Difference between C++ vs C#

By | May 16, 2020
C++ vs C#

Selecting a specific programming language for any project could be a tough call, and for a complete beginner choosing his/her first programming language is tougher and confusing. The selection of a particular programming language becomes more confusing if it has more than 2 variants if you are a computer science student so you must have heard of C++ and C# language both programming languages name start with C so do not confuse them with the different versions of C programming language through both the languages are the extension of C language but we do not refer them as different versions of C. Here in this article we have provided a head to head comparison between C++ and C# programming language so you could get a basic Idea which programming language to choose and how both the programming languages are different from each other.

Difference between C++ vs C#

Before compare both languages let’s have a brief introduction of each programming language.


What is C++?

C++ is a general-purpose programming language which was introduced as an extension of C programming language. It was created by Bjarne Stroustrup at Bell Labs and the main purpose of designing the C++ language, to bring the concept of OOPs in C language.

If we talk about a beginner, C++ is one of the best programming languages with which a beginner can start his/her programming journey. Though in the current scenario we do not use C++ so often to solve real-world problems but learning C++ could help a student to learn how to implement different data structures using a programming language. Because of its simple syntax learning, C++ is not that much hard as compared to its predecessor C.

What is C#?

It is also an extension of the C programming language, and it is a high-level, object-oriented programming language developed by Microsoft in 2002. C# was designed to run an application on the .NET framework which is a web framework by Microsoft itself. In the Programming world, C# pronounced as ‘C Sharp’ here the # symbol represents that the written note must be made a semitone higher in pitch.

C++ Vs C#: Head to Head Comparison

C++ C#


Considered as both high-level as well as low-level programming language because of the direct access to the memory. It is a high-level programming language.

Code Compilation

The code gets compiled into binary code or machine code and then get executed Code gets compiled into binary code and then interpreted by ASP.NET

Binaries Size

After code compilation, the binary of C++ is lightweight and small in size The code of C# contains many overhead and libraries which make its compiled binary-code heavy and large.

Memory Management

In C++ user has manual control over the memory management and he can manually create and destroy an object In C# garbage collectors perform all the memory management automatically.

Platform Dependency

C++ code is platform-independent it can be compiled and execute at any platform C# is not platform-independent, it strictly sticks to the windows system, though Microsoft is trying to make it platform-independent, yet many platforms do not support C#.
Object-Oriented Programming
C++ is not a pure object-oriented programming language. C# is a pure object-oriented programming language.


As compare to C#, C++ is much faster. A direct comparison with C++ code the execution of C# code is slower.

Multiple Inheritance

C++ gives support for multiple inheritances. C# does not support multiple inheritances.

Learning Curve

C++ is more manual so implementing complex programs using C++ is tough and tedious. C# does not have complex features it follows a simple hierarchy that is easy to learn and understand.

Pointer support

In C++ we can use pointer wherever we want. In C# we can only use a pointer in Unsafe mode

Bound Checking

In C++ if we try to access an invalid array index it would not throw an error In C# if we try to access an out of bounds array index it will throw a compilation error


C++ is used to build console-based applications, it is also used to build desktop applications because it gives GUI support. C# mostly focus on the web-based application, though mobile and desktop applications can also be built on it.


Both the programming languages are the extension of C programming, and both have their advantages and disadvantages. C++ is mostly used to build desktop applications and C# is used to build web-applications. In the current scenario, we do not use C++ so often to build some large projects on the other hand C# is used on the professional level.

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One thought on “Difference between C++ vs C#

  1. Yury

    The most powerful and important property of C++ is powerful template programming.
    C# has nothing similar.
    C++ is much more flexible and provides many possibilities that are simply absent in C#.
    The possibility to turn off the garbage collector in C# is very restrictive and quite unsatisfactory.


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