the theme allows you to change the view and overall functionality of your WordPress website, without a theme your webpage would look like a skeleton. Using WordPress, you can shift from one theme to another and it would not affect the data and content of your website. In WordPress you would find two types of themes Free and Premium (Paid), you can install the free themes from the theme directory and for the premium ones you can visit the WordPress market. If you are well acquainted with the WordPress and Front-End development tool you can make your own theme for WordPress. It’s said that you should always go for the Premium themes because most of the Free themes are corrupted and not very well compatible with WordPress because it might be possible that these free themes are developed by the amateur developer. Despite this, there are many free WordPress and third-party themes on the internet which perform better than some of the Paid Primum themes.

    Point to Notice before Choosing a Theme

    There are more than 100,000 themes available for WordPress, and for you, it could be an overwhelming situation to apt any one of those themes, but choosing the best theme should be the first priority for your WordPress website. The theme you choose for your website does not only affect the overall look of your webpages but also affects the webpage functionalities such as Webpage SER, Webpage Load time, etc. so before you choose a theme to consider these three measures.

    • Key feature and functionality of the theme should match the core functionality of your webpage for instance if you have an eCommerce website then your theme should support eCommerce functionalities.
    • Read the users reviews and rating.
    • Check for the theme developer support and updates.

    10 Best Free WordPress themes

    Here in this article, we have mentioned the top 10 best free WordPress themes:

    • Neve
    • Flash
    • Zigcy-lite
    • ColorMag
    • Sydney
    • Zakra
    • Hestia
    • Airi
    • Spacious
    • Virtue

    1. Neve

    Well suited for blogs Download:

    • It is one of the best free WordPress themes you ever encounter.
    • It is stylish, modern and fast so if a new visitor visits your Neve based webpage your page would take a second or less to load on the visitor web browser.
    • It is an ideal WordPress theme for business and blog-based websites.
    • This theme can plugin with Site origin, Divi, Elementpr, Brizzy, and Gutenberg.
    • It has a clean and stylish design that portrays your web content perfectly.
    • It is also a mobile responsive theme so the mobile user will also get a perfect look for your webpage.
    • Neve theme also offers mega menus so you can easily organize your navigation and add as many pages as you want

    2. Flash

    Well suited for Blog and Business. Download :

    • It is a free and flexible theme, highly recommended for the business and blog related websites.
    • It comes with the built-in drag and drops page builder and many free themes do not provide this feature, because this feature only found in premium ones.
    • It is one of the best free themes which consist of many premium features.
    • It can plugin with more than 6 widget areas.
    • The service widgets of Flash use the logo and icons to display the webpage services.
    • It also provides a full portfolio page that helps you to showcase your business achievement and past work.

    3. Zigcy Lite

    Well suited for E-Commerce Websites. Download:

    • It is an Elegant well-designed free WordPress theme.
    • Using this theme, you can have a beautiful WooCommerce portal.
    • The speed and SEO optimization of this theme are quite good for a free theme.
    • It comes with four different and unique webpage layouts and 2 WooCommerce Archive layout.
    • There are some limited features in the free version of this theme but if you want to use the full potential of Zigcy-lite you have an option to upgrade it to Premium, then you can cherish all of its features.

    4. ColorMag

    Well suited for magazine and news-based webpages Download:

    • It is one of the most popular free magazines designed WordPress theme.
    • More than 100,000 websites on the internet use the Color Mag theme.
    • It is ideal for the theme for the news, magazine, and blog-related webpages.
    • It contains many customize features which include customizing font, colors, typography, widgets customization, etc.
    • It also provides you with WooCommerce integration where you can sell some stuff online, using the WooCommerce portal.
    • Its templates are SEO optimized which helps to rank your webpage on every Search engine.

    5. Sydney:

    Well Suited for Business websites Download:

    • Sydney is a powerful theme, which provides your website with a beautiful frontend design.
    • It is an ideal theme for freelances, blog and small business websites.
    • It is highly customizable and provides you several different Google fonts and color schemes.
    • It is a mobile responsive theme so if a user visits your Sidney based website on the mobile device, there also he would also get the best user interface experience.
    • Sydney you can choose between the static and slider images and here you also get an option to stick various Social Networking website icons on your navigation bar.

    6. Zakra

    Multipurpose theme. Download:

    • Zakra is a Morden and highly responsive theme.
    • It is a multipurpose theme and you can build any business on it.
    • It comes with the support of Elementors page builder WordPress editor and Gutenberg.
    • It is highly customizable and you have several header styles options.
    • It is SEO optimized which helps your website or webpage to rank better on the search engines.

    7. Hestia

    Well suited for WooCommerce and Blog. Download:

    • Though Hestia also has a premium version that provides better features than the free one yet you can download and launch Hestia on your production.
    • It is a simple theme with a beautiful User Interface.
    • It is a multipurpose theme and powerful enough to serve different business models.
    • It is the most recommended theme for start-ups and small business and with the time you can also easily upgrade this theme to the premium version.
    • The integration with WooCommerce portal makes this theme more versatile and powerful.

    8. Airi

    Well Suited for Business website Download:

    • Airi is a beautiful theme for business websites, so if you want to take your business online Airi is one of the best options for you.
    • It provides a special design that will allow your user to read your Web Content with ease.
    • Its header also contains full-width dynamic images that are well suited for the company poster.
    • It is an ideal theme for freelancers, startup and for small business websites.
    • It also comes with Elementor integration, which provides you with the drag and drop interface so you can add elements to your webpage.

    9. Spacious

    Well suited for business websites Download:

    • It is a very elegant and beautiful light weighted theme.
    • It comes with a clean and minimalistic layout that provide an attractive User Interface.
    • It comes with customizable layouts with 13+ custom widgets areas.
    • You can use the customization features to add the brand logo as the header for the webpage and you can also insert the social media icons on the navigation bar.
    • It also provides the translation option so your visitor can read your content in their language.
    • It also has a premium version.

    10. Virtue

    Well suited for the business. Download:

    • It provides an alternative option for modern look websites.
    • It is a very powerful theme and highly responsive on mobile devices.
    • It can integrate with the WooCommerce portal and you can sell your product online.
    • It is a highly recommended theme for both beginners and advanced users.
    • It is SEO optimized and helps your website to rank on the popular Search engines.


    Now let’s conclude the overall article, all the themes we have mentioned here are free to use and deploy, but we always recommend using the premium themes because they provide better compatibility and developer support. If you like this article or have any suggestions related to it please fill the comment box.

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