Difference between Coding vs Programming

By | May 28, 2020
Coding vs Programming

We often use coding and programming to refer to the same process and use them interchangeably, but they are not. Both programming and Coding have different meanings, and both the terminologies used for different scenarios. For a Computer Science student, it is necessary to know what the difference between Coding and Programming so he would not confuse whether he should call himself a coder or a programmer.

Here in this article, we have provided the difference between Programming and Coding so you can compute your skill and tell, whether you are a Programmer or a Coder. 


What is Coding?

Coding is a simple process in which a coder writes only code, and a coder is a person who writes codes from one language to another. In coding, the coder only deals with code, and try to build a software, application or a part of the application.

To be a coder you just need the knowledge of a one Programming language and must be aware of all its syntax so if someone gives you an algorithm to implement you could code it using that programming language.

What is Programming?

Programming is more than coding, we can say that coding is a subset of programming, in programming we analyze and implement the algorithms, understand the data structure, solve problems and lots more include coding.

Programming a broad picture of coding, with coding we only learn how to code but with programming, we learn how to write efficient code. In Computer Science programming is a formal approach to address your skills. To be a programmer you need to improve your skills as a developer, coder, analysts and more, and it takes a lot of time and knowledge.

Programming vs Coding: Head to Head Comparison

Programming Coding


In programming, we code, develop, analyze, and solve the problem In coding, we only write code.


In Programming our aim is the result of code should sync with the human solution. Coding aims to write instruction to the computer.


Programming is tough as compare to coding, to be a programmer you need more skills and it takes a lot of time and experience. As compare to programming coding is easy you just need to learn the syntax of a programming language and you are a coder.

Higher Thinking

Programming is a broad picture and involves high thinking. In coding coder does not think of details, he just implements the algorithm.


To be a Programmer you have to be a coder, developer, analyst and lot more To be a coder you just need to learn a programming language.

Community Support

There is a huge community of programmers on the internet. On the internet, you will see the coding community is bigger than programming because it includes both programmers as well as coders.
To be a programmer apart from problem-solving skills you need experience Coders are also skilled and experience.


  • There are many online portals which provide programming tutorial, basically, they teach you coding, not programming. Programming requires time to specialize and experience to gain skills.
  • Coding only involves writing a set of instruction so a computer can understand, programming involves thinking of algorithm, creating code, analyzing the output and lots more
  • Coding is a subset of Programming, which means without learning how to code, you cannot be a programmer.
  • Programming involves a higher level of thinking.

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