Best Software for Android Data Recovery

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Best Software for Android Data Recovery

Heena Khubchandani
Last updated on April 25, 2024

    Undoubtedly, Android is the most popular and most used operating system among smartphone users in our country. Moreover, Android devices such as smartphones and tablets have evolved a lot. Many times, deleting a file from a device will remove all the data from it permanently. However, if there’s an archive folder, it will store the deleted items instead of wiping them out permanently.

    The archive folder saves the files from being deleted permanently for at least 30 days. After 30 days, the files will be deleted permanently from your phone. Unfortunately, some phones do not come with this feature. However, similar to computers, various free data recovery software is available for Android devices.

    If you are an Android user, you likely face the loss of important data, such as photos, documents, applications, and messages. However, with technological change, there are many android data recovery software that helps to recover data without any technical knowledge.

    What is Android Data Recovery Software?

    An Android data recovery software helps to restore all the deleted files from your smartphone without much hassle. The best data recovery software will allow you to recover and restore deleted data and files like messages, contacts, photos, and videos easily and quickly.

    How Does Android Data Recovery Software Work?

    Did you know that when you delete a file, all the application data is not completely deleted? However, your phone leaves the space empty and makes it a missing file. So you cannot see the file, and new files usually overwrite that space. When another file occupies that space, you can say that your file is lost.

    Android devices do not have a recycle bin, so it seems that you cannot retrieve your deleted data. However, you need not worry. Android data recovery software helps to recover and restore the deleted files. This software can scour the memory of your Android device and search for pages marked with 0 to locate the recoverable files. Then, the software gets the recoverable data together while formatting it.

    If you want to recover your data, then you can use an Android data recovery tool that will help you to restore the deleted file or application as soon as possible. Doing so will increase the chances of recovering the data quickly and easily.

    Follow these three steps given below, which will help you recover the data from your android device:

    • You need to find the right software and install and run the android data recovery software on your phone or PC.
    • Choose the file you want to recover and start the scanning process.
    • Choose the desired file and start recovering the data.

    Is Data Recovery Safe?

    Recovering the data on your Android application is very safe because most data recovery software uses the “read-only” approach, which helps to recover the data quickly and easily. In simple words, it never modifies or deletes any stored data on your mobile device. However, you need to know that Android file recovery from internal storage can be made only with rooted devices, and a lot can go wrong while rooting .

    While rooting, you might face a sudden power outage on your Android smartphone or tablet. In simple words, your phone might become completely unresponsive. If you want to keep your device safe, you should limit yourself to data recovery on the device's SD card only. Moreover, you need to have a backup of all the information. This reduces the risk of data loss.

    Best Software for Android Data Recovery

    1. EaseUS MobiSaver

    EaseUS MobiSaver is an android data recovery software used to recover messages, contacts, photos, music, and videos on any Android device. With the EaseUS MobiSaver’s Windows Android data recovery tool, you can recover data very easily. It allows you to recover internal memory and SD card as well.

    Similar to the Windows version, the Android version is also straightforward to use and recovers deleted media files, contacts, messages, etc., in a few simple steps. You can recover the data from both internal storage and memory card. The filter option helps to find what you are looking for easily. However, EaseUS MobiSaver works only with rooted Android devices. Also, you need to buy its license to unlock the unlimited recovery feature.


    • You can export files in various formats.
    • You can preview the files you want to recover.
    • Comes with a user-friendly interface.
    • It is recommended for recovering deleted messages and contacts.
    • It can be used directly on Android devices.


    • The Windows version of the application was last updated in March 2019.
    • Required root permission to recover the data.

    Best for

    EaseUS MobiSaver is an apt choice for users looking for software that helps recover deleted text messages and contacts quickly.

    2. Tenorshare UltData For Android

    Although Tenorshare is similar to EaseUS MobiSaver, it is still the best application to recover data from Android devices. The UltData supports 6000 different Android devices from popular brands like Huawei, Google, Samsung, and more. You can install this application on any modern Windows or macOS computer.

    UltData’s macOS version works when an Android device is rooted. The best part about this application is recovering data without connecting your smartphone to the computer. This application is very beginner-friendly and allows you to preview the deleted files before recovering the data. Like any other Android recovery tool, it offers the best results only if your Android device is rooted, so keep this in mind before getting started.


    • Offers an engaging and user-friendly interface.
    • Offer one-click recovery without root access.
    • You can scan your Android device without rooting.
    • Compatible with all Android versions.


    • Limited preview capabilities.
    • macOS and Android versions require root.
    • Does not work on the latest version of macOS.

    Best for

    Tenorshare UltData is highly recommended for Windows users looking forward to recovering data easily without rooting their Android devices.

    3. MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android

    MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android recovers data from Android devices and is known for offering better performance even if you have not installed the updated version of the application. Although you can restore only a limited number of files for free, it is better than what other data recovery softwares offer. The only drawback is that this application was last updated in 2017, so it does not work effectively when compared to the other data recovery tools.


    • Beginner-friendly and easy-to-use interface.
    • Compatible with Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP.
    • Can recover data from both internal storage and SD card.
    • The free version of the application can restore ten files of one format each time.


    • It is only compatible with Windows.
    • Still in version 1.0
    • Last updated in 2017.

    Best for

    MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android is for users who wish to recover even very little data from their Android smartphones.

    4. iMyFone D-Back

    D-Back by iMyFone recovers data from your Android smartphone and tablets in the easiest way ever. Also, it allows you to recover data from your damaged Android phone. D-Back supports various android versions, and you can recover files like messages, photos, calls, audio files, videos, contact, documents, and WhatsApp data.

    This tool offers top-notch security and helps to restore all the data that is lost due to system crashes, virus attacks, forgotten passwords, black screens, system roots, and other similar scenarios. iMyFone D-Back recovers mobile data from internal and SD card storage. You can preview and filter files before restoring them.


    • Quickly recovers data from iOS devices, iTunes, iCloud, and third-party program backups.
    • It can recover WhatsApp chats, text messages, photos, and other data types.
    • You do not need any technical skills to recover data.
    • Allows you to preview and filter files before recovering them.


    • It is only compatible with macOS devices.

    Best for

    No matter how you lost your data, D-Back by iMyFone has got you covered. It is ideal for people who use macOS devices and want to recover data lost due to virus attacks, device damage, forgotten passwords, and more.

    5. iMobie PhoneRescue

    iMobile PhoneRescue helps to recover lost data on Android and iOS devices. One handy feature of iMobie PhoneRescue is that it can unlock any Android device without the need to perform a factory reset. This feature helps to recover your data if you forget your password or break the fingerprint sensor of your device. It supports all common file types like videos, images, audio, and contacts. If your device is not rooted, you can begin the rooting process using this recovery software.


    • Allows you to preview and select the files you want to recover.
    • 24/7 free customer support.
    • Allows you to recover data from iOS devices as well.


    • You need to purchase a separate license to unlock iOS recovery.

    Best for

    iMobie PhoneRescue is an all-in-one software designed for android users to recover their data from iOS devices.

    6. Disk Drill

    Disk Drill is an all-in-one data recovery software that helps to recover data from Android devices and is compatible with Windows and macOS. The Mac version of this application recovers all the deleted data from the internal memory or SD card, while the Windows version is limited to SD card recovery.

    This application supports 400 types of file formats like photos, audio, videos, and document files. The best thing about this application is that you do not need any technical skills while recover the data with Disk Drill. You can preview the files before the recovery process starts, making it easier to recover specific data. This application also offers additional tools that help to protect essential data and organize your storage devices.


    • An intuitive and well-designed user interface.
    • Employs powerful data recovery algorithms.
    • Recommended for beginners.
    • Works best with Android 2.3 and above versions.
    • Offers additional tools like duplicate file finder and more.
    • Effective data recovery performance.


    • The Windows version recovers data from the memory card and not from the Android device’s internal memory.

    Best for

    Disk Drill is the best android data recovery app for Mac users designed for beginners and offers effective recovery performance.

    7. FoneLab

    Undoubtedly, FoneLab is the best Android recovery software. The Windows version offers one-click data recovery, helping you retrieve data without any trouble. From recovering lost photos to WhatsApp messages, voice recordings, and documents, FoneLab has got you covered.

    To recover your android data, you need to connect your smartphone to your desktop, open the FoneLab application and go ahead with the recovery process. Follow the steps given on the screen, which will help you recover the data in a few simple steps. You can only preview the recoverable data with the free version, and with the paid version, you can start recovering the selected files. FoneLab offers one single-user licensing option. The lifetime license price is $55.95.


    • Supports rootless data recovery.
    • Recover data from 6000+ Android smartphones and tablets.
    • Comes with a modern user interface.
    • Compatible with Android OS 4.0 and above.


    • Costly when compared to other Android data recovery software.

    Best for

    FoneLab is a convenient and modern file recovery software for Android that offers the best results.


    Losing data from your device can be the most painful experience. However, if you face data loss, you need not worry. Here we have discussed the best software to recover data from your android phone. You can recover any data type ranging from text messages to WhatsApp images, chats, and audio. An android data recovery software offers a secure, effective, and fastest way to recover the lost data.

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