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By | November 14, 2021
Programming Books

Deciding learning a new programming language is easy, but finding the best courses and related books to that programming language could be hectic.  There are many courses and books for each programming language on the internet, for most of those you have to pay and many of them are free too.

Best Programming Books

Here in this article, we have mentioned some most recommended books for each high-level programming language. Here, we have divided the books related to their corresponding programming language, though there are many books on the internet that covers the basic fundamental of high-level programming languages but here our main goal is to suggest to you the best programming books for a particular programming language you have chosen as your weapon.


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For Complete Beginner Programming Books:

If you are completely new to the programming world and had no basic knowledge of how to write a code and how code works, so you may require a supplementary book apart from the specific programming language book. The supplementary books will help you to understand the basic functionalities of each concept, and how they are supposed to work.

The supplementary book is completely optional if you have already some knowledge of coding and its functionality, but for a complete beginner, this book is highly recommended.

Supplementary book to Build Programming Concept

1. BOOK NAME: “Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

Written By: “Harold Abelson and Gerald Jay Sussman”

This book is very famous with its Acronyms name i.e. SICP, and this book contains all the fundamentals of programming, and with the concept of this book, you would be able to relate your programming knowledge with any programming language.

This book is also very special for Computer Science students because the world’s best Engineering Institute MIT uses this book for their programming courses.

You need to learn how to use this book alongside your specific programming language books, MIT also has a YouTube channel on which they have covered many topics related to programming and their concept, so there you can find the video lectures which cover the topic of this book if you are finding this book little difficult to understand.

You can buy this book from here.

Now let’s move to the meat of this article where we have mentioned some highly recommended books for each programming language.

Books for Python

Python is the most popular programming language of 2019-20 and seems that it possesses a bright future with lots of new opportunities for its developers. With time, its community and popularity increasing exponentially and getting bigger and bigger.

The main asset of python, which separates it from other programming languages, is its easy syntax which gives developers more ease to code in python without the jargon of complex syntax. For a complete beginner, Python is an ideal programming language.

Best Books for Python

1. Book Name: Python Crash Course

Python Crash Course

By: Eric Matthes

Python Crash Course by Eric Matthes is a highly recommended book for every beginner. Why this book is so popular among beginners? Because of its project-based topics, this book contains many projects which help you to build your Python programming skills.

Unlike other tiresome books, this book is very interesting, you won’t lose your interest to learn python while learning from this book.

Apart from its interesting projects this book has its limitation the major limitation is, this book does not cover many topics, for a beginner it covers a lot but if you are an intermediate learner or want to advance your python skills this book is not for you.

You can buy this book from here.

2. Book Name: Learning Python

Learning Python

By Mark Lutz

Learning Python by Mark Lutz is just the opposite of the Python Crash course by Eric Matthes, in this book you would not find that many topic-based projects, instead here you will get to know about every topic in detail.

You may find this book not interesting because here every topic is discussed in detail, this book is highly recommended for intermediate level learners who want to know more about Python basic with every minor detail. If you are a beginner and do not want to miss a single topic related to basic python so this book is for you.

You can buy this book from here.

3. Book Name: Fluent Python

Fluent Python

By Luciano Ramalho

Fluent Python by Luciano Ramalho is for Intermediate to advanced learners. Once you are done with the python basic by Learning Python and Python Crash course, you can choose this book to nourish your python skills and learn some new topics.

This book can boost your python knowledge with some advanced python topics, so you can step up your python skills.

You can buy this book from here.

Java Programming Books

Java is the most powerful and widely used programming language, and it is a very versatile language, from software development to web development Java is everywhere. We all know Android, one of the famous Operating Systems for mobile devices uses Java to build its applications, though many people believe that Java is a Sinking ship, yet many new developers choose Java to build their career in the Applications and software Industry.

Here are some most recommended books for Java learners.

1. Book Name: Core Java Vol-I Fundamentals

Core Java Vol-I Fundamentals

By Cay S. Horstmann

Core Java by Cay S. Horstmann, is an ideal book for Java beginners, this book covers all the basic Java with logical examples. All the examples they have provided in the book will help you to understand all the topics. Apart from basic Java this book also nourishes your skills to make User interface applications using Java. 

You can buy this book from here.

2. Book Name: Core Java Vol-II Advanced Features

Core Java Vol-II Advanced Features

By Cay S. Horstmann

Once you are done with the Core Java Vol-I, you can buy Core Java Vol-II, for advanced Java. Make sure that you buy the latest edition.

If you want to learn how to create robust applications and real-world software using Java, then this book is for you.  In this book, Cay S. Horstmann has discussed all the essential libraries in detail with appropriate examples so you can have a better understanding of all the topics.

You can buy this book from here.

3. Book Name: Effective Java

Effective Java

By Joshua Bloch

Make sure you buy the latest edition of Effective Java by Joshua Bloch. In the new edition of Effective Java, you will get all the core Java in detail with best practice models, so you can practice all that have you learned so far, and it improves your coding and problem-solving skills.

You can buy this book from here.

C++ Programming Books

These days in the Programming world C++ is not that much in usages, yet in many colleges and schools, they teach C++ to students so they could get acquainted with a programming language and learn the basic implementation of Data Structures.

I would say if you are learning data structure then C++ is the best language for it. There are many topics in C++ such as pointer and structures which we do not find in other programming languages. Yes, it is indeed difficult to learn C++ and it does not offer that many opportunities in IT industry yet there are many lovers of C++ who contribute to this programming language, which is a building block of many other high-level programming languages.

Best book to learn C++

1. Book Name: C++ Primer

C++ Primer

By Stanley B. Lippman

The C++ primer latest edition covers all the topics of C++ 11, which includes all the features and libraries. With C++ we can create .exe applications for window operating systems, and it is also used for kernel applications.

You can buy this book from here.

Go Programming Books

Go is an Open Source programming language, which is used to build effective and reliable Software. It is also known as Golang, and it was officially released in 2009 by Google. It is a statically typed programming language and its statements and syntax are quite similar to C and Java.

So, what makes it special? First of all, it is a programming language designed by Google and Google itself uses Go for its projects. Many famous containers such as Kubernetes, Docker and Consul are written in Go.

So how can we learn to go? though there are not many books for GO on the internet here we have provided the best book which you can refer to learn the Go programming language.

1. Book Name:  The Go Programming Language (Addison-Wesley Professional Computing Series)

The Go Programming Language (Addison-Wesley Professional Computing Series)

By Brian W. Kernighan

The Go Programming Language (Addison-Wesley Professional Computing Series) by Brian W. Kernighan covers all the basics of Go programming. This book provides you with hundreds of interesting and practical examples. It provides code snippets for each topic that has been discussed.


You can buy this book from here.

Bonus Programming Books

By far we have covered the best books for the individual programming language, but if you are a computer science engineer and want to upgrade your skills with software development, for that we have mentioned some Computer Science books for your bookshelf.

The books we have provided here are related to the Software industry and professional experience. Your college and school may not teach you from these books, but you can refer to these to step up your computer science knowledge.

Best books for Software Engineers

1. Book Name: Code Complete (Developer Best Practices) 2nd Edition

Code Complete (Developer Best Practices) 2nd Edition

By Steve McConnell (Author)

This book is highly recommended for those students who are in their final year of Graduation. This book covers all the basic problems you can face when you create and develop Software on the industry level.

Once you go through this book, you would have a basic understanding of how to create high-quality software. With this book, you will discover many new techniques and strategies to design software with minimum complexity and maximum creativity.

You can buy this book from here.

2. Book Name: The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master

The Pragmatic Programmer- From Journeyman to Master

By:  Andrew Hunt

This book provides you with a direct approach, how to write effective code and what architecture you should follow to build effective software. With this book, you can dig deep into the programming and software development world.

This book mostly focuses on the automation of software so the software can develop more precisely with less error.

You can buy this book from here.

3. Book Name: Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship

Clean Code

By Robert C. Martin

You can judge this book by its title name, as it says Clean Code, this book is all about good and bad code, the tag line of this book itself says Bad code can also work but if code isn’t clean, it can bring a development organization to its knees.

With this book you will learn all the essential syntax and techniques for how can you write good and clean code. When you write code on the industry level before your code gets deployed, it has to go through many testing phases, so it is better your code must be written clean.

You can buy this book from here.

Data Structure and Algorithms

DSA is a vital part of each programming language, and the hot topic of every technical interview, it’s a fact that you cannot crack a technical interview if you do not have the basic knowledge of DSA. Knowledge of Data Structure helps you to choose the perfect data structure for your code and knowledge of algorithms helps you to approach the solution with minimum complexity. Big tech companies like Google and Facebook, mostly focus on the developer DSA knowledge when they set an interview. Your DSA knowledge signifies your problem-solving skills.

1. Book Name:  Introduction to Algorithms

Introduction to Algorithms

By:  Thomas H. Cormen, Charles E. Leiserson

Many Prestigious Engineering Institutes use this book for their courses, this book covers all the basic algorithms and data structure. Apart from basic algorithms it also covers a broad range of other algorithms in depth.

Though this book has not pertained to any specific programming language so all the algorithms you will find in pseudocode, but all the pseudocodes are written so well you would not find it difficult to write a program in a specific programming language.

You can buy this book from here.

2. Book Name: Data Structure and Algorithms in Java

Data Structure and Algorithms in Java

By Robert Lafore

Though this book covers all the Data Structures and Algorithms, all are specific to the Java Programming language.

Many codes for different algorithms are also written in pseudocode, so if a non-Java developer wants to read this book for Data Structure and Algorithm, he is good to go.

You can buy this book from here.

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