10 Most Powerful Online JavaScript Compilers

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10 Most Powerful Online JavaScript Compilers

Gaurav Roy
Last updated on December 9, 2022

    JavaScript is the most popular client-side scripting language that is supported by all modern browsers. Developers use JavaScript to enhance the interaction of users with web pages. In the hands of a proficient web developer, JavaScript can improve the user experience of a website or web application. Many online JavaScript compilers present elegant code completion platforms and confirm the validity of errors in real-time. Presently, there exist many ideal JavaScript compilers that programmers can use to yield the best results. But they need to choose the most efficient online compilers among the listed ones as per their comfort. Well, this article talks about the features and benefits of the top 10 online JavaScript compilers out there. But before we start discussing them, let’s try to understand what an online JavaScript compiler is all about.

    What are Online JavaScript Compilers?

    An online compiler is a cloud-based application that allows programmers to execute their code or check the output of a program . Online compilers let programmers write and debug their codes online. Installing a compiler on a system would require significant storage space and consume a lot of time for proper configuration.

    Benefits of Using Online JavaScript Compilers

    • The online JavaScript compilers help programmers run their JavaScript code online.
    • Programmers can easily save the code in an online compiler. They get unique URLs for sharing their JavaScript codes with other programmers.
    • Experimentation becomes effortless and gratifying.
    • The best part of all online JavaScript compilers is that programmers do not have to install them on their system to start using them.

    10 Top Online JavaScript Compilers

    1. PLAYCODE.io


    PLAYCODE.io presents a quick and easy programming platform for programmers. It quickly compiles JavaScript code from Babel in no time. Users can rearrange the code and output panels at their convenience. Also, they can switch the language with just a single click. It supports multiple languages, namely Stylus, TypeScript, SCSS, JSX, TSX, Pug, CoffeeScript, Less, Sass., and the latest Babel preset. Fortunately, programmers can enjoy the benefits of the PLAYCODE.io JavaScript compiler as it is available for free and is an open-source compiler.

    2. Jsfiddle.net


    Jsfiddle.net is an online JavaScript compilation medium that allows programmers to run and edit HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code on a single platform. It is one of the most popular JavaScript compilers that programmers can use to develop JavaScript programs. This online interface is interactive and helps programmers cooperate with other developers. Furthermore, it provides a feature where coders can save their work, communicate and share their project with other developers with a unique URL.

    3. JSBin


    JSBin is an open-source compiler that is precisely designed to run JavaScript and CSS code snippets. Programmers use this within some context and debug the code collectively. Users can write and run the JavaScript code online at jsbin.com as well as locally on their systems with its offline mode. Also, JSBin lets users save their code an unlimited number of times.

    4. Codenvy


    Codenvy is a cloud-based open-source environment that lets developers write and run code. Also, it supports several programming languages, including JavaScript. Codenvy's online JavaScript compiler has a great potential to handle development teams and help the team design code through portable Docker.

    5. CodePen


    CodePen is an online programming tool that allows users to develop JavaScript projects. You can utilize this online compiler to write and run JavaScript code in the web browser. Also, it supports other front-end languages, including HTML and CSS . One key highlight of CodePen is its extensive community. Web creators and developers can expose their coding dexterities with roughly 330,000 registered users and 14.16 million monthly audiences.

    6. Cloud9

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n16t__g19c8 Cloud9 is another popular cloud-based JavaScript compiler. With Cloud9, programmers can write, run, and debug JavaScript code simply from their browsers. Since Cloud9 leverages a completely cloud-based environment, coders can easily access it from anywhere.

    7. StackBlitz

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P15es1sGb4A This online IDE is relatively similar to the Visual Studio Code. So, if you are familiar with VSCode, you should go for StackBlitz to write and execute JavaScript code online. StackBlitz allows programmers to import any NPM package. The code editor can handle the maintenance of dependencies and automatically compiles while the user types the code. Moreover, users can drag & drop files and folders into the online editor.

    8. CodeSandbox

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z02Zg7zFpoc CodeSandbox is an online JavaScript compiler that supports several popular JavaScript libraries and frameworks, including React, Vue, and Angular. Also, it can integrate with GitHub, which makes it possible for users to import or export Repos directly from GitHub. Like StackBlitz, Code Sandbox also authorizes users to use any public NPM packages. By using the CodeSandbox, programmers can run JavaScript code and share code with other developers. Also, CodeSandbox is a great choice for creating static websites, full-stack web applications, and components.

    9. Rendera


    JavaScript programmers can write, run, and debug their code at ease using Rendera. It also provides support for HTML and CSS. The simplistic outlook of Rendera makes it a suitable choice for trying out coding samples. More importantly, Rendera makes learning HTML5 and CSS3 easy. However, Rendera’s JavaScript compiler does not offer support for any framework or tool asset, which is a drawback. Thus, any programmer who wants more controls and customizations in an online JavaScript compiler can go beyond Rendera.

    10. Liveweave


    Any programmer who wants to test JavaScript code quickly can go for Liveweave. Its interface has four separate sections for HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and the output. The unique interface of Liveweave makes it manageable for any web developer to experiment with complex code samples. However, it is not a good idea to develop a complete project using Liveweave because it does not have a well-suited interface where multiple team members can work simultaneously.


    We hope that this article has helped you to get familiar with the popular online JavaScript compilers that you can leverage to write and run code quickly right from a browser. Also, we have highlighted some notable features of each compiler so that it will become easy for you to pick one that best suits your needs and preferences.

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