Best Remote Desktop Software You Should Know in 2024

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Best Remote Desktop Software You Should Know in 2024

Anamika Kalwan
Last updated on June 14, 2024

    In 2023, almost every work shifted on the online platforms, so many employees are working from their homes. That’s why it is essential to have proper tools for managing communication and working between team members. There are various tools for audio and video calls, file and screen sharing to improve mobility. So, screen-sharing tools offer the ability to connect one system to another through the internet.

    Users can see and control another user’s system to make changes. These screen-sharing tools are called remote desktop software, which helps perform many tasks such as technical support, collaborative work, demonstrations, etc.

    There are multiple types of remote desktop software available online. Hence, most people get confused about choosing the right one to fulfill their needs while working remotely. If you are one of them, then Don’t worry because his guide will provide complete information on the Best remote desktop software, including every detail around them.

    Best Remote Desktop Software

    Now, we will explain the top 10 remote desktop software with their advantages and disadvantages. (Remember, our list is completely random, which means the standings of these ten remote desktop software are not decided by anything.)

    1. Zoho Assist

    Zoho assist provides a simple to use remote desktop support with easy to set up feature. It is one of the most amazing remote desktop software available online as it is flexible, reliable, and secure. Zoho assist has multi-functional remote support that means it is beneficial for accessing the unattended systems and screen sharing. This tool has cross-platform support that means you can use it to support Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, Chromebooks, and Raspberry Pi devices. Hence, users can start their work from the browser, desktop, and mobile applications, etc. If you want to try this software for your system, you can use a 15-day trial or buy it for better functionalities. According to the user reviews, Zoho assist is best for small businesses.


    • Users can quickly connect the software with multiple devices.
    • Zoho assist has easy to use UI and fast connection.
    • Users can transfer the files quickly and securely.
    • It offers cheap subscription plans.
    • Zoho assist has cross-platform support.


    • It is confusing to add new users.
    • Sometimes users face delays while connecting to remote access.

    2. TeamViewer

    TeamViewer is another remote desktop software that offers a great remote access platform. This tool provides an option to connect two devices like network machines, computers, smartphones, and so on. However, the free version of TeamViewer is only available for personal use, so you need to purchase the paid subscription for commercial use. It has a huge list of features, cross-platform support, including mobile and IoT device compatibility support. Unfortunately, TeamViewer is a little bit expensive, so ensure that you have the appropriate budget for remote desktop software.

    This tool is also beneficial to improve the remote control performance using GPU. TeamViewer also provides an online conference solution with video and audio communication, remote access, and screen sharing features.


    • TeamViewer has easy and quick support for desktop
    • Users can easily share your desktop screen for meetings.
    • It has meeting scheduling with video and audio support.
    • It has a user-friendly interface and an easy file transfer option.


    • TeamViewer has connection stability and multiple connections related issues.
    • It requires cloud support.
    • According to the users, customer support is not appropriate.

    3. Splashtop Business Access

    Splashtop is one of the famous and best remote desktop software as it offers remote support, remorse access with screen mirroring features. Majorly, it has cross-platform support that means you can access Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, etc. Splashtop is a versatile remote access tool with amazing features like great security, user-friendly UI, and so on.

    This software is specially designed for IT companies and service providers so that they can give remote support to their clients. This tool is suitable for individuals and businesses as it is beneficial to access their system or shared system without any troubles.


    • Splashtop is easy to set up and reliable software.
    • It has a simple user interface and fast connections.
    • It has a fast remote access feature.
    • Splashtop has a portable version.
    • It has multiple options such as remote access, screen sharing, inexpensive, and many more.


    • Users face glitches while using it in their system.
    • Sometimes weak connection error occurs.
    • It has connection recovery issues.

    4. LogMeIn Pro

    LogMeIn Pro is a great tool for accessing files and apps across different devices. This tool is a great option for large businesses as it offers a huge variety of features, but it is a little bit expensive. This tool has multiple options like remote printing, screen sharing, drag-and-drop file transfer, multi-monitor display, and many more.

    LogMeIn Pro has an excellent option in which you can create a set of users so that you can instantly collaborate with these users. In case you don’t have a laptop, don’t worry because you can access LogMeIn through your Android or iOS device. This tool also offers unlimited remote access without having any delays or slowdown.


    • LogMeIn pro has an easy-to-use file transfer option.
    • It has fast remote access and easy-to-set-up capability.
    • Users can reboot their system remotely.
    • Users can easily administer different systems by a single account.


    • LogMeIn Pro is a little more expensive than other remote desktop software.
    • Users face resolution-related issues while using remote access.

    5. RemotePC

    RemotePC is a widely known remote desktop software as it is suitable for both personal and commercial use. There is a cloud technology for providing amazing remote access through an excellent web and mobile application. RemotePC also offers collaboration features like voice chat, printing, file transfers, and so on.

    This application is fast, easy, and secure remote access that allows a user to control their system from Android and iOS. According to the user reviews, RemotePC is one of the best applications for WFH(work from home) workers. You don't need to install anything as you can use it from web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox.


    • RemotePC offers great features at lower prices.
    • It has a real-time feature that means users can connect without any delays.
    • It is fast, simple, and easily accessible through a web browser.


    • The mobile application of RemotePC requires some improvement.
    • Users can’t set up multiple setups at the same time.

    6. AnyDesk

    AnyDesk is a unique remote desktop software that was established in 2014 in Germany. According to the statistics, AnyDesk is downloaded by over 300 million users and almost 14 million downloads every month.

    You can use this tool remotely by installing it on multiple platforms such as Windows, macOS and Linux. This tool is best suitable for IT professionals and as it offers secured remote desktop connection features.

    AnyDesk is based on proprietary software like codec, DeskRT, and it provides real-time collaboration even in slower internet connections. This tool has an option to record all remote sessions and also supports easy file transfer options. Majorly it can update the internal files automatically for providing the latest features to the users.


    • AnyDeks has a simple, excellent, and friendly interface.
    • It is easy to install as the size of its application is small.
    • It is reliable and safe.
    • Many people consider it an effective remote access tool.


    • AnyDesk doesn’t have a two-factor authentication feature.
    • Users face issues while sharing large files.
    • There is no screen lock option when the screen is inactive.

    7. GoToAssist

    GoToAssist is an excellent remote desktop software for smaller teams as it offers amazing features. This tool is a suitable option for remote employees, IT professionals that resolve issues, unattended computers, and many more. GoToAssist provides a web application, a desktop application that helps the users to work according to their preferences.

    This remote desktop software is fast, easy, lighter, and gives an excellent user experience. It is loaded with various features such as file transfer, multi-monitor navigation, remote diagnostics, browser and desktop app, and multi-session support. As per the user reviews, GoToAssist is best for startups to mid-sized business and IT support teams.


    • GoToAssist is user-friendly and offers low latency.
    • It requires a small installation for proper working.
    • The file transfer feature is amazing.
    • It has great meeting management and an easy-to-connect option.


    • According to the users, unattended support is not good enough.
    • There are some issues with RMM connections.

    8. SolarWinds Dameware Remote Support

    SolarWinds Dameware Remote Support can be an affordable option if you are finding a budget but best remote desktop software. This tool is packed with amazing remote desktop and system management features. SolarWinds is an easy-to-use software to obtain remote access for all systems of your network. Besides that, a user also gets a console for controlling different active directory domains.

    This tool also offers strong utilities and options to simplify the daily tasks on the remote desktop environment. There are multiple options like chat support, file sharing, remote system locking, screenshots, toggle between different systems. In case you are not sure about SolarWinds, you can go for the free trial to make sure that it is best according to your requirements.


    • SolarWinds have a real-time monitoring option.
    • It has an amazing user interface.
    • Users can customize it according to their requirements.
    • Users can easily identify network-related issues.


    • Users face issues regarding the hardware requirements.
    • The license renewal procedure is not good enough.
    • This tool is not pocket-friendly.

    9. Connectwise Control

    Connectwise control is great remote desktop software that lets a user control their devices remotely. Many people call it ScreenConnect because this was an old name for this remote desktop software.

    This tool is fast, secure, and reliable remote support to connect one system with another. You can use this tool if you want on-demand remote support for repairing computers, managing machines, and providing updates.

    There are some issues regarding this software like poor performance, laggy interface, even having a fast connection, etc. You can use this tool to share your screen with other team members quickly. Connectwise Control also has cross-platform support that means you can use it on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.


    • Connectwise Control is easy to use and offers amazing security.
    • Users can use it for different tasks such as remote access, support, and meetings.
    • It allows a user to control UAC.
    • Connectwise Control has cross-platform support.
    • You can connect a system with another smoothly and quickly.


    • Apple users face connection-related issues.
    • There is no two-factor authentication option.
    • Users face speed-related issues.

    10. VNC Connect (RealVNC)

    VNC Connect or RealVNC is a popular remote desktop software as various MNC around the globe use it. This company was established in 2002 in Cambridge, UK, to provide great accessibility options to the users. VNC Connect offers secure, reliable, and simple screen sharing features. This tool is beneficial for connecting users to provide monitoring, control, administration, collaboration, support, training, etc.

    VNC Connect is an excellent tool that can boost your business through secure remote access for connecting with others. This tool offers multiple solutions and options to have a secure integration with real-time access to multiple devices.


    • VNC Connect has some great features like remote access and remote printing.
    • There is an easy screen sharing option.
    • This tool is cost-friendly.
    • It offers amazing helpdesk services and improves user satisfaction.


    • There are some issues with mobile applications.
    • Sometimes users face slow response-related issues.


    We have discussed brief information on the best remote desktop software available online with their pros and cons. Remote desktop software is an amazing tool that offers compatibility to access one system to another. These tools help to collaborate with teams, diagnose issues of the system, remotely control a system from other systems like mobile, laptop, computer, etc. All of the above-described tools provide amazing features, options, and cross-platform support.

    We have also included both free and paid tools that can help you decide which one is best as per your needs. We have listed these tools according to the user reviews and brand value in the current market. In case you found this guide informative, you can read more of them on our official website.

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