Best Python Bootcamp to Go For in 2024

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Best Python Bootcamp to Go For in 2024

Aashiya Mittal
Last updated on July 13, 2024

    Today, there has been tremendous advancement in technology, and to cope with that technology, we need to broaden our skill set. Developers are now focusing on various online platforms and learning resources to enhance their skills and improve career opportunities. Also, many developers are pushing themselves to learn various programming languages.

    Having knowledge of various programming languages makes them more hireable and stand out from the rest. If you are looking for valid and genuine sources to learn the Python programming language, you have landed just at the right place.

    In this article, you become familiar with various Python Bootcamps that will help you learn Python effectively. So, let’s dive into it!

    Introduction to Python

    Today, Python is considered to be one of the most popular programming languages suitable for application and web-based development. Also, it is used in various fields like data science. It is available as an interpreted, object-oriented programming language that provides dynamic semantics.

    Python supports dynamic typing and dynamic binding, which makes it more suitable for Rapid Application Development . You can also use Python as a scripting language that will help you to connect the existing components. The language has a simple syntax that enhances readability and reduces the maintenance cost. Due to its support for modules and packages, it encourages modularity and code reuse.

    You can use Python's standard library, which is available in binary form. It is highly recommended by developers as it ensures improved productivity. As Python is an interpreted language, it does not include the compilation step, making the edit-test-debug cycle even faster. You can debug the Python program easily as it raises exceptions for the error. Even the debugger program of Python language is written in Python.

    Learning Python is important due to its increasing scope, and that is why we have compiled a list of the best Python bootcamps. You can choose any of the below-mentioned bootcamps as per your requirements.

    What is a Python Bootcamp?

    The concept of Bootcamp was introduced in the early 2010s due to the growing demand for tech professionals. The employers of big companies started looking for candidates who are capable of upgrading their skillset as per the changing business demands. To solve that situation, bootcamps were introduced to ensure quick and efficient training of people.

    Today, numerous bootcamps are available for different programming languages. If you want to develop or enhance your Python skills effectively, you need to search for an optimal Python Bootcamp.

    The best Python bootcamps not only cover the fundamentals of the Python programming language but also the advanced concepts. Also, they allow you to create applications and programs that are an add-on to your portfolio. A Python Bootcamp will ensure learning in less time as compared to other resources.

    What Will You Learn in Python Bootcamps?

    Coding bootcamps majorly focus on helping you to develop a breadth of skills in a short time. Generally, Python bootcamps mostly highlight the below-mentioned topics:

    • Python Object and Data

    Most bootcamps help the students focus on the concept of data and object types, mostly used in Python. Most of the bootcamps offer a general and detailed overview of data types and explain the various types of numbers used in Python programming, such as integers and floaters. Apart from this, you will also get to learn about data strings, string slicing, and indexing.

    • Object-Oriented Programming

    Object-oriented programming knowledge helps you understand how to work around packages and bundles. These bootcamps help the Python developers while coding and help them to translate the real-world variables and entities into data-based objects that can be used within an application.

    • Algorithms

    Algorithms are a crucial part of every programming language. Python bootcamps explain the use of the algorithm in Python and how you can implement algorithms for solving various problems.

    • Python Frameworks

    With the help of the Python frameworks, you will be able to design simple application structures for creating software efficiently. By enrolling in a Python Bootcamp, you will be able to find the right framework for you to create applications with good functionality.

    Cost for the Python Bootcamps

    The cost of Python bootcamps may vary depending on the course that they are offering. As per the study , the median cost of a comprehensive Python Bootcamp is about $11,000. Also, the cost increases with the duration of the program. Some long-duration bootcamps can even cost $20,000.

    Compared to private programs, university-affiliated programs may charge you less. If some of the programs provide you with software for practicing Python, then the course’s cost may increase. Choosing the payment options like tuition deferment, loans, and other options will help you in financing your BootcampBootcamp. Some Bootcamps allow you to pay only a small percentage of the course price, and the remaining will be deducted from your future salary after graduation.

    Best Python Bootcamps for 2022

    Here are the best Python Bootcamps that you can consider for learning Python effectively:

    1. Bottega University

    This University is based in Salt Lake City, Utah, and mainly specializes in providing online education and career training programs globally.

    • Python 3 and React Course

    Bottega offers a full-time Python coding Bootcamp course that will provide you with 600 hours of comprehensive study in approximately 12 weeks. Students can begin with its prep course that covers the basics of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. If you are a part-time learner, then you can complete this course via a self-paced option in about 40 weeks.

    You will be provided with an app that you can use to connect with your mentors and classmates. Apart from courses on Python, the Bootcamp will highlight other important topics such as database foundations and web development. It also provides you with a certificate for full-stack web engineering.

    • Bottega’s Job Placement Assistance

    The candidates who want to enroll in Bottega’s programs with job opportunities can connect with its professionals. The graduates can avail themselves of several facilities like assistance for interview preparation, resources for online job placement, and various extended education opportunities.

    • Overview

    Cost: $12,000 (full time); $7,500 (part-time) Course Format: Online or on-campus; full time or self-paced Course Length: 12 weeks (for full-time); 40 weeks (for part-time)

    2. Byte Academy

    This academy is located in New York and offers various introductory programming courses and intensive boot camps. Byte Academy has worked with major companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Apple.

    • Python Bootcamp

    Byte Academy is famous for its custom learning management system that comes with a personalized AI tutor named Aiza. Applicants must pass a pre-interview and a free prerequisite course that will help them to get enrolled in this program. Byte works on a unique format known as the flipped classroom format that will allow the students to complete work within the class only and review study materials later at home.

    It will provide an 11-course curriculum that will include the topics such as data structures and algorithms. Also, this is the best Python Bootcamp that will allow you to learn Python and take a deep dive into its complex concepts.

    • Byte Academy’s Job Placement Assistance

    With this Bootcamp, students can avail themselves of its internship programs and gain hands-on software sprint experience as it has a partnership with SpryteLabs. It offers an interview prep workshop specially designed for prospective software developers.

    • Overview

    Course Cost: $14,950 Course Format: Online or on-campus; full time or part-time Course Length: 24 weeks (part-time) CIRR Member: No

    3. Coding Dojo

    In 2010, Coding Dojo introduced a unique teaching experience and divided it into its three-stack Bootcamp. This school is popular as it got enough coverage from famous news sources such as CNN, Forbes, and The Wall Street Journal.

    • Coding Bootcamps

    You can either go for online, in-person full-time, or three-stack Bootcamp combining multiple programming languages. You will get to learn various languages like Python, Java, C#, and Ruby. not only this, you can avail of its accelerated 1 to 3-stack Bootcamp and a self-paced Python-only course.

    Also, you can enjoy group discussions in the full-time program along with live instructions. You will be able to access the class’s Discord server and 24/7 learning platform. The curriculum will start with the introduction of web fundamentals before proceeding with Python and other languages.

    • Coding Dojo’s Job Placement Assistance

    Each student will get guaranteed extended career services for life. This Bootcamp ensures a high rate of 81.9% job placement rate within six months of graduation for each student. Several students have got high-end jobs at big tech companies like Amazon and Google.

    • Overview

    Course Cost: $15,995 (full time); $7,995 (part-time) Curse Format: either Online or on-campus; full time, part-time, or self-paced Course Length: 14 weeks (for full-time); 16-32 weeks (for part-time)

    4. Flatiron School

    This school came into the picture in 2012 and now has a partnership with various high-end organizations like Women Who Code and GitHub to promote diversity in the field.

    • Data Science Bootcamp

    It has a model that majorly emphasizes group learning. You will get a dedicated mentor leading a small group of full-time and part-time learners. It comes as a comprehensive data science program that will consist of several important topics like Python, machine learning, and statistics. It offers a free prep course for you to prepare for its data science Bootcamp.

    Also, you must pass a data science assessment before you proceed with the program (do not support the self-paced format). It also offers a new cybersecurity engineering Bootcamp helping you to gain Python skills to combat cybercrime.

    • Flatiron School’s Job Placement Assistance

    You can leverage its personalized career coaching facility that will ensure about 94% of job placement in high-tech companies.

    • Overview

    Course Cost: $16,900 (for full time or part-time program); $9,600 (for self-paced program) Course Format: Online or on-campus; full time, part-time, or self-paced Course Length: 5 months (for full time); 10 months (for part-time); 15 months (for self-paced)

    5. General Assembly

    General Assembly offers computer courses and covers more than 30 campuses worldwide. The organization’s alumni community is increasing and today has more than 70,000 members.

    • Data Science Immersive

    It contains an updated curriculum with the latest trends as it is managed by high-profile data executives. The camp starts with the fundamental tutorial with 12 hours of study. Then students will get on to the five main sections of this Bootcamp that include the major courses like data science, data analysis, statistical modeling, learning models, and advanced topics. The students of data science will get to develop five projects for their professional portfolios. The standalone Python course is the main center of attraction for Python programmers.

    • General Assembly’s Job Placement Assistance

    Various career coaches will help the students of the General Assembly to build their portfolios and prepare for Python interview questions .

    • Overview

    Course Cost: $15,950 Course Format: On-campus or online; full time Course Length: 12 weeks CIRR Member: No

    6. Kenzie Academy

    This academy offers various computer science programs globally. Also, Kenzie provides well-rounded, in-depth training programs majorly focusing on career readiness.

    • Software Engineering Program

    Kenzie offers this nine-month-long program that focuses on project-based learning. You will be able to gain flexible language-learning skills that will help you to adapt in accordance to the ongoing and upcoming market trends.

    The Software Engineering training course comes into two sections that will include a front-end and a full-stack. The front-end development is a six-month program, while the full-stack comes with a duration of three months. Students can include this course in their portfolio along with a certificate that is sponsored by Butler University.

    • Kenzie’s Job Placement Assistance

    Kenzie ensures guaranteed job placement. Not only this, it will make a complete refund of the tuition fee for those students who do not find qualifying jobs within 180 days of graduation.

    • Overview

    Course Cost: $20,000 Course Format: Online or on-campus; full time Course Length: 9 months CIRR Member: No

    7. Lambda School

    This school emphasizes majorly on the placement of the graduates by providing them an option of income share agreements. This school offers lengthy Bootcamp courses that ensure a comprehensive learning experience.

    • Data Science

    Students will get to experience more than 900 hours of coding practice. You can go for the remote Data Science program that will consist of monthly group projects. Students will learn and get practical knowledge by working on real projects during the course. The Bootcamp for Data Science starts with an online orientation. Students need to go through data engineering and machine learning first, then proceed to Python.

    • Lambda School’s Job Placement Assistance

    This school provides dedicated trainers that will assist students in creating powerful resumes, sourcing jobs, and preparing for interviews. Also, it offers a dedicated team for career services that help students negotiate salaries.

    • Overview

    Course Cost: $30,000 (course available especially for California, District of Columbia, Georgia, and Texas residents); and $15,000 (all other students) Course Format: Online; full-time or part-time Course Length: 6 months (for full-time program); 12 months (for part-time program)


    Today, having the right skill is necessary to excel in your career and to grab a good salary package. Python is one of the hot skills in the market right now and gaining knowledge will help you to excel in your career. There are various Bootcamps available online that you can opt for gaining advanced Python knowledge.

    We have mentioned some of the most popular Python Bootcamps that ensure fruitful learning and are suitable for both beginners and experienced developers. However, you need to make sure that you choose the best Python Bootcamp that suits both your learning requirements and your budget.

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    Yes, Python Bootcamp is worth it because you get to learn Python from the ground up to advanced concepts. Also, you will gain practical knowledge of Python concepts as they will work on a plethora of coding assignments and problems.

    Yes, Python is one of the most simple and easy programming languages. It emphasizes code readibility. The simple syntax of Python lets beginners have a better grasp since it mostly involve English keywords.

    Yes, Python is the top-ranking programming language as per the TIOBE index of July 2022. Many organizations and companies leverage Python for various purposes, including software and web development, data visualization, data analysis, and task automation. So, you can find various job opportunities if you master Python programming.

    To become a Python developer, you need a strong grasp of all Python concepts, knowledge of working with Python libraries and frameworks, a solid understanding of front-end technology, testing and debugging capabilities, analytical and logical thinking, excellent communication skills, and attention to details.

    A python developer earns an average of $97K per year. However, the salary of Python developers variers based on their skillset and experience level.

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