10 Most Powerful Online JavaScript Compilers To Code Anywhere

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10 Most Powerful Online JavaScript Compilers To Code Anywhere

Gaurav Roy
Last updated on May 22, 2024

    Looking for powerful online JavaScript compilers to code, compile, and run the code within a browser? We have curated a list of the best online JavaScript compilers. Using these compilers, you can explore the language’s functionalities by writing, executing, and debugging different programs.

    JavaScript is the most popular client-side scripting language supported by all modern browsers. It powers more than 98% of websites on the web . It is one of the cornerstone technologies of the World Wide Web (WWW), along with HTML and CSS. While HTML provides the structure to web pages and CSS provides appealing aesthetics, JavaScript makes them dynamic and interactive.

    Developers use this language to enhance the interaction of users with web pages and implement complex features. When you see animated 2D/3D graphics, interactive maps, and timely content updates on web pages, you can bet that JavaScript is definitely used.

    For creating interactive web pages or web apps, developers leverage a variety of tools. Among these tools, a compiler is a necessary one. Many programmers prefer online compilers, as they are easily accessible within a browser. They support multiple languages, so programmers can code and run in multiple languages without leaving the browser.

    This article will discuss some widely used, most robust online JavaScript compilers with their features. But before discussing them, let’s understand what an online JavaScript compiler is and its benefits.

    What is an Online JavaScript Compiler?

    An online compiler is a cloud-based application that allows programmers to execute their code or check the output of a program . It lets programmers write and debug their codes online. Generally, a compiler translates high-level code into binaries that computer systems can read and interpret.

    A traditional compiler requires installation on a computer system that would require significant storage space and consume a lot of time for proper configuration. Well, this is not the case with an online compiler. You can directly access it in your browser.

    An online JavaScript compiler is a web-based program that converts JavaScript code into machine-readable code for execution.

    Why Use a JavaScript Compiler?

    The following are some significant reasons why you should use an online JavaScript compiler:

    • Hassle-Free Execution: For a local compiler, you need to download, install, and configure it. This is not the case with an online compiler. It is a go-to tool where you can write and execute JS code on the go.
    • Easy Sharing: Programmers can easily save the code in an online compiler. They can generate unique URLs for sharing their codes with others.
    • Easy to Code: Experimentation becomes effortless and gratifying.
    • No Installation: The best part of all online JavaScript compilers is that programmers do not have to install them on their systems to start using them.
    • More Productive: Programmers can be more productive with online compilers as they do not need to switch a window between their source code and a compiler.

    Top 10 Powerful Online JavaScript Compilers To Code Anywhere

    Let us now dive deeper into our list of handpicked online JavaScript compilers.

    1. Playcode


    Playcode is the #1 JavaScript playground to write and run code. It presents a quick and easy platform for novice JS programmers. Users can enjoy its benefits for free. This open-source online JavaScript compiler quickly compiles the code using the Babel compiler in no time.

    Users can rearrange the code and output panels at their convenience. It supports multiple languages: Stylus, TypeScript, SCSS, JSX, TSX, Pug, CoffeeScript, Less, Sass., and the latest Babel preset. You can switch the language with just a single click.

    Playcode is a REPL (Read-Eval-Print-Loop) coding environment that comes preconfigured. Simply type your JS code and run it. Forget about the configuration and ‘npm install’.


    • Supports collaboration with your team in real-time.
    • Offers access to 2 million npm packages, including React, Vue, Lodash, RxJs, p5.js, and three.js.
    • The fastest live preview feature lets you see the result as you type in.
    • The smart code autocomplete helps you write code faster. You can avoid looking for the syntax in documentation every time.
    • Detects bugs in your code so you can fix them quickly.
    • Typechecking catches typing errors quickly.
    • You get documentation by hovering, eliminating the need to search for documentation on Google.

    2. Replit


    Replit is a collaborative browser-based integrated development environment featuring a compiler for JavaScript and many other programming languages. More than 20 million software developers use Replit to write, compile, debug, and execute code. It is an all-in-one platform to build and host any project.

    Moreover, you can find tutorials helping you complete your dream projects with detailed, step-by-step instructions. Replit supports various programming languages, including Python, Golang, Dart, C++, Haskell, TypeScript, and PHP.

    Being an online IDE, you do not have to put effort into downloading, installing, and configuring it. Simply visit the website and start writing your code in a programming language of your choice.


    • An AI-powered pair programmer, the Ghostwriter, comes with a proactive debugger. It simplifies the code-writing process.
    • You can deploy your projects in just a few clicks. Also, sharing your work with the work is easy.
    • Live collaboration enables you and your team to work from anywhere, anytime.
    • Replit integrates seamlessly with your Git repositories.
    • Supports two major JavaScript package managers – npm and Yarn .

    3. JsFiddle


    Jsfiddle.net is an online code playground or IDE allowing programmers to run and edit HTML, CSS, and JavaScript codes called ‘fiddles’ on a single platform. Its interface is split into four panels - three for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript codes and 1 for the output.

    Furthermore, JSFiddle provides a feature where coders can save their work, communicate and share their projects with other developers with a unique URL.

    This online IDE is a successor to MooShell, a website application created by Piotr Zalewa. In 2019, the PopularitY of Programming Language (PYPL) index ranked JSFiddle in the second position for the most popular online IDE.


    • The tool leverages CodeMirror, a JavaScript component providing a code editor in a browser.
    • Supports features such as syntax highlighting, autocompletion, auto-indentation, syntax verification, brace matching, code folding, and Search and Replace.
    • You can integrate external resources like CSS stylesheets and JavaScript libraries .
    • Publicly save the code an unlimited number of times.

    4. OneCompiler


    OneCompiler’s JavaScript online compiler is free to use, enabling programmers to write, run, and share JS code. It is robust, easy, and fast. It displays the boilerplate code when you choose JavaScript as your language and start writing the code.

    After you finish writing your JS code, click ‘Run’ in the top right corner to execute your code and see the output. If it needs input, you can provide it in the small panel on the right side of the editor.

    Besides JavaScript, OneCompiler supports many other programming languages and web languages, including Python, C, C++, Java, Groovy, Haskell, Node.js, HTML, and CSS.


    • Does not require sign-up to use the tool.
    • Download the code on your local system.
    • Supports adding dependencies to your JS code.
    • Code suggestions and autocomplete help you write code faster.
    • Descriptive error messages assist in debugging code.
    • Comprehensive cheatsheets for various programming languages, frameworks, and other technologies.

    5. Programiz


    Programiz offers online compilers and editors for various programming languages, including JavaScript. Its JavaScript compiler is free, easy to use, and comes with two panels - one for writing the code and another for displaying the output.

    Simply click ‘Run’ once you finish writing a program. You will immediately see the output on the right side. Apart from JavaScript, you can also access the online compiler for Python, Java, C, C++, Go, C#, PHP, and many other languages.


    • Does not require sign-up to use the compiler.
    • Provides the boilerplate code to help you understand the syntax of the language you are using.
    • You can switch between dark and light modes based on your preference.

    6. Codenvy


    Codenvy is a cloud-based, open-source integrated development environment and development workspace server that lets developers write and run code. It is a collaborative platform, allowing software development teams to work together from anywhere on a single project.

    With Codenvy, you can create and manage projects in various programming languages, including Python, JavaScript, PHP, and C++. It supports the integration of various tools and plugins to improve your development workflow.

    Overall, Codenvy is an ideal online IDE for teams distributed geographically, allowing them to work on their projects without installing the software on local systems.


    • Containerized workspace lets you use any stack.
    • Facilitates simultaneous editing.
    • Seamless integration with a popular version control system, Git.
    • Real-time collaboration.
    • Seamless code sharing.

    7. Ideone


    Ideone is an online compiler and editor to write, debug, and run JavaScript code. It helps you write and compile code in 60 different programming languages. These languages include Java, JavaScript, Python, C, C++, Go, Ruby, PHP, etc.

    The tool provides you with the boilerplate code, helping you quickly get started with writing the code. You can find an option to enter the input and run your code. The compilation time is 10 seconds, the execution for nonregistered users is 5 seconds, and for registered users, it is 15 seconds.


    • You can either check the box for syntax highlighting or uncheck it if you don’t want.
    • The tool supports executing programs on a remote server.
    • You can save and share your code with the whole world.
    • Shortcuts help you become more productive.

    8. CodeSandbox


    CodeSandbox is a cloud-based development environment for web apps. It is great for creating static websites, full-stack web applications, and components. It has a JavaScript compiler and supports several popular JavaScript libraries and frameworks, including React, Vue, and Angular.

    Furthermore, CodeSandbox can integrate with GitHub, which makes it possible for users to import or export repositories directly from GitHub. The tool authorizes users to use any public NPM packages.


    • Anyone can preview your code, review it, and comment on the codebase.
    • Other team members can make changes to your code and commit with a single click.
    • You can develop any type of full-stack app.
    • The tool is available as an extension to VS Code.
    • It is available as an app for iOS devices.

    You can opt for a Free plan or Team Pro, which is available for $15 per editor per month.

    9. Liveweave


    Liveweave is an HTML, CSS, and JavaScript playground for web designers and developers. Its interface has four resizeable panels for HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and output. This unique interface makes it manageable for any web developer to experiment with complex code samples.

    Moreover, the tool provides access to a plethora of JavaScript libraries. This eliminates the need to import external libraries. The Team Up feature lets you invite team members, edit code simultaneously, and collaborate in real-time.


    • The tool offers a real-time live preview of your code.
    • Context-sensitive code hinting for HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery.
    • You can save your code (weave) on the cloud or download it as a .zip file.
    • The tool lets you write and edit in full-screen mode.
    • The code auto-completion boosts your productivity.
    • You can work in the dark or light mode as you prefer.

    10. CodePen


    CodePen is an online community for front-end designers and developers where they can test and showcase their code written in JavaScript, HTML and CSS . It serves as an online code editor and an open-source learning platform, allowing you to create code snippets called pens and test them for bugs and errors.

    One key highlight of CodePen is its extensive community. Web creators and developers can expose their coding dexterities with roughly 330,000 registered users and 14.16 million monthly audiences.


    • It offers a highly customizable workspace.
    • Autocomplete and Emmet boost your speed and productivity.
    • You can keep your code private until you want to showcase it to the community.
    • The Pro version supports team collaboration, Live Mode, professor Mode, and Presentation Mode.


    This was our list of popular online JavaScript compilers you can leverage to write and run code quickly from a browser. Also, we have highlighted some notable features of each compiler so that it becomes easy for you to pick one that best suits your needs and preferences.

    As JavaScript has emerged as the Internet language, learning it opens up many opportunities. Hence, you can learn and practice the language using the above online JavaScript compilers.

    If you want us to add any other online JavaScript compiler to the above list, please share it with us via comments.

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