Best Virus Removal Software For Your Smartphones and Computers

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Best Virus Removal Software For Your Smartphones and Computers

Heena Khubchandani
Last updated on February 26, 2024

    By the end of 2022, the worldwide spending on cybersecurity will reach $133.7 billion. Also, 52% of the breaches which happened in the last decade were hacking, and 28% involved malware, while 33% were used for phishing purposes. All these numbers point out one thing, which is increasing vulnerability. Malware protection is a growing concern. Even the latest M1 Apple chips were found to be vulnerable to these attacks.

    As a result, the owners of smartphones and computers are looking for different methods to protect their machines from malware, leading to sensitive data being stolen or devices becoming unusable after the attack.

    This article will provide you with the necessary information about various malware removal tools you could install on your smartphones and laptops. After going through this article, you will know which one of the best malware removal software fits your requirement.

    What Is Malware, How Harmful Could It Be?

    Before we carry forward our main topic, we must provide you with a little background about malware. A lot of people who are using personal systems don't think of malware as to be threatening. So we think there's a need to explain what malware is. First, malware is always dangerous, and in some instances, it becomes extremely dangerous. Some of the malware can compromise your online banking information or lock away all your confidential data. Malware could permanently damage your files or unretrievable data loss. With malware, hackers try to get into the organization's system and steal the data so they can sell it on the dark web. Ransomware could lock your digital life away from you and ask you to pay a hefty amount of money to get it back. In short, malware could be 'very' dangerous.

    Best Virus Removal Softwares Of 2021

    1. Kaspersky

    Starting with Kaspersky, the one which is loved by all. Kaspersky is that one malware removal software that is chosen as a winner by individual lab testers. It's an antivirus that earned the top spot in almost every single lab test. The core software provides the same protection level that you expect from the Kaspersky Security Cloud Free software, except no premium features to be taken out from the software. Moreover, you get full tech support on a phone call and mobile chat with this software, so you don't have to worry about troubleshooting the software all by yourself. You can get a three-licensed subscription for $69 annually, or you can go with $79.99 for five licenses. There's a recent change in the vulnerability scan from the previous year. The free product doesn't provide users with vulnerability scanning in the last iteration as it requires two applications. Right now, the core software comes with it. The paid and the free version might look different, but the result of both of them is the same.


    • Perfect testing scores from four different independent testing labs
    • Protects from ransomware
    • A complete phone call and live chat support
    • It also provides scans for privacy and performance


    • The vulnerability scans only provide little information about the issues.

    3. Bitdefender

    If you are looking for an intuitive user interface that provides advanced malware protection along with tons of additional security protection, then Bitdefender is for you. During our malware detection testing, this malware removal software was able to come up with high scores. It was able to find out various malware from our system without even slowing down the whole system. As a result, your system is operable when the scanning is underway, which can't be said for other software. The pricing pattern is almost the same as other software, which provides the same set of features. You can get Bitdefender for an annual subscription of $39.99, and for 5 or 10 licenses users need to pay $69.99 and $79.99 annually.


    • Excellent results when testing web protection.
    • It comes with inbuilt ransomware protection
    • You can use active do not track to leave any trace on the internet.
    • Banking protection is a plus point
    • Gives virtual private network to users
    • Comes with several security-centered features.


    • You need to pay separately for an unlimited VPN subscription
    • In case you disable the real-time protection, it can miss some uncommon malware samples.

    4. Norton

    Norton was first released in 1991, and since then, the product, which is the antivirus, has changed a lot. It's Norton Antivirus Plus which includes your firewall protection, online backup, spam filtering, and much more, along with malware protection and removal. The latest update of the software has added banking protection, script control, and WIFI security. But these new features will take some time to come to you. In case you can't find these in your software, give it a little more time, and they will pop up in the next patch up. It is effective antivirus software in all terms, but the pricing is a bit on the impractical side. You are only getting a single license at the expensive cost of $59.99. Most of the standalone licenses from malware protection software can be found under $40. In addition to this, you need to buy two different licenses separately if you want to protect two other systems in your home, which is a big bummer for lots of consumers.


    • Data protector provided by the software is an excellent tool for ransomware protection
    • It has an online backup for files, firewall, exploit protection.
    • Includes password protection and other bonus features.


    • The pricing is a bit expensive
    • No multi-licensing is available at any given price point.

    5. Avast

    When looking for a free antivirus Avast is the one software we always get in our recommendations. To be fair, its free software is as popular as its paid version, and more than 2 million users globally trust the free software for their data protection. You can download this software for Windows, Mac, Android, and Ios, pretty sure it is available for Linux operating systems. The premium version is the one you should go for. It targets home users and can easily protect your computer from several threats, viruses, spyware, phishing attacks, etc. The free version of the software comes with a browser cleanup, password management, network protection, and Do not disturb mode, which helps prevent annoying pop-ups. You can buy its single or multiple systems licenses depending on your requirement.


    • It gives impeccable protection for different types of devices
    • Provides free protection to android systems.
    • It has one of the best user reviews from all the malware removal software.


    • The company got into the scandal of data leaking in 2020.
    • If you are looking for a full-protection with added features, you have to pay a hefty price.

    6. Malwarebytes

    Malwarebytes exist for one thing only, and it is to remove any malware or dangerous which have crossed your primary defenses. It also helps you remove the virus, which blocks you from installing a proper antivirus in your system. Indeed it does not help you with the attacks that leave permanent damage to your system, but it's a handy tool that can be worked as a last resort when other approaches fail. The free edition of the software only gives you 14 days of service time, including all the premium features. In case you let the trial period expire without making a purchase, you will see you will lose quite a lot. The software's malware detection tool catches every single malware sample, no matter how young or old it is. The new Katana engine provides excellent malware detection capabilities.


    • The software automatically scans a computer for any threats.
    • Scanning is pretty fast, and users can access both actual and potential dangers.
    • It gives real-time malware and ransomware protection
    • Shows the list of an ongoing and running tally of items that have been quarantined during the scanning.
    • Blocks suspicious apps from the system


    • Doesn't provide any free-of-charge usability.
    • It takes some time for a user to get used to its interface.

    7. F-Secure

    Many antivirus software comes with several added features, making you look at other antiviruses in petty as they start to look more like a security suite. The F-secure is that one software that is not going to provide you with the plethora of features as its main focus is on defending your system from malware, which includes ransomware. If you are looking for malware protection with no funny business, this is the right malware protection software. F-secure comes with three licenses at a price tag of $39.99, in which you can only get one antivirus license in most cases. UI's minimalist approach gives you a clear sign of safety by showing the message "Your computer is protected." With just one click, you can start the scanning process in the background. In case there is some problem, the green icon will turn red.


    • The software can detect and protect from new-malware such as ransomware
    • The user interface is also pretty streamlined, making it easier for users to navigate.
    • It comes with advanced network protection
    • Lastly, the premium version of the software isn't inexpensive.


    • It doesn't detect phishing attacks.

    8. Avira

    This antivirus has an iconic white umbrella over a red background icon that makes a different identity among its users. Even if you don't have money to spare on antivirus, you can still get a pretty decent software called Avira. Avira has taken free malware protection to a whole new level. The free version comes with a VPN, password manager, and other small features you might need to pay for in other software. The browser level protection which you can get here is only available for Chrome and Firefox. Thus, if you are a Mac user, you need to find something else from our list. Back in the latest internet days, we all remember how we used to be scared of the Trojan virus, and the only antivirus which we believe could take on a fight with it and win was Avira. Well, even in 2021, Avira stands with its fists clenched, ready to knock out any phishing software that tries to enter your system or takes on malware-filled websites.


    • One of the best antivirus lab scores
    • User-friendly software interface
    • It comes with a password manager
    • Allows users to have limited access to its custom VPN
    • Free malware scanning and removal tool.


    • To use the full functionality, you need to provide payment
    • Sometimes it flags valid files as malware
    • When a user asks for a manual scan, it takes a lot of time.

    9. AVG Antivirus

    AVG free antivirus will come out as a champion. Even though in the year 2016, Avast acquired AVG still both the products have their separate existence. There are more than 1 million users who trust their security or AVG's free antivirus. For a lot of people having a pro or premium version is a must. If you click on the pro features, it will ask you to install a full AVG internet security suite. AVG could remove the malware from the system and doesn't allow you to download it into your system. AVG will start working on its malware scanning in the background as soon you start your computer. If it discovers some issues in your system, it will let you know with a message. Also, it will let you decide what you need to do with the quarantined file. You can either keep it quarantined or remove it from your system, depending on the importance of the file.


    • It doesn't track your browsing data at all.
    • The software comes with a user-friendly interface.
    • The downloading and the installation process is easy.
    • During the scanning, it doesn't harm your computer's speed.
    • Amazing malware protection.
    • It comes with useful extra features.


    • It doesn't support Ios.
    • The parental control is missing.

    10. Mcafee

    A modern household could have multiple devices, each having its operating system. As a result, one needs to have an antivirus that could run on different OS with just a single subscription fee, and that's what Mcafee does best. If you have an automatic renewal payment system, you will get a Virus protection pledge from McAfee. If the malware gets past the antivirus, then McAfee experts will work immediately to remove that malware from your system. At just $59.99 as an annual subscription, you get unlimited McAfee licenses.


    • The software provides you protection on all devices ranging from laptops with Mac and Windows to Android and Ios devices.
    • Excellent malware protection
    • The fireball is pretty robust and helps in the detection of malware or fraudulent websites
    • Comes with a ransom guard, PC boost, and several useful features.


    • Fewer features for Ios application and the same goes for Mac Os
    • In our testing, it missed some of the ransomware samples
    • The independent lab test results were not significant.

    11. Panda

    Last on our list is Panda, and this antivirus software has gained a lot of mindshare and a good reputation in the market while still being completely free of cost. This software's free option doesn't protect your browsing, which is a significant setback for many users. The scanning takes a longer time than the average virus scanner and defender. You can operate your system normally during the Panda's scanning. But long load time will cause your system to slow down eventually. The software comes with a scheduler to decide when it scans all the files present on your computer. Lastly, the VPN comes with a 150 Mb data cap. Thus, users need to be careful on how they spend a 150 Mb VPN connection each day.


    • First, Panda provides a limited VPN connection as a bonus feature.
    • The user interface is simple to navigate.
    • It vaccinates the USB against malware.
    • Lastly, it's free of cost.


    • The independent test results weren't amazing.
    • It does not provide you protection from Fraudulent and dangerous URLs.
    • Failed to detect modified ransomware in some cases.


    Every software has its share of pros and cons, and you as a buyer need to find out which of a set of pros weighs heavier than its counterparts. The best options, if you are looking for overall protection, would be Avast and Kaspersky. Lastly, you can go for a McAfee if you have several systems to protect from malware.

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