13 Best Python Features You Should Know

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13 Best Python Features You Should Know

Vinay Khatri
Last updated on August 29, 2022

    Python is the most used and fastest-growing high-level programming level of 2018-19. Every day more and more developers are accepting python for their projects. Due to its versatility, Python is everywhere, from desktop software to Data Science . It possesses an insane number of libraries that provides python an edge over other programming languages.

    Python has syntax, and you can make effective programs using less code, a 100 lines of program code in other high-level programming languages can be done under 40 to 50 lines in python. The main feature of Python, it is an ideal programming language for both beginners and professional developers.

    Python Features

    Here in this article, we have provided some most important features of Python, and these features will make you opt for Python for sure.

    1. Easy syntax and coding

    The syntax complexity of a programming language is the most important factor for a developer to code in that particular programming language. Many high-level programming languages, such as C++ , Java , JavaScript , etc., contain complex syntax and can give a hard time to a beginner while writing code, but this is not the case in Python.

    Python contains the easiest syntax as compared to other programming languages, and with less code, you can make effective programs. If you are new to the programming world, Python is the best programming language for you. The easy syntax and code are the factor why python is used for the complex algorithm of Machine learning and data science.

    2. High-Level Programming language

    It is a high-level programming language which makes it more human-friendly. Because it is a high-level programming language, so the developer does not have to worry about memory management and the system architecture.

    3. Easy to Read

    As we know, Python has the easiest syntax, which makes it more readable if a non-programmer looks at the code even, he would be able to tell what the code is supposed to do. As python is a high-level programming language, so it follows the English language, which makes it more readable. Python also follows dynamic-typed and indentation, which makes the code more legible and easier to understand.

    4. Easy Debugging

    When we write code, there is always a chance that code contains errors and bugs. If we talk about C++ and Java, they contain debugging errors because they use the compiler as a translator, and it's very difficult to debug in compiler-based programming languages. But Python uses an interpreter, and it makes it easy to debug the code. The interpreter shows the exact line of code where it found the error because, from there, it stops executing.

    5. The insane number of libraries

    Libraries are the lifeline of Python, mostly third-party libraries. The standard python itself contains many libraries which assist developers in making more productive programs. Python contains many libraries, and its easy-to-use pip install command comes in very handy for downloading 3 rd party libraries. Python has libraries for different fields; it has libraries for GUI applications, web development, data science, etc.

    6. Open Source

    What could be better than a free-to-use programming language? We can use python to create our own application, and for that, we do not have to pay anyone. We can simply download Python into our system for free and use it for our own purposes.

    7. Object-Oriented Programming language

    Python uses the concept of object-oriented programming . It means that it can deal with class and objects, encapsulation, inheritance, etc. Object-oriented programming has its own benefits. The most important are data security and reusability of code. It’s not that Python only supports object-orientation programming. It also follows the concept of procedural programming in which it can also deal with functions.

    8. Interpreted language

    Python uses an interpreter to execute its code. An interpreter is basically a translator that converts the high-level program code to machine language so the machine can understand the code and perform the passed instruction. The interpreter has its own advantages and disadvantages. The most important factor of the interpreter is that it comes very useful while debugging the code. The interpreter executes the code line by line, so it makes it easy to find the error line or bugged line.

    9. Dynamic Type Language

    In programming languages like Java and C++, which are statically typed languages, there we need to define the data type for each variable when we define it, but this is not the case in Python. In Python, we do not need to define the data type of each variable; the interpreter does it for us. The type of the variable is decided at the runtime, so we do not have to define the data type for each variable.

    10. Portable

    Python is very portable, and by portable means, the python file written in windows can be run on Mac or Linux-based system, and we do not need to make any changes in the code; the condition is that system must have python installed in it.

    11. GUI Application

    Apart from console base applications or programs, we can make GUI applications using Python because the language provides us with many libraries like PyQt5, Tkinter, etc.

    12. Integrated Language

    It supports many syntax and libraries of the C programming language , an integrated part of Python.

    13. Database

    With Python, we can create databases using SQLite and MySQL . Python comes with the support of SQLite database.


    Python is very interesting and fun to use programming language. We hope you like the features we have provided here. Apart from the features, we have mentioned here, Python has many more, but these are the most important. Because it offers an array of useful features, Python tops the list of the best programming languages of 2022.

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