7 Best Computer Science Projects to Enhance Your Skills

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7 Best Computer Science Projects to Enhance Your Skills

Aashiya Mittal
Last updated on June 16, 2024

    Today, many students are pursuing computer science to get knowledge of data science , algorithms, system management, and web and application development. If you are a computer science graduate who is looking to build a career in the IT industry, you must learn at least one programming language, develop certain skills, and get familiar with various technologies. Along with gaining knowledge, you need to work on some projects for developing and polishing your skills.

    These projects will help you in showcasing your skills to the companies that are looking to hire IT, professionals.

    In general, computer science project ideas revolve around designing and developing various applications, software products, and solutions. In this article, we have summed up some of the best computer science project ideas that can help you enhance your skills and get ready to work as a professional.

    How to Choose Mini Projects?

    Having an idea for a computer science project is not enough; you should also learn how to complete it efficiently. Instead of working on numerous projects, pick a mini-project that shows your skills and enthusiasm.

    If you are planning on working on a computer science project, make sure that it is one that you are passionate about and that will help improve your skills. Instead of working on multiple projects, choose a mini-project.

    Mini-projects are a great way to add value to your profile. Before choosing the project, you must know what kind of problem is being tackled by your project? Who is the person who is working on it and what are the skills that are being utilized for the next few years?

    Top Computer Science Project Ideas

    Below is the list of the most popular computer science projects that will help you to improve your development skills as per the chosen programming language. We are highlighting some projects for computer science that can help you strengthen your knowledge and skills.

    Python Projects

    1. YouTube Transcript Summarizer

    YouTube Transcript Summarizer

    If you have just started as a Python developer then you can learn other concepts that work well with Python , such as deep learning, natural language processing and web development. But if you are finding both the concepts difficult and still want to continue with developing a project then it is a good idea to start. In this project, we will create a Chrome extension that will allow you to summarize the YouTube video from its transcript.

    You can do it simply by implementing the NLP model from the available Python’s Huggingface library. This project will be a time-saver for YouTube viewers. This project will be a remarkable addition to your portfolio and help you to stand out among various candidates applying for the same position. This project will help in showcasing your command over full-stack development that includes the knowledge of HTML, CSS in the front-end, and Flask for the back-end.

    Required Skills

    • Natural Language Processing
    • Creating a Chrome extension
    • Backend development - REST, Flask
    • Front-end Development - HTML, CSS

    2. Instagram Automation

    Instagram Automation

    Instagram does not need an introduction. If you want to automate your tasks on your Instagram including the automatic scrolling through your feeds, liking, and commenting on various posts, you can work on this project. Not only this, you can even save your data in a separate file that acts as a crucial dataset that will help in classifying the images.

    You will also get to use the Selenium web driver for automating the login to Instagram, exploring, liking, commenting, following, and so on. You can store all the crucial files and URLs that can be used as a dataset for solving the NLP/DL problems.

    Required Skills

    • Python libraries
    • Selenium
    • Automation

    Java Projects

    1. Breakout Ball Game

    Breakout Ball Game

    Java is considered to be the most versatile language that is suitable for developing desktop and mobile games. Most of the commonly popular games have been developed using Java , such as Minecraft . In this project, we will develop a game that will have a brick wall on the top of the screen and you need to break it with a ball. Here, the ball will move around the screen to hit the brick wall on the top. The ball needs to tap once on the movable paddle that is on the bottom of the screen and then hit back to the wall. If the ball touches the ground the gamer will lose a chance. You can create this game with the following skills.

    Required Skills

    You will be able to grasp concepts of the following programming languages-

    • Java Swing
    • Java AWT
    • JFrame
    • JPanel

    Apart from the above skills, you will be able to learn how to develop graphic-intensive applications with the help of Java. These skills will also help you in developing web-based applications.

    2. Library Management System

    Library Management System

    Managing books within any library is a challenging task, thus it is important that we have a proper library management system that can help a librarian to easily manage the books within the library. With this management system, a librarian can easily look for important details such as which book has been issued, and to whom, and perform other related operations on the system.

    Required Skills

    • Serialization
    • Java Collections API - It consists of a set of classes and interfaces so that you can work easily with collections of objects, such as lists, maps, and stacks. It also offers ready-to-use collection classes.

    This project will help you in creating more management applications that are super popular these days.

    Machine Learning projects

    1. Visualizing and Forecasting Stocks Using Dash

    Visualizing and Forecasting Stocks Using Dash

    Having charts and visual representation will help normal people to understand complex information easily. You might have seen various charts for stocks that can help the traders to visualize the stock behaviour and to predict the trend accurately. You can also use these chart numbers for predicting the future of the stock for a specific date. In this project , we will build a single-page web application that uses Dash (a Python framework ) and machine learning models. It will help you to get the stock plots that will depend on the stock code data provided by the user. Also, you can leverage the benefits of the ML model for predicting the stock prices for the date that is given by the user. Later, you can deploy your application with the help of Heroku.

    Required Skills

    • Dash - Used for building data visualization applications and is an efficient tool for Python developers.
    • Data Visualization - Data visualization is one of the highest-paying job segments.

    2. Companion App: A mental health tracker built using Flutter and Firebase

    Companion App: A mental health tracker built using Flutter and Firebase

    Today, people are focusing more on mental health. For spreading more awareness about mental health, you can create a Flutter app. With this project, you will be able to track the mental health condition of users with issues. This application will provide you with personalized tasks and routine checks to improve your mental health. In this project, you will be using various machine learning models for adding amazing features.

    Required Skills

    • UI/UX - It will help in improving the user experience and customer satisfaction that will help in increasing the number of users of your application. The UI and UX design will attract potential consumers and gain their confidence and influence them to go through the application at least once and to find the potential solutions for your mental health-related problems.
    • Flutter - It has been widely adopted and has shown tremendous growth. Its demand is increasing thus, increasing the demand to hire Flutter app developers for developing applications.
    • Cloud Firestore
    • Classification - It is a data mining function that will assign items within a collection for targeting different categories.

    This project is one of the innovative ideas for developing an application using Flutter with integrated machine learning models.

    Javascript Projects

    1. Resume Builder

    Resume Builder

    A resume helps to reflect the skills and capability of students or professionals who are looking for a new job or a change in job. Creating an amazing resume with all the required details is necessary. A resume needs to be crisp, correctly formatted and updated. You can use various resume builder tools online that will help you to get an organized and crisp resume. But most of the builder tools are paid and people cannot leverage their benefits. In this project, we will be creating a resume builder application.

    Required Skills

    • NodeJS
    • Express
    • React
    • Material UI
    • React Bootstrap


    Working on these projects will boost your confidence to work on real-world problems and implement your knowledge to solve them efficiently. The skills and knowledge gained from the projects will be an add-on to your resume. In this article, we have mentioned some of the best project ideas for computer science using different programming languages. You can choose any of these depending on your preferences and interests.

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    You can refer to the above list of the best computer science project and choose the most suitable one for your final projects. We have also provided the source code from GitHub for all aforementioned projects.

    A mini project is a small assignment that you need to complete at the end of every semester of engineering. It demonstrates your understanding of the concepts you learned throughout that semester.

    Some hot topics in computer science are data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, natural language processing (NLP), cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), and computer vision.

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