C++ Tutorial: What is C++?

    C++ is a static high-level, general-purpose programming language developed by Bjarne Stroustrup in 1979 at Bell Labs. It is a cross-platform programming language which includes Windows, Mac Os, Linux and the various version of UNIX. It is an extension of C programming language, by add ++ sing at the end of C signifies that C++ is an increment of C with some extra concepts. The main purpose of designing C++ to introduce the concept of Object-Oriented programming language in C and make the syntax of C less complicated.

    C++ Tutorial

    This C++ Tutorial is designed for beginners who have no experience with any other programming language, here we have described all the basic concepts of C++ from beginner level to advance with appropriate examples.

    Why should I learn C++?

    The first question could be “why should I learn C++? If there are plenty of other high-level programming languages out there”. Here we have mentioned some of the reasons why you should choose C++ as your first programming language.

    • As we know that C++ is a high-level programming language, but some developers also consider it as a low-level or medium-level programming language, because it is very close to the hardware system and with C++ we have the manual control over the memory management, where on other high-level programming languages a developer does not have any direct control over memory management. With C++ you can create or destroy objects from the memory as you please and you will learn the nitty-gritty of memory working when you code with C++.
    • With C++ you learn the real implementation of Object-Oriented Programming concepts, many high-level programming languages may have simple syntax than C++, but when it’s come to object-oriented programming concept such as polymorphism, dynamic binding, static binding, multiple inheritances, etc. here C++ has an edge over other programming languages.
    • C++ is one of the oldest programming languages and yet many big tech companies using C++ for scripting and desktop application, Google chrome one of the best web-browser built on C++.
    • Many programming languages also use the syntax and libraries of C++.
    • C++ is also a building block of many high-level programming languages.
    • Once you understand all the basic concepts of C++ you would be able to switch to any other programming language with ease.
    • C++ covers the most concept of computer science such as liner, loader, pointer, call by value , call by reference, different data types, static & dynamic binding, etc.

    There are many other reasons to learn C++, and it is the most recommended programming language for beginners just because it covers most topics of Computer science.

    Application of C++

    There are various applications of C++ here we have provided some of the major applications, which elaborate on why developers still use C++.

    1. Software and Application development

    Application and desktop software development is the major application of C++, with using C++ you can develop a powerful application for desktop. As we have mentioned above that Chrome the most famous web browser build on C++, not only chrome there are plenty of other famous applications build on C++.

    2. Develop Programming languages

    C++ is not limited to build desktop applications many high-level programming languages such as C#, Java, Python, etc. also build on C++.

    3. Programming

    C++ is a static type programming language that uses a compiler to compile its code that makes C++ execution faster than any other programming language. If we compare C++ with Python C++ performance is far better than python.

    4. Game development

    C++ provides Graphical User Interface (GUI) packages which can be used to build Games. C++ also has some audio packages which can add audio effects in our application, which open C++ gates for Game development.

    5. Scripting

    Even in the server, we use C++ for scripting tasks, to design a server many developers use C++ because of its performance.

    Hello World Program in C++

    #include <iostream.h>
    #include <conio.h>
    void main()
       cout<<"Hello World";


    Hello world

    You can use any compiler to execute this code, you will learn what is a compiler and how can we execute code using a compiler or IDE in the upcoming articles. This article is just to provide an overview of what is C++ and the program here is just representing how can we code in C++.