10 Best Web Browsers for 2021

By | February 11, 2021
Best Web Browsers

The Internet is full of web-browsers you might use only one web browser to surf the internet, but there are a ton of web-browsers on the internet that comes with fascinating features. All the operating systems come with their built-in browsers. For example, if you have a Windows Operating system you would get a pre-installed Edge and Window explorer browser.

The main objective of a web browser to provide a better and productive User interface so the user can surf the internet with ease. Various web browsers give multiple features, and most of them are of no use. That’s why users do not shift from one browser to another so easily. There are many aspects associated with a web browser, and the right web browser can change the entire experience of web-surfing, apart from the user interface the web-browser also affect the Internet Speed, you may have noticed that with different web-browsers we get different internet speed.


Plugins are the special features given by the Desktop web-browser, yet the mobile versions of web browsers do not support plugins, but now every popular desktop web-browser comes with plugin features.

Here in this article, we have summed up the ten best web browser of 2021.

What is a Web-Browser?

We all use a web-browser when we want to visit a website, informally we can say that a web-browser is an application that provides a user interface so we can communicate with the internet, but this definition is Incorrect.

The Technical definition says, “A web-browser is a Software which is used to execute the HTML, JavaScript and CSS files.” When a user requests a webpage using the Internet, the server acknowledges the application and sends back the HTML file, and the browser executes that HTML file so the user can see the content.

Best Web Browsers

1. Google Chrome

In 2009 google released its first web-browser Chrome, and soon this browser overtook all the other famous and popular web-browsers. The browser’s main assets were its simplicity and clean Interface. Now Chrome has become the most used web-browser and google. Its first competitor was Window’s Internet Explorer, and there was no doubt that Chrome was far better than explorer.

Chrome provides many features such as bookmarks, extensions, themes, incognito mode, etc. but the major problem with chrome is It overeats RAM, and in low-end systems, it takes too much time to boot on. Another reason for Chrome’s popularity is its parent company, Google itself directly supports chrome and with regular updates chrome has become the most popular web-browser. No matter which Operating System you are using Chrome is available for every Operating system.

Best things about Chrome

  • It can load google services very fast
  • It comes with all the built-in Google services.
  • It has the most extension support.
  • Available for all devices.

Some drawbacks of Google Chrome:

  • Its incognito mode only hides the browser history.
  • Use too much RAM
  • Take too much time to boot.

2. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox also provides a simple interface like google chrome but it comes with better recommendations, tab management, and new task manager features. Though the old versions of Firefox were slow, the new versions are faster, the only reason why chrome was able to overtake Firefox was the speed of loading web pages, but now Firefox gives a head to head fight to chrome in the speed test.

If we compare the incognito mode of chrome with Firefox you will realize that here Firefox loads pages faster than Chrome.

Best Things about Firefox

  • Incognito mode is faster than chrome
  • Provide more privacy
  • Consider the best browser for windows 10

Drawbacks of Firefox

  • Not well compatible with mobile devices.
  • Similar to chrome, but contain less extension.

3. Opera-Browser


Opera is one of the oldest web-browsers even the Java mobiles supported this browser. With the introduction of android and google chrome Opera lost its popularity, there was time when Opera considered as one of the best web-browsers for mobile devices.

Yet, with regular updates and some extra features Opera is improving its condition in the web-browser market. Opera offers many useful features such as data compression mode and battery saver, it also provides built-in VPN features, so you do not need to install another software for a VPN service, but the VPN can make the loading of page slow.

Like chrome, it also provides the cross-device sync feature which helps to sync all of your device’s Opera browser. Opera has many Editions such as Opera Mini, Opera web-browser, and Opera Turbo, all of these editions are free.

Best Things about Opera

  • We can install the chrome extension on it
  • Support Cross-device sync.

Drawbacks of Opera

  • Its VPN feature is very slow and supports only a few of the countries.
  • Provide unnecessary features.

4. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge

After the dwindling popularity of Internet Explorer, Microsoft released a new web-browser and named it Microsoft Edge, and this web-browser first released on 29 July 2015. Initially, it only released for Windows 7 and 8 but now every popular operating system supports this web-browser.

Many people recommend Edge as the best web browser for windows 10, though the User Interface of Edge is better than Internet Explorer, it is not that much good as Chrome. One of the interesting features of Edge is the PDF reader, which is better than any PDF reader, offered by the web-browsers. It also has a speech feature which gives the audio speakers for the webpage and PDF content. It also supports the cross-device sync feature and all of its bookmarks saved in the cloud so you can sync any device and access bookmark from any device.

Best things about Edge

  • Built-in support for Cortana integration
  • It can sync the browser history and bookmarks with other devices

Drawbacks of Edge

  • Slow loading of embedded videos.
  • Take too much RAM

5. Safari


It is the best web-browser but it is only available for the Apple operating system. It was the first web-browser that was capable of running web-application on mobile devices. If you are an Apple user you do not need any other web-browser Safari is best for your device.

It was released on 7th Jan 2003 and the day it was released it set some standards for the web-browser.

The best thing about Safari

  • Fast web-browser
  • Sync with all the Apple devices

Drawbacks of Safari

  • Only Available for Apple operating systems.

6. Vivaldi


  • Platform: Windows, Linux, Android
  • Price: Free
  • Download URL vivaldi.com

It was developed in 2016 by Vivaldi Technologies. The person who was the co-founder of Opera made this company called Vivaldi technologies. With its interface, you can simply tell that it is somehow related to the Opera browser. The main idea of building this browser to make a browser that can be an extension of Opera so the targeted audience of Opera can be moved to this browser.

This browser is similar to Opera, even the user interface seems the same. It is built on chromium-based technology so we can install almost any chrome extensions in it.

Best things about Vivaldi

  • It provides many customization options
  • Give support for Google Chrome extensions

Drawbacks of Vivaldi

  • It is not available for Apple devices
  • Similar to opera
  • Unnecessary features.

7. Brave


It is considered as one of the secure web-browser, it comes with some interesting features such as Advertisement inbuilt-blocker and website tracker blocker, these features make it the most secure web browser, and it also gives support for inbuilt VPN. It also consists of a wallet feature, which helps to store cryptocurrency.

Best things about Brave

  • Focus on user privacy
  • Easy to use
  • Supported by all the Operating systems

Drawbacks of Brave

  • It removes ads which can affect the revenue of many webpages

8. Aloha-For Mobiles

This web-browser is only designed for mobile devices such as Androids and iOS. It comes with a built-VPN and incognito mode which are very fast as compared to other mobile web-browsers privacy mode.

Even the VPN feature of this web-browser can compress data so the browser consumes less data while surfing the web. Many mobile web-browsers do not provide theme feature but this is not the case in Aloha, here you get the free themes for your browser.

Best things of Aloha

  • Integrated VPN feature
  • Compress data to reduce the data usages.

Drawbacks of Aloha

  • It contains ads
  • To remove ads the user has to pay for a premium upgrade.

9. UC browser

UC browser

This is one of the oldest web-browsers and it is Google Chrome of China. There was a time when the UC browser counted in the top 3 web-browsers. Even the old java sponsored mobile devices have the support for the UC browser.

Like other browsers, UC also gives basic features such as a built-in password manager and cloud sync capabilities with other devices. It is owned by the Alibaba group, and in many Asian countries, it is more popular than chrome, in china itself people use UC because in many regions of China chrome is banned.

Best things about UC Browser

  • It is a very fast web-browser
  • Built-in VPN feature
  • One of the best browsers for Mobile devices

Drawbacks of UC browser

  • Does not have many extensions
  • Not an ideal choice for Desktops

10. Maxthon Cloud Browser

Maxthon Cloud Browser

This browser was released in 2002, and for sure it is one of the oldest cloud-based web-browsers. Initially, it was only released for Windows operating systems but later on, made available for almost every popular Operating system.

It was developed by a Chinese based company called Maxthon Ltd. It contains many features such as tools to capture videos from web pages, built-in Adblock Plus, night mode, screenshot tool, email client, password manager, note-taking tool, etc.

Best things about Maxthon

  • It provides some additional tools like Notepad, Calculator, etc.
  • It is the best alternative for Firefox.

Drawbacks of Maxthon

  • It is based on the old version of chromium
  • Does not contain many extension


Here we have mentioned the top 10 web-browser of 2021 before you download any browser make sure that it’s supported by your operating system. The features of web-browser vary from Operating systems to operating systems, for example, the desktop version of web-browsers supports extension and theme, not the mobile version.

Hope you like this article, if you have any suggestion related to this article you can give your feedback by filling the comment box.

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