Best Shared Web Hosting Providers

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Best Shared Web Hosting Providers

Neeraj Kirola
Last updated on June 15, 2024

    Shared web hosting is an affordable hosting service, especially for people who don't want to invest much, especially during the initial period while setting up a business. It is a hosting service in which you can host your website on a shared basis with other users. In other words, one server and hosting resources are used by various users on sharing terms.

    Simply put, shared hosting services could help you start a new business or website service at a minimum cost. Thus, it could be the best tool for a startup business plan online as the hosting services and prices are distributed among users utilizing the same web hosting service. As a result, if you are considering moving your business or services online, shared web hosting may be an excellent choice, providing the best hosting resources at a lower cost.

    Keep in mind that there are a plethora of shared web hosting services on the market, each promising to provide exceptional features and resources at a low cost. So, you need to be well aware of your requirements and what works best for you before selecting a hosting service. You will learn about shared hosting and how it works in the content. Furthermore, you will also find in this article the best pick list of the top ten shared hosting services available to choose from.

    How shared Hosting work?

    Before using any service, people often want to know if it is safe and secure to use. They will be relying on the service provider to hold and accommodate their business or websites and their customers' data.

    Moreover, it is evident that before using it, you must understand how shared hosting works. Shared hosting is typically a service that arranges a single hosting platform and yet allows multiple websites to be hosted simultaneously on that particular server. Also, the hosting resources like disc space, CPU, memory, and even expenses are shared with all the users who share the hosting server for websites.

    Shared web hosting servers host multiple websites from different users on a single server; it is the best option not only in terms of cost but also if you are looking to host small websites and blogs at the beginning, as small-scale websites do not receive a lot of traffic and do not require a lot of space and resources to manage. The next step for you is to search for the best-shared hosting provider for your website.

    Let's find out which are the best ten shared hosting providers in the market with reliable and assured services.

    List of 10 Shared hosting providers;

    1. Hostinger

    Hostinger is a reliable and well-known name in the world of web hosting. Based on numerous user reviews and ratings, it has become the number one hosting provider as of now. It has a variety of plans, from monthly to yearly, and includes free SSL certificates. If you do not enjoy its services even after purchasing the plans, you can claim a 30-day refund plan and get a full refund easily.

    This hosting provider is the most secure and dependable hosting service; as a result, you can easily manage and operate websites without being concerned about online threats. It has an uptime of around 99.99% and the fastest website speed most of the time. Moreover, a team of technical support is always ready to solve a user's query at any time.

    Hostinger offers three types of plans:

    Single shared hosting - $1.39/Monthly and offers 30GB SSD storage, 1 website to host, 100GB bandwidth, 10000 visitors monthly, and 2 databases.

    Premium shared hosting - $2.59/Monthly and got 100 websites to hosts with 100GB Storage, unlimited bandwidth and database, 25,000 visitors monthly, and free email and SSL certificate.

    Business Shared Hosting - Pay $3.99/Month and get the 100 websites to host along with 200Gb storage and 1,00,000 Visitors Monthly. It also offers unlimited bandwidth and a database.

    2. Dreamhost

    Dreamhost offers some affordable hosting solutions on the market. It has introduced some valuable plans that provide secure, reliable, and high-speed resources to host websites. Thus, you can select different shared hosting plans according to your needs and the features that a user wants to have.

    This provider has the highest uptime, at around 99.99%. Thus, your website will remain active most of the time. It also provides the cPanel and a 1st class WordPress installation.

    Dreamhost plans are of two types as below:

    Shared Starter - Starting at $2.59 per month, you get 1 website to host with 5 subdomains. It also provides 50GB of Storage.

    Shared Unlimited - Starts from $5.95 per month. You can enjoy unlimited subdomains and storage. Emails are also unlimited, with unlimited websites to host.

    3. A2Hosting

    This hosting is suitable for those who like the incredible speed and do not want to compromise on the load time, as it is among the top shared hosting services that can be trusted entirely for the speed. A2hosting is a bit unique compared to all other shared hosting providers. It has various options to choose from, and the notable turbo boost and turbo max plans are the fastest plans with extraordinary resources to utilize.

    A2hosting's hosting is accurate with 99.9% uptime; thus, users will not face any downtime on their servers and websites, making it a more reliable hosting option. Moreover, you can have access to 1 click install for CMS like Drupal, WordPress, and Magento. Additionally, you can also host multiple websites as A2 Hosting offers fast servers and resources no matter how many users are on them.

    A2Hosting plans are:

    Startup - Plans start at $2.99/month. You get 1 website to host 100GB storage Drive - $4.99/month for unlimited websites and SSD storage with an automatic backup feature.

    Turbo Boost - Pay $9.99/month and enjoy unlimited websites, NVE storage, free migration, and backups.

    Turbo Max - Pay $14.99/month to get unlimited storage, websites, and free website migrations with 20 times faster speed.

    4. InMotion

    InMotion is not a new name in the hosting world. It offers the most reliable service plans with the best price options for users. Thus, for users who want to invest a minimum amount of time in shared hosting, it could be the best choice to go for. The features also include 24*7 access to a team of technical experts for users to contact with any issues.

    Before spending money on hosting services, you can also go for a 90-day free trial option plan to experience its shared hosting services. Therefore, the plans are pretty flexible and offer a growth plan whenever you feel like upgrading the websites at a certain point. You can also opt to choose more disc storage and a CPU at any point.

    Moreover, dedicated features like Cpanel and WHM are already included for users. It has the best uptime, at around 99.9%. Finally, if somehow you are not satisfied with the services, InMotion offers a 90-day money-back policy; hence, you can opt for it and get a full refund without any questions asked.

    InMotion offers three plans;

    Liet - Starts at $2.49.month, and you get to host 1 website with 10GB storage and unlimited bandwidth, along with free SSL and email address.

    Launch - Pay $4.99/month and enjoy 2 websites to host with 50GB storage and 10 emails. Bandwidth is unlimited.

    Pro - Pay $12.99/month and get 100GB of storage with unlimited bandwidth and emails. You can host 100 websites.

    5. Hostgator

    Hostgator is one of the most reputed shared hosting providers globally. It offers all the basics and advanced web hosting resources to users at an affordable price.

    Most interestingly, if you want to have a trial of its services before spending money, you can opt for a 45-day free trial option to experience all the shared hosting services. It is best suited for a simple website with the minimum features. Hostgator is a reliable hosting and shared hosting provider with the fastest servers and a secure environment for websites.

    Choose any hosting plan, and 24/7 customer support is available for users to solve any query type. With both Linux and Windows, Hostgator is a perfect shared hosting provider even for websites that receive massive traffic and visitors. It also offers extra security later for such websites.

    Hostgator has three different plans:

    Hatching plan - At $2.75.month, enjoy the single domain and WordPress install. Unlimited bandwidth with cPannel. It offers $200 for a marketing offer.

    Baby Plan - Pay $3.50/month and get an unlimited domain and bandwidth. A free email address and a $200 marketing offer.

    Business Plan - Just pay $5.25/month to enjoy the upgraded SSL and dedicated IP. Unlimited domains and bandwidth with WordPress install.

    6. SiteGround

    It has the fastest hosting service among hosting service providers that offer users the fastest loading and uptime speeds every time. And you can enjoy all its features and secure hosting servers at an affordable price. Thus, if you are a beginner in hosting websites and have just started a business and want a simple and small-scale website for your business and services,

    SiteGround could be an ideal option. It has a customer support team that assists users 24/7 with any queries. SitGround has an optimized server that allows fast loading of websites without any lag. To ensure this feature works accurately, it is integrated with a 30% faster speed as compared to the standard PHP. And it also utilizes 15% less memory.

    It offers ultrafast PHP, which offers extra security later with firewall protection and regular updates to offer the best security measures. SitGround helps to block millions of malware and online attacks on users’ websites.

    SiteGround different plans are as follows:

    Startup - Pay $3.99/month and get 1 website, 10GB storage, and 10,000 monthly visitors with unlimited database and bandwidth. You will also get a free SSL, CDN, email, and managed WordPress site.

    GrowBig - Starting at $6.69/month, it includes unlimited website hosting, 20GB of storage, and 25,000 monthly visitors, as well as free databases, backup options, SSL, CDN, and emails.

    GoGreek - For $10.69 per month, you'll get 40GB of storage and unlimited website hosting. You also get 1,000 monthly visitors, unmetered traffic, free CDN, email, managed WordPress, and unlimited databases.

    7. GreenGeeks

    Unlike any other shared hosting service, GreenGeeks uses renewable energy sources to power its web hosting services. Thus, ultimately, you are saving nature with GreenGeek's shared hosting services. If you are looking for WordPress, reseller web hosting, VPN servers, and WooCommerce hosting, GreenGeek is the platform for you.

    It offers the best resources like dedicated disc space, the highest uptime, and fast speed to access websites in less time. GreenGeeks offers a 1 click installation of WordPress and its features and occasionally receives updates with more security and features. Thus, you don't need any expertise to use it.

    Furthermore, it allows daily backup of websites supported by the latest security features to keep the user data safe. Additionally, features like CDN, SSD, and PHP7 are also offered to users.

    GreenGeeks plans are;

    Ecosite Lite - Pay $10.95 per month for 50GB of storage, 1GB of memory, unlimited bandwidth, SQL databases, 50 emails, 1 domain, a premium SSL add-on, and a dual-core CPU.

    Ecosite Pro - Starting at $15.95 with 2GB of memory, unlimited storage, bandwidth, email accounts, and domains to host. Get a complete database with a 3-core CPU.

    Ecosite Premium -Pay $25.95/monthly and enjoy unlimited storage, bandwidth, email accounts, and domains for hosting. Plus, you also get 3GB of Memory and 4 cores of CPU.

    8. BlueHost

    Bluehost is another reputed shared hosting platform that comes with affordable budget options. Bluehost offers secure and reliable resources to host websites for users. Essential features like Cpanel, DNS, and email are provided to users for the best experience. Additionally, 24/7 customer support is offered by a team of experts to solve users’ issues.

    Moreover, WordPress also recommends using Bluehost. As a result, you can rely on it with confidence. Furthermore, it is simple and easy to use; you don't need any specific technical knowledge to operate the hosting service.

    BlueHost offers three plans:

    Basic - For $2.95 per month, you get 1 website to host, unmetered bandwidth, 50GB of storage, 1 domain, and 25 subdomains.

    Plus - Starts at $5.45/monthly with unlimited websites, bandwidth, SSD storage, and domains. Office 365 is free for 30 days.

    Pro - Starting at $13.95/monthly with unlimited websites, domains, bandwidth, and SSD storage. A dedicated IP, a site backup option, and two spam experts.

    9. GoDaddy

    GoDaddy is one of the leading web hosting providers among users. It also offers a shared hosting service with excellent email service and a domain with hosting. It provides fantastic email services, especially with Microsoft email providers. You can enjoy one year of free Office 365 with your plans. GoDaddy has top-class shared hosting services with 24/7 customer support for users. The interface of GoDaddy is quite handy and clean to use. Thus, even a beginner can easily start with shared hosting options and features hassle-free.

    GoDaddy has three plans:

    Economy: For $4.49 per month, you get one website with unlimited bandwidth and 100GB of storage . Free Office 365 for 1 year and a free domain with an annual plan.

    Deluxe: Starts at $7.49/monthly with unlimited websites, bandwidth, and storage. Free domain with an annual plan.

    Ultimate: Pay $8.49/monthly and enjoy unlimited websites, bandwidth, and domains with 2x processing power and memory speed. A free SSL certificate.

    10. Namecheap

    Namecheap is the most affordable and reliable shared hosting provider. The 24/7 customer support and clean and straightforward interface make it the most accurate option for beginners in the shared hosting field. NameCheap offers 99.9% uptime and connectivity assurance. It means your website will be available most of the time and will be available to users without interruption.

    The average speed on NameCheap is quite good in comparison with other hosting providers. Moreover, all plans come with unlimited bandwidth, a free website builder, and domain name and privacy protection features.

    NameCheap has different plans:

    Stellar: For $3.88 per month, you get three websites, twenty gigabytes of SSD storage, and a free CDN beta.

    Stellar Plus: It starts at $5.88 per month and includes unlimited websites to host SSD as well as a free CDN. An auto-backup option is also provided.

    Stellar Business: Starts at $9.88/monthly with unlimited websites and best-shared. 50GB of SSD storage, free CDN, and auto-backup with cloud storage.


    In a nutshell, as you must have understood, Shared hosting is the most affordable and effective way to start your website or business with reasonable price options. It is an effective way to start your startup business or website for your users. The above-mentioned shared hosting providers are the best picks with regard to their features and services. Thus, you can choose any of those shared hosting providers mentioned above, depending upon your requirements and budget options.

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