Kotlin vs Java: Differences You Should Know

By | September 29, 2021
Kotlin vs Java

Android Apps development is one of the highest-paid professions across the world. The question arises that ‘What programming language should I choose to become an Android app developer?’ ‘Is it Java vs Kotlin?’.

From the beginning, Java was ahead of Kotlin in App development but now things are changing. Now it seems that the ship of Java is about to sink and the Java Developers are shifting their projects to Kotlin. This drastic change occurs due to the one announcement of Google in 2017. In that announcement, Google declared Kotlin as an Official language for App development and this announcement was a great shock for the Java developers but the reasons behind this announcement were obvious.


Kotlin vs Java

There are lots of questions people asked regarding Java such as Should I leave my ongoing courses on Java and opted Kotlin? Or Should I choose Kotlin as my first language?

See, if you want your career in App Development and you are learning Java for it, do not leave your course in amid. Complete your course and then move to Kotlin. Kotlin was made to intercorporate with Java so you get a feature that helps you to convert your Java Code to Kotlin or vice versa.

Maybe in Android app development, Your Java skills are of no use in the coming 4 or 5 years but apart from Android Apps development, there are many things that only Java can do and a good Experience of Java can land you on a high Paid Job.

And If you are a complete beginner and want to develop Android App, in this case, experience developers suggest that you should have some knowledge of Java before you use Kotlin it really helps to learn Kotlin easily. so let’s discuss the difference between Java vs Kotlin.

What is Java?


Java is a high-level programming language and one of the widely used programming languages. In the past 6 years, it is mostly used for Android Smartphones and many GUI-based Applications for Desktop. It is developed by James Gosling back in 1995.

Java is a pure Object-oriented and Independent programming language so as It said for Java Write Once, Run Anywhere”.

Main features of Java:

  • Simple to use
  • Portable
  • Support Object Orientated programming
  • Secure compilation
  • Dynamic Memory Allocation
  • High Performance
  • Multithreaded

What is Kotlin?


Kotlin is a Statically typed Programming language that is widely used for building Android-based software or apps. Kotlin comes into the limelight in 2017 after being the Official language for android app development. It is introduced by JetBrains, which is a development team that develops tools for different programming languages. Kotlin is an open-source programming language so if you want to code on Kotlin you are free to do so. Kotlin was designed to intercorporate with the Java and JVM standard libraries.

Android Apps Made on Kotlin.

  • Evernote
  • Udacity
  • We chat
  • Adobe reader
  • Twitter
  • WordPress
  • Netflix
  • Expedia
  • Pinterest

Java vs Kotlin

Parameters Kotlin Java
Developers JetBrains Oracle Corporation
Installation Set up Kotlin with Android Studio is very easy, it works as a plug-and-play option. Setting Java in a system is quite complicated and needs the extra environment to run the Java Program.
Syntax Complexity One of the main factors that attract the developer to code on a Programming language, from a syntax point of view. Kotlin is very easy to read and understand and takes fewer numbers code lines as compared to Java. In Java, the syntax is difficult to understand, and to write the same program as Kotlin, takes large numbers of code lines.
Extension Kotlin supports the extension function and extension properties. It is very useful and saves your time to write a hundred lines of code. Unfortunately, Java does not feature an extension method.
Procedural Language concepts: Though Kotlin is a Pure OOP language it also supports Procedural Programming, with this you can declare your variable outside the class implicitly. Java is not a pure OOP language either because it violates some properties of OOPs that make it fall in a category of Hybrid language that supports both OPPs and Procedural language concepts.
Semicolons Semicolons in a programming language are a big deal for the developers. Even if you miss a single semicolon it will take a bunch of time to debug, but thanks to Kotlin it does not use the semicolon in code. Java uses the semicolon to terminate almost every statement and these semicolons are a huge headache for the beginner because they cause error many times.
Lambdas Function Lambdas function helps a lot when we write a return type function, the conciseness of the lambda function gives Kotlin dominance over Java. The older version of Java does not support the lambda function but in the newer version, you will get this feature.
Null Pointer exception NullPointerException is a runtime error that is one of the major causes of the Android app failure. But in Kotlin, you get an Inbuilt Null Safety that solves this problem. In Java, you do not get this inbuilt safety instead you need to write some additional code to overcome this problem.
Check Exception Kotlin has removed this exception. In Java, you will get this exception. Many developers believe that it is unnecessary to have this exception.
Apps Quality When you use Kotlin to develop any android app you won’t find it much difficult to code the app but the computing process of Kotlin is very heavy and here you have to compromise with the build quality of the App. Though you find it difficult to code on Java for the development of the Android app, when the app is fully developed you can clearly see that the app works faster than the same app made with Kotlin. You will be able to see the difference when you compile the program.
Interoperability You can simply call the Java code from Kotlin. Kotlin code can be used in Java rather smoothly as well.
Developer Community Developer community helps a lot whenever you get stuck with some problem. Kotlin has a growing community but does not have a larger community than Java. Java has a very large developer community across the world.


Both the languages are good to go but if you want a programming language specifically for the Android App development, I suggest Kotlin. But what if in upcoming years some other Operating Systems take place of Android that would be horrible, so my suggestion is that first learn Java and then move to Kotlin that add two programming languages to your skills and you can easily shift from Java to Kotlin. Apart from Android Application, there is a vast scope of Java, so do not underestimate Java and try to learn it too.

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