10 Online Swift Compilers to Ditch Your Swift IDE

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10 Online Swift Compilers to Ditch Your Swift IDE

Akhil Bhadwal
Last updated on June 14, 2024

    This tutorial gives programmers an idea of how they could get rid of boredom using the same offline compiler again and again. The term offline compilers represent those compilers; users need to install in their system manually for each programming language.

    But in the case of online compilers, users do not need to go through these clumsy processes. All they need is a steady internet connection, and it will automatically create a programming environment for the user.

    Generally, programmers like online compilers more than offline compilers in some cases. Through research over the internet, we have catered to the list of the top online compilers for programmers' ease. If any programmer is looking for the best online Swift compiler, below is a list of the top online Swift compilers that a programmer can efficiently manage to run, write and debug their Swift code online.

    What is an Online Swift Compiler?

    An online compiler is a cloud-based tool or platform for any programmer who wants to run and debug their programming language. The website or the company renders various compilers, IDEs, editors, and interpreters so that programmers can execute code or check their programs online. Some of these compilers come as an online compiler cum IDE, while some companies serve only as IDEs.

    A Swift compiler is one of them, and it converts the Swift source code into well-organized, executable, and efficient machine-language code. Thus, the Swift compiler front-end supports many programming features that comprise IDE integration with code completion, syntax coloring, and other ease for the programmers.

    Top Ten Online Swift Compilers

    1. Online Swift Playground

    Online Swift Playground is a well-known online competitive programming platform specially designed for the Swift programming language. It offers a fast and easy-to-run online Swift compiler.

    It also provides many other amazing features and tools that help learners learn unique and significant things regarding programming languages .

    Programmers can copy their compiled Swift code after running it. They can also download the code if it is required to run it offline with other programmers.

    2. OneCompiler

    The OneCompiler is another significant online website that renders programmers with an excellent online compiler. The compiler comes with many features. Using this, programmers can run, write, & share Swift scripts for free. OneCompiler also comprises reference scripts, where a programmer can look for a sample Swift script and start executing the Swift codes. This feature is uncommon, and it helps programmers with a better understanding of the programming topic.

    Apart from Swift, OneCompiler supports many other programming languages like Java, PHP, C, C++, and C# , and can also act as an interpreter for languages like Python, Ruby, and Perl and supports web languages like HTML, Bootstrap, etc. It has a user-friendly programming environment with high-performance speed.

    3. Repl.it

    As an online Compiler, Repl.it offers programmers an attractive compilation platform for coding with Swift.

    It provides users with excellent features, such as color-coding, debugging tools, customization of the screen settings, and auto-suggestions. Most importantly, it supports the latest version of Swift with these great features. While using Repl.it, the users can design projects and separate module files. Coders can also download their source code.

    Adding to the features, programmers can also share their code with their companions and coworkers through Repl.it. The output console appears just after the source code terminal, and the browser displays the code snippet and results on the same running tab.

    Also, programmers can switch to the full-screen mode for a better experience. There is an option for switching between the dark and the light modes for eye comfort.

    4. OnlineGBD

    OnlineGBD equips programmers with a fast run-time and excellent user interface for online Swift compilation. During the execution of the Swift codes, if the programmers write any intricate code with errors, the built-in debugger will help programmers make the document error-free.

    It is one of the most straightforward and user-friendly online platforms for running the Swift scripts online. This online Swift compiler provides programmers with multiple powerful tools and features, such as options for downloading the source code, color-coding, auto-suggestions, auto-closing of the brackets, saving the source code, and debugging tools.

    Also, it can modify the source code if programmers write into a decently formatted code style, though the programmers cannot specify their selected code style. Users can switch between dark and light modes according to their choice.

    5. Ideone

    Ideone provides an easy-to-run online Swift compiler. More than 1.4 million customers use Ideone per month as this website presents such a user-friendly compiler, which is one of the programmer's choices. The online IDE can run more than sixty programming languages, including C, C#, Java, Python, C++, and R, beyond rendering a Swift compilation platform.

    It is an easy-to-use online compiler with a well-featured compiler cum IDE. This online Swift compiler provides tools, namely syntax highlighting, color-coding, downloading source code, and login options.

    Ideone is a handy online compiler, but unfortunately, some essential features are not present in the online compiler. These are auto-guidance and customization of its screen settings.

    6. Godbolt

    Godbolt is one of the most advanced online Swift compilers. Despite existing as an online compiler, it has many valuable features that even many compilers do not offer. These features are options for saving the source code, and programmers can switch between dark and light modes for eye comfort. Also, they get the advantage of sharing the source code with other developers and programmers.

    But the online compiler is a complicated compiling tool to execute codes. It provides features that most Swift learners would not like to use who are simply working with another online compiler to run their code.

    7. Jdoodle

    The online compiler from Jdoodle presents valuable features such as color-coding, options for downloading the source code, login option, auto-suggestions, fast run-time, auto-closing of brackets, and debugging tools . It has a high-performance speed and a user-friendly console.

    In Jdoodle, programmers can save their source code and share it with other developers and users with the help of a unique URL. The URL serves as a source for the receiver, and they can click on the given link to see the code.

    JDoodle supports seventy-six programming languages with multiple versions and two DBs. JDoodle offers an API service. Programmers can execute programs just by calling the website's API. It supports both the compiler and interpreter for distinct programming languages. It delivers an attractive online Swift compiler with an easy-to-run and simple interface.


    That's all about the top online Swift compilers. These listed compilers support multiple programming languages with excellent features. Thus, all the above-mentioned online compilers are ideal for executing Swift programs.

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    Yes, Repl.it supports Swift. Besides Swift, it supports various other languages, including C, C++, Java, Go, Python, PHP, Node.js, Ruby, JavaScript, Haskel, C#, F#, and Julia.

    Apple's Swift leverages LLVM as its compiler framework.

    Some of the best code editors for Swift are Visual Studio Code, Atom, Sublime Text, AppCode, and Code Runner.

    Swift is a simple and easy-to-learn language. It has straightforward and expressive syntax., which makes it easy.

    An online compiler does not require you to download or install it on your desktop and run it locally. Instead, it runs within your browser without downloading. You just need an internet connection, and you can access an online compiler anywhere.

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