What does a Software Developer Do?

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What does a Software Developer Do?

Sameeksha Medewar
Last updated on July 20, 2024

    A Job of a software developer is finding issues, developing new software, coding, and modifying networks, and developing new technology for everyone. You can be a good software developer if you love innovations in technology. Now the big question is what are the specific work and duties of a software developer, but first, let’s discuss who is a software developer.

    Have you ever thought about how game owners fix their bugs and glitches in a few hours or create games on a rapid basis? Software developers do all of these tasks efficiently. Software developers are the brainstorming, creative masterminds behind computer programs of all varieties. Some software developers focus on a particular program or app as well as others create giant networks or underlying systems that support the power of other programs. Hence, there are two main kinds of developers:

    • Applications software developers
    • Systems software developers

    Duties of an Applications Software Developer

    As per the reports from the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), application software developers are mainly responsible for mobile applications and designing computers. The working of this development essentially focuses on consumers. This involves understanding user requirements, monitoring performance, developing software solutions, and transforming programs as required.

    1. Duties of a systems software developer

    These developers focus on compilers and, network distribution software, operating systems-level software. As per the reports from the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), this role is provided more toward designing resolutions for business organizations. This involves developing software for various fields such as medical, communications, industrial, business, military, aerospace, scientific computing, and general computing applications.

    2. Job Duties of a typical Software Developer

    As we know that the original creation of the software program is done by the writing of code, and a software developer manages that. Basically, the work of a software developer depends upon the company in which they work. A software developer analyzes the requirements, then creates, develops, tests, and modifies the software as per the type of company.

    The working of software also depends upon the intended audience so that they can provide convenience to the audience. Creating flowcharts and drafting out are further steps after planning out the design. Developers will create diagrams as well as models for instructing programmers to write the code for the program.

    Typical Jobs of software developers are

    • Analyzing the requirements of users and designing, developing, and testing the software to meet the requirements.
    • Suggest software upgrades for the audience/ users /customers' current programs and systems.
    • Design and develop every part of the system, as well as design how the parts can work together
    • Create various models and diagrams (like flowcharts) that present programmers with the complete software code required for a system or application
    • Assure that a program proceeds to operate normally through software management and testing
    • Document every phase of a system as a source for future upgrades and management
    • Create excellent software by collaborating with other computer specialists.

    Software developers manage and are in charge of the complete process of software development. They start their work with the customer's plans and their expectation to use the software. They must recognize the center functionality that a customer needs from software programs.

    They design a complete program and provide guidance to programmers, who can create computer codes and test them. In case the program does not result as expected, then software developers recreate the process for fixing the issues and increase the program.

    After the successful software creation, they released it to their customer. Developers generally work with computer programmers. But, in some organizations, developers write computer codes themselves instead of instructing programmers.

    Software developers in the game development industry

    Software developers give their efforts to solving severe, complex, and essential problems. There is a broad range of technologies, such as frameworks, internet architecture, programming languages, operating system networking, and so on.

    These technologies help software development for creating various games such as online games, offline games, browser games, etc. One of the best examples of well-developed browser games is code combat. Because it is an amazingly developed browser-based game that provides convenient access and a gaming experience.

    Those games require some complicated mathematical knowledge to create the algorithm in charge of the odds. You just need a browser to play this game (and all the other games) because it never glitches and provides the best experience to the users so they can enjoy their games on any platform! Software developers who are involved in game development need a meaningful head start, so programming skills are necessary to game development.

    Even if a software developer is more comfortable with the Ruby studio, it is not usually used in game development. Software developers can immediately pick up other programming languages which are more widely used for game development, such as C++ or Java.

    Responsibilities of a Software Developer/Engineer

    • Developing software system testing and validation methods:
    • Directing software programming leads
    • Managing the development of all types of documentation.
    • Working with clients and cross-functional departments to communicate project proposals.
    • Analyzing datasets to efficiently organize the installation of newly developed systems or the alteration of existing systems.
    • Maintaining the lifecycle of software development.
    • Monitoring system administration.
    • Communicating critical project data with team members and creating coherence among teams.
    • Developing and completing project plans.
    • Implementing statistics and mathematics to problem-solving actions.
    • Implementing best methods and conventional operating procedures.
    • Building innovative solutions for meeting the technical needs of the company.

    There are various skill sets required to be a fantastic software developer, and if you want to become a software developer , then you need certification and a degree. We have already provided all of the required information regarding the salary criteria and qualifications of a software developer, so you can check those articles and have the best understanding of this field.


    In this article, we have discussed various aspects of software developer jobs because, as we know that it is not an easy job, so you have to understand the responsibilities of a developer. This particular article helps you to understand the responsibilities of software developers based on their job roles. As we have already mentioned that you can go through our other articles regarding the salary and qualifications of a software developer.

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    A software developer is a professional who specializes in designing, building, and maintaining software applications with their skills in programming languages and various developer tools.

    Becoming a software developer requires you to possess a wide range of knowledge and skills. Though a software developer is a promising career, it is pretty difficult to become one. Along with strong technical knowledge and soft skills, you also need a strong passion and determination.

    To become a software developer, you need to hold a bachelor's degree in computer science or the relevant field.

    As you need to hold a bachelor's degree, you have to invest four years completely. Besides, if you need to master any programming language, you can opt for an online course that may take a few more months. So, in short, you need around 5 years to become a software developer.

    According to PayScale, a software developer with less than one year of experience earns an average salary of $69K per annum. On the other hand, professionals with more than 5 years of experience make $85K per year. So, as the experience level increases, the graph of salary grows exponentially.

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