Top 10 Free WordPress Hosting Services in 2022

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Top 10 Free WordPress Hosting Services in 2022

Neeraj Kirola
Last updated on June 10, 2022

    If you want to be a blogger, the first thing you should do is find the best hosting service. However, not everyone has the budget to work with an expensive hosting service provider, especially if you are just starting out. This is where free WordPress hosting services come into play. WordPress is a free and paid platform in and of itself, and when combined with free hosting, it's guaranteed to be up and running. Even though we do not recommend free WordPress hosting sites to aspiring bloggers, it is the best option if you are on a tight budget. Quality paid services such as Bluehost or Siteground provide the necessary performance and flexibility to launch your website, but if you want to set up and start your portfolio right away, there are numerous free WordPress hosting services you can try. Here the list begins.

    1. Wordpress.Com Itself

    Many people confuse and, but they are not the same thing. is a for-profit hosting service, whereas is a free service. You can sign up for a account and launch your site in about 2 seconds, but this site will not provide you with enough power to advance your blogging career or be recognized as a blogger on social media or Google SERP. If you want to create a website that everyone recognizes as unique and professional, is the best option. However, with, you can easily and quickly create a website and announce to the world that you are now a blogger. Later you can upgrade that site to WordPress premium hosting when you grow more familiar with the WordPress platform. There are various features of that we like and recommend to our readers. Specialties

    • User-friendly
    • Beginner-friendly
    • Custom dashboard
    • Unlimited bandwidth
    • 3GB storage
    • Various free WordPress themes
    • Free SSL certificate


    • Easiest platform ever
    • Set-up is straightforward
    • Loads quickly
    • Is reliable
    • You can customize on your own


    • You cannot install your theme or plugins with the free plan
    • Does not come with a custom domain option
    • Does not provide access to direct server

    2. 000webhost

    000webhost is hosted by Hostinger, which also serves as a great free WordPress hosting service. Actually, Webhost is not quite as big as, but it still works if you want to create your own site and try out blogging before making it more serious. 000webhostIs are perfect when you are just starting out because they do not hold much traffic. And if you were just looking for a full-service hosting experience but had no money to spend on one, then this one is surely going to fit your requirements. However, as far as we know, WebHost is just a marketing strategy for Hostinger to drive traffic to their paid hosting platform. But since they are giving away something for free, why would you refuse to accept it? Even on 000webhost, you can still install your applications, access the server and database, and upload a custom domain, and it does not cost anything. If you compare with WebHost, then you'll see that WebHost qualifies as a better free hosting service because it gives you a custom domain for free. But wins because it is capable of handling more traffic, has more bandwidth, and storage limits than Webhost. Specialties

    • You can treat up to two websites without any charges
    • Has a custom dashboard where you can manage your blog and website
    • Comes with a one-click WordPress installer
    • Gives you access to FTP and database
    • No ads
    • 1 GB storage
    • 3GB bandwidth


    • You can utilize a custom domain for free
    • You can easily perform tasks through the dashboard, which involves installing WordPress
    • You can access the server and database freely
    • You can host two blogs for free


    • You cannot recover your website once it gets suspended after the free plan limits
    • Does not come with any support for email hosting
    • Limited bandwidth and storage


    Cloud offers WordPress and Joomla hosting services for a fee. You can easily create and launch your new WordPress or Joomla website with this hosting provider, whichever one you prefer. Cloud provides free applications, a cloud-based control panel, and limited support for the free plan. This hosting service is recommended because it makes it simple to migrate your site from one platform to another. For example, if you have a blog or website at or Joomla, you can easily migrate that blog to WordPress with the help of It even has an offsite backup option, but you'll have to pay $30 to restore your website's data to the cloud. Let's take a quick look at its main features as well as pros and cons. Specialties

    • One-click logins
    • PHPMyAdmin
    • Cloud control panel
    • Snapshot manager
    • Daily backup with $30


    • Free subdomain
    • Free SSL certificate
    • Free migration
    • Free control panel dashboard


    • Limited support for the free plan

    4. Infinity Free

    Infinity Free provides unlimited bandwidth and storage for free to users, and it has more than 30,000 users worldwide. Infinity Free is an easy-to-use hosting service where you can get unlimited domains as well as 10 email accounts. Its main features include DNA service, SSL certification, Cloudflare CDN, and 99.9% uptime. But if their site is down, which can be a possibility since it offers free hosting, you can contact their support team anytime you want. All of these features are packed into Infinity Free for free. The site has an average response time of 230 MS and does not come with any ads to interrupt your blogging activities. It also helps you move your website from one host to another without any extra charges. However, we do not like that they do not provide direct customer support to the users. You will have to talk to other users via their forum, or you can opt for their subscription-based plans to talk to their professionals whenever you need assistance with anything. Specialties

    • Offers 10 email accounts
    • No limit on bandwidth
    • 400 MySQL databases
    • Free SSL
    • Perfect uptime
    • Fewer response time


    • Does not include any annoying ads
    • Migration from other sites is free
    • Free Cloudflare CDN
    • Unlimited Disk Space


    • Does not offer a cPanel to the free users

    5. BYET HOST

    Byet Host has already hosted many WordPress websites for free, and yours could be the next if you happen to like it after reading this review. ByET HOST is easy to use and also offers no restrictions when it comes to storage. And unlike other free hosting services, BYET HOST does not deprive you of good customer support, and to avail of it, you won't have to pay anything. However, if you are looking to use Byet Host for a long time, then it is not a suitable option because it does not support more than 30 visitors per day. But this service has an average response time of 200 MS, which is a little less than Infinity Free. We also like this hosting provider because of the absence of advertisements on your new WordPress site. You can use its subdomain, which has seven of them. Byet Host comes with the Softaculous Script Installer, where you can upload files without any waiting time. Specialties

    • FTP Account and File Manager
    • Customer support is available for free
    • No annoying ads
    • Unlimited storage
    • 5 email accounts
    • Free community and forums


    • Fast response time
    • No ads
    • 7 sub-domains to choose from
    • Easy file upload


    • Does not hold many visitors

    6. GoogieHost

    The first time I saw GoogieHost, I thought it was related to Google, but it was not. Nevertheless, its name is a good way to attract your attention. At GoogieHost, you will find CPanel and Cloudflare, which are absent from many great free WordPress hosting providers. They also offer free customer support to the users, but that is only through email. Their control panel allows you to upload website templates, and it also has spam protection for free, which you are not going to find in any other free hosting service provider. And we also like the fact that GoogieHost does not host any intrusive ads on your website, so you are forced to switch to the premium plan. But if you want, you can place some third-party advertisements on your blog to earn some money from it. Its Cloudflare feature and cPanel, along with the subdomain, are completely free, and there are also some great reviews on the internet that can convince you to trust GoogieHost. Specialties

    • Unlimited bandwidth
    • 2 email accounts
    • Auto installer
    • Spam protection
    • CDN
    • 2 FTP accounts


    • No ads
    • Allows you to place third-party ads on your site
    • Free cPanel and subdomains
    • Good customer support


    • Does not come with the fastest response time

    7. Freehostia

    Freehostia offers two kinds of WordPress hosting services, and that is the main reason why we mentioned free hosting in this list. Freehostia has a basic hosting plan and also a free cloud hosting plan that you can opt for if you are just starting a new blog. Freehostia is easy to install and comes with a great range of features and disc space. You can sign up to Freehostia and enjoy their extended bandwidth, or you can switch to their premium hosting if you want. Freehostia comes with many specialties that you can’t ignore. That’s why we are mentioning the best of them below, along with their pros and cons. Specialties

    • You can decide between shared and cloud hosting platform
    • You can switch to premium whenever you want
    • Brilliant security
    • One-click installer
    • Statistics to review your website’s progress


    • Optimized features
    • Site management tools
    • Round the clock customer support


    • MySQL database access

    8. WPNode

    We recommend WPNode to our readers because it is another powerful hosting service provider that comes with unlimited SSD storage space. It is powerful and fast and also comes with a W3 Total Cache Plugin that is configured by default. You can manage your entire database from PHPmyadmin and upload and download data using SFTP. While WPNode manages to provide you with unlimited data transfer while also acting as a spam-free and ad-free WordPress hosting service, So, if you're looking for something with strong security and fast lighting, the WP Node will undoubtedly meet your needs. However, you still need to check out its features and pros and cons first before you decide whether or not WP node is for you or not. Specialties

    • Unlimited hosting
    • Unlimited data transfer
    • Quick and secure
    • Easy to upload files through SFTP
    • PHP database
    • Ad-free and spam-free experience


    • Quick as lightning
    • You can create unlimited WordPress sites
    • Comes with brilliant security features
    • Free Global CDN


    • Limited support for free plans

    9. 100WebSpace

    Of course, 100WebSpace has more than half a million users from all over the world, and, of course, it is a free and popular WordPress hosting site. It comes with the Elefante installer that you can set up and use to create your profile page. You are not going to suffer any outages with 100WebSpace because it comes with excellent uptime and also 24/7 customer support, even for free hosting users. Its customer service team might take a max of 1 hour to reply to your queries via email, and that’s one of the best things about 100Web. Another thing we should tell you about 100WebSpace is that their free hosting service requires you to add a banner ad on your website, but you can switch to the paid service if you want to avoid that. Specialties

    • Supports 3GB Monthly Traffic
    • 1 Hosted Domain
    • One-click installer
    • 3 email addresses
    • 100MB disk space


    • Fast customer support
    • Supports a great number of monthly visitors
    • High uptime


    • Only 100 MB disk space

    10. HostAwesome

    HostAwesome is another site that offers only 100 MB of disc space but supports more than 2000 visitors as per its free hosting plan. When you open HostAwesome, you will have to create an account and either find a new domain or migrate an existing domain to HostAwesome. If you don't want to migrate, then you can update the nameservers to enjoy the free hosting on your WordPress platform. It provides users with a 99.9% uptime guarantee and auto-WordPress installation feature, with an integrated SSL certificate for free. It might come with only 100 MB of disc space and a little less traffic management than 100Webspace, but it is still a good option when you have no budget for hosting a website. Let’s check out its key features so that you can make up your mind. Specialties

    • cPanel
    • Auto-installer
    • Integrated SSL
    • 99.9% uptime
    • Fully Scalable
    • Daily Backups


    • Free Migrations
    • Simple
    • Excellent support
    • WordPress optimized servers


    • Only 100 MB storage


    While we do not recommend using a free WordPress hosting service for obvious reasons, we do strongly encourage you to use at least one of the lists provided in this post. If the free hosting service you're using meets all of your website needs, or if you find it suitable for your new online business, you can upgrade to their premium plan and stay with the hosting provider. However, if you do not like the hosting, you can easily switch to another service. The majority of these free services offer excellent customer service. So, if you're having trouble setting up your WordPress site, you can contact their support team. But if you are looking for a more high-quality premium hosting provider for your WordPress website, then feel free to check out our other articles for recommendations.

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