10 Best Video Editing Software

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10 Best Video Editing Software

Heena Khubchandani
Last updated on July 20, 2024

    Finding the best video editing software is an essential aspect of creating a best-edited video. You need an appropriate tool which can be easy to use and provide the best outcome possible. Therefore in this article, we are going to discuss the best video editing software out there, and it does not matter whether you are an android user/windows user/iOS user/ Mac user. This article consists of the software which is compatible with these platforms. Let's discuss the best video editing software in brief.

    Best Video Editing Software for Windows/Mac/Android/iOS

    Here we can go by reviewing the best video editing software.

    1. Adobe Premiere Pro

    primium Pro

    This video editing software is supported in both Windows and Mac that provides 3D editing and Multicam editing. It is standard editing software which is best for professionals, and this software also offers a free trial. It can handle a massive amount of video tracks so that users can work efficiently because it can automatically sync various aspects like multi-angle shots with background music.

    Features of Adobe Premiere Pro

    • High-quality audio and video editing
    • Fantastic working in Windows OS and macOS
    • Built-in non-linear video editing
    • Support for different types of formats like HD, HDV, and Flash Video.
    • Video content editing in real-time


    • Excellent automatic features
    • Amazing Functions
    • The industry-standard video editing tool
    • Free trial available


    • Expensive.
    • UI system is a bit tricky

    2. Final Cut Pro X

    Final Cut Pro

    This video editing software is only supported in Mac that provides intelligent colour balancing and intelligent colour balancing. This software is impressive for professionals, and it also provides 90 days of free trial for the users. This tool offers you an excellent UI system so that you can accurately and create fantastic videos. Apart from many standard features, it also provides moving and trimming clips, superior colour grading, and music mixing.

    Features of Final Cut Pro X

    • VR Headset Playback
    • Asset Management
    • Multi-cam Editing
    • Amazing Effects
    • Motion graphics templates
    • Editing of 360 Degree VR
    • Supports HDR videos
    • Plug-Ins


    • Efficient editing of both audio and video
    • It can easily remove background noises from the video


    • Clipping is consists of issues
    • Audio transitions can result in awkwardness sometimes.

    3. Adobe Premiere Elements

    Adobe Premiere

    This video editing software is best for those who don’t want to spend a high amount of money on the software. It has various features like face detection, video stabilization, and automatic motion tracking, which is best for professional editors. This video editing software supports both Windows and Mac. It is easy to use, which can be beneficial for a beginner or an expert user. It has an intelligently organized video and audio library that offers convenience to the user.

    Features of Adobe Premiere Elements

    • Asset Organization
    • Creation of automatic Slideshare
    • Automatic Adjustments
    • Editing Guides
    • Quick Movies
    • Video Sharing
    • Smart Video Trim
    • Music Remix


    • It is easy to use
    • Amazing features and quality
    • Video and Photo Organization
    • Managed Video Editing


    • The tool is not capable enough
    • Not the fastest

    4. Adobe Premiere Rush

    Adobe Premiere Rush

    This software editing software/application is only supported on Android and iOS, and it consists of free starter plans. It supports In-app motion graphics and also 4K video support, so this tool is beneficial for those who don’t have Windows or Mac. This video editing tool is multi-platform, which is termed as the Project rush initially, and it allows beginners to learn to edit quickly.

    Features Adobe Premiere Rush

    • Free trial services
    • Simple to use UI system
    • Keyboard shortcuts
    • Social media optimization


    • It offers a user-friendly UI system.
    • Beneficial for the beginners
    • It offers title tools and good colours
    • Editing videos can be easily uploaded in on social platforms like YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram


    • It is quite slow in rendering projects
    • It supports only three transitions
    • It contains limited video and audio editing tools
    • It lacks many standard video effects.

    Bonus: FlexiClip


    This online video editing tool offers a user-friendly experience for those who want to create engaging videos directly within their web browser. A focus on quick editing and social media integration makes it a good choice for beginners and content creators on the go.


    • Intuitive Interface: Drag-and-drop editing for streamlined video creation.
    • Stock Assets: Library of royalty-free videos, photos, and music.
    • Motion Graphics and Text Overlays: Pre-designed templates for eye-catching titles and effects.
    • Social Media Sharing: Optimized export options for popular social platforms.
    • Free Plan Available: Limited features, but great way to try the tool.


    • Ease of Use: Ideal for those new to video editing.
    • Cross-Platform: Create content from any device with a web browser.
    • Speed: Tailored for quickly producing social media-ready videos.


    • Limited Advanced Features: Less control for complex editing compared to professional software.
    • Performance: May be slower than desktop software, especially with larger projects.

    5. Corel VideoStudio Ultimate


    This video editing software is only supported in Windows that provide amazing features like colour correction and Real-time effects. This tool is appropriate for beginners because it offers 30 days of free trial for every new user. This tool has Multicam editing, 360-degrees VR video support, 4K video support, a music library, and amazing effects. You can have a standard option, even in the trial version of this tool.

    Features of Corel VideoStudio Ultimate

    • 360° video editing
    • Guide for portrait videos
    • Improved stop motion Animation>
    • Layer effects
    • Speed and reverse clips option


    • Easy upload to YouTube and Facebook
    • AVCHD and Blu-ray burning
    • Easy to pick up
    • Nice variety of features
    • Comparatively inexpensive


    • Restricted keyframing capacity
    • A bit basic as compared to other software

    6. Filmora9


    This video editing software is compatible with both Windows and Mac that supports built-in titles and effects, and it is appropriate for professional video editors. It is a paid tool that provides standard features like royalty-free music, amazing transitions, audio, and video blending, etc.

    Features of Filmora9

    • Audio Equalizer
    • GIF Support
    • Split Screen
    • Video Stabilization
    • Tilt-Shift
    • Mosaic (Blurring)
    • Noise Removal
    • Social Import
    • Speed Control
    • Audio-Mixer
    • Screen Recording
    • Audio Separation


    • Simple to use
    • Reasonable price
    • 4K support
    • Free version with great features


    • Motion tracking is not available
    • Video keyframe is not available
    • Freehand masking tool is not available
    • Limited colour grinding tool

    7. CyberLink PowerDirector

    CyberLink PowerDirector

    This video software editing tool is available for Windows, and it provides fantastic features multi-cam editing, motion tracking, and 360-degree video. It is appropriate for experienced filmmakers, and most importantly, this tool provides 30 days of free trial so that you can understand the features of it. This tool offers you video correction features, professional effects, motion tracking, easy trimming, and Multicam editing.

    Features of CyberLink PowerDirector

    • Complete feature editor
    • Exact theatre colour
    • Magic movie wizard
    • Action camera features
    • Motion tracking
    • Video available in 4K and 3D


    • Video or audio editing is easy
    • Amazing transition options
    • Moderately easy to learn.
    • Simple UI/UX


    • In needs improvement in features
    • Blurring feature is a bit messy
    • Putting title cards is a bit tricky
    • DirectorZone is pointless.

    8. Pinnacle Studio

    Pinnacle Studio

    This video editing software is available for windows, and it provides many features like colour controls, Multi-camera capture, and multi-camera editing and slow-motion animation. This tool is best for beginners. This tool consists of fantastic options like more than 1,500 effects, templates & titles, editing of six-track HD, colouring tool. You will surely get the best experience using this software for video editing.

    Features of Pinnacle Studio

    • 360 video editing
    • Split-screen video
    • 3D title editor
    • Paint effects
    • Morph transitions
    • Wide-angle lens correction


    • HD editing with a drag-and-drop feature
    • It includes over 1,500 effects
    • It includes 6 weeks of training
    • DVD authoring


    • Mac version is not available
    • The primary interface is not good

    9. Vimeo Create


    This video editing software consists of a template-driven feature for creating social media videos, and it is available on Android, Browser, and iOS. The main feature of this tool is that it provides stock content, Templates, intuitive interface, and free for 30 days. This tool is best for beginners because it is easy to use and offers a great set of secure options so that anyone can learn it quickly.

    Features of Vimeo Create

    • Amazing customer support
    • Best video platform
    • Premium version has fantastic quality
    • Video sharing features


    • Easy to use
    • Excellent templates
    • Lots of assets content


    • Limited use examples
    • Requires membership

    10. KineMaster


    This video editing software/application is available only on Android and iOS. This tool offers various features like smart effects and instant preview, as well as it is an entirely free tool. KineMaster is beneficial for the beginner or newbie in the video editing platform. This platform offers convenience for editing multiplayer layers, text annotation, add handwriting, and blending of audio-video.

    Features of KineMaster

    • Speed Control
    • Multiple Layers
    • Overlays
    • Audio Filters
    • Volume Envelope
    • Stickers
    • Instant Preview
    • Transition Effects
    • Animation Styles


    • Recording in Real-Time
    • Easy Adjustment Tools
    • Multi-Layered Videos
    • User-Friendly editor for mobile


    • Subscription can be expensive
    • Voice recording audio is not supported


    In this article, we have discussed some factors regarding the importance of the best video editing software. Every tool has some key features, pros, and cons so that you can differentiate between various tools and find the best one for you. This is not the end of technology, so we will try to update you regarding the best video editing tool of the generation. You can create the best video through this software easily, so choose the right one for your project.

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