Best Python Books for Beginners and Advanced Programmers

By | March 25, 2021
Best Python Books

Python is one of the most popular languages of 2020. Every year a lot of developers and organizations are shifting their projects to Python, and lots of beginners are choosing Python as their first programming language for better a career. Learning a new programming language could be a daunting task only if you do not have the best resources. One of the best ways to learn the Python programming language to go through its official documentation, however for a beginner understanding the concept of documentation could be tricky.

So the best approach would be to learn the concept of Python programming from a Python book. Due to the popularity of python, there are many Python books present in the market, so here in this article we have mentioned the best Python books for beginners and Advance learners. You might be learning Python from any online or offline portal but having a Python book will help you to grab the deep details on any concept that many tutors miss during lectures.


Python comprises of two versions as Python 2.X and Python 3.X. And Out of these two versions, only Python 3.x is supported and maintained by the core Python developers. When we specifically talk about machine learning, deep learning, and data science; python is totally dominating in these fields due to its vast community, libraries, and simplicity. Although python is now everywhere, the fields mentioned above are the main assets of python, and if you are thinking of making a career in Artificial intelligence or Data Science, that you must have knowledge of python.

In order to learn python, you need some Best Python books according to your level. It does not matter whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced Python developer you need some books from which you can learn new things and apply them practically. Here in this article will discuss some best Python books which will suit your level and definitely help you to gain more information about Python.

Best Python Books

Name of the Book Writer Name Level
Head-First Python, 2nd edition Paul Barry Beginner
Python Crash Course Eric Matthes For Beginner
Learning Python 5th Edition Mark Lutz’s Beginners
Python Programming: An Introduction to Computer Science John Zelle Beginners
Python Cookbook David Beazley and Brian K. Jones For Beginner
Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python, 4th edition Al Sweigart Beginner and Intermediate
Python Tricks: A Buffet of Awesome Python Features Dan Bader Intermediate
Fluent Python: Clear, Concise, and Effective Programming Luciano Ramalho Intermediate
Python in a Nutshell 3rd Edition Alex Martelli Intermediate and Advance
Machine Learning with Python Cookbook Chris Albon Intermediate and Advance
Python for Data Analysis Wes McKinney Advance
Violent Python: A Cookbook for Hackers, Forensic Analysts, Penetration Testers and Security Engineers TJ O’Connor Advance

Best Python Books for Beginners

1. Head-First Python, 2nd edition

Head-First Python, 2nd editionHead First Python, 2nd Edition is one of the best books for Python learners specifically for the beginner. Those who do not have any experience with Python or with any other programming language can start their Python Journey along with this book. Head First Python is one of the well-known programming books.

If you want, you can buy this book from Amazon.

Written by Paul Barry (For beginner)
You Can buy this book Here.

2. Python Crash Course

Python Crash CourseThose who already have some experience with other programming languages such as C/C++ or Java and want to move to Python so this book will serve them in the best way. This book contains all the basics of Python Programming concepts such as lists, dictionaries, operators, loops, Classes, and lots more. This book also provides some practice exercises for every concept mention in the book.


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(Written by Eric Matthes – For beginners)

3. Learning Python 5th Edition

Learning Python 5th EditionThis is one of the best books on Python out there in the market for Beginners. This book contains 41 chapters and each chapter contains a bunch of problems and Learners can practice these problems to improve their Problem-solving skills. By reading this book you will get all the information about Basic Python concepts such as List and Classes. You will also encounter some new libraries and functions.

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4. Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python

Invent Your Own Computer Games with PythonInvent Your Own Computer Games with Python is the best book for those programmers who have little experience in python. In this book, the author focused mainly on building simple games and tries to put logic which helps the learner to understand the Program in a fun way. If you go along with this book you will be also able to develop some simple animated games with sound effects.

By Al Sweigart
Published by No Starch Press
You can buy this book Here 


5. Python Tricks: A Buffet of Awesome Python Features

Python Tricks: A Buffet of Awesome Python FeaturesThis book was released in back 2017. This book helps you to develop your coding skills with many awesome tricks. This book is highly recommended for those Python coders who already have complete basic knowledge of Python.

By: Dan Bader
Publisher: Book Baby
You can buy this book Here




6. Fluent Python (Clear, Concise, and Effective Programming)

Fluent Python (Clear, Concise, and Effective Programming)This book was published in 2015. Luciano author of this book put his main focus on the complexity of Python programming. When you go through with this book and practice its concepts you will realize that now you can code in a shorter and faster way. This book takes you through the Python basics to advance the level of coding. You will cover topics such as Data model, data structure, Function and objects, Object-oriented idioms, control flow, and Metaprogramming.

By Luciano Ramalho
Publisher O’Reilly Media

You can buy this book Here

Best Python Programming Books for Advanced Programmers

7. Python in a Nutshell

Python in a Nutshell- for the Advance learnerThis book is highly recommended for advanced Python learners. Python is one of the most useful programming languages out there, so having just the knowledge of Python Basics is not enough for a good career in the future. This book deals with many advanced features of Python and how can you use them. When you complete this book you will be able to create complicated programs in python.

By Alex Martelli, Anna Ravenscroft, Steve Holden
You can buy this book Here



8. Machine Learning with Python Cookbook

Machine Learning with Python CookBook: for Advance learner
In this book, you will find a lot of code that you can run on your Computer in a Python interpreter to learn how those codes will work. This book has mainly concerned with the practical skill sets that a coder should have in order to learn Machine learning. For each code in the book, you will get a perfect explanation so you can understand the functioning of the code.

By Chris Albon Publisher O’Reilly Media
You can buy this book Here


9. Python for Data Analysis

Python for Data AnalysisData Analysing is one of the most useful assets of Python. If you are seeking a career in data Analysing or scientific computing in Python, then this book is for you. In this book, you will learn the basic and advanced concept of NumPy.

By Wes McKinney
Released in October 2012, 466 Pages
You can buy this book Here




Despite being one of the slowest programming languages, Python is used for computational, data science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence projects. This is because of its insane number of libraries and frameworks. There is a lot in Python that a developer can learn because Python learning is a never-ending process. All these best Python books we have mentioned here are the most recommended ones. Python is used in many domains so the book preference change from domain to domain, that’s why we have also mentioned the level for the book. If you are a beginner, you can choose the beginner levels books like Head-First Python, Python Crash Course, or Learning Python and Best Python tutorial. For intermediate level Python developer books like Fluent Python: Clear, Concise, and Effective Programming and Python, in a nutshell, will be great.

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