How to Become a Software Developer

By | March 18, 2022
How to Become a Software Developer

Software development/ engineering an essential computer technology field in the world. As we know that many software companies are creating new ways of success in various businesses. Therefore, a software developer needs to adapt and create new technologies in software.

There is no single path to achieve a software developer job because there are various ways to be a professional software developer. As we all know that starting a career is not a natural way, but it is essential to have a clear mind towards your destination. A clear mind can help you to cross all obstacles in your career road. First, you need to set your mind that:

  • You want to make your career as a software developer
  • You want to work as a software developer at the multinational company (MNC)
  • You want to work in a team as a team member for developing technology.

How to Become a Software Developer

Now, there are some key factors which are required in a software developer. These factors are related to your knowledge and education, so let’s discuss these factors in brief.

1. Learn essential languages

Software engineering/development majorly focuses on coding, but it is vital to understand various languages and their functionalities. So there are multiple languages necessary for software development, and they are:

  • Python
  • Java
  • C#
  • Ruby
  • JavaScript
  • C++

2. Appropriate degree and certification

For becoming a software developer, you need a degree in the field of computer science or other related courses. You must have at least a bachelor’s degree for starting your career as a software developer/engineer. The hiring team will ask you different questions (related to data, codes and algorithms) in the interview round, so it is crucial to have appropriate theoretical knowledge in this field.

3. Collect the best study material

As we know that educational books are becoming outdated, and they are not updating according to software development. Most importantly, all the training institutes give theoretical concepts so that students can learn important things in software engineering. However, there is a website StackOverflow which offers various Q&A for developers and learners. Users can search questions according to their problem space, language or technology. Apart from it, websites like CodeWars and CodinGame provide a bunch of programming solutions that can help you to test your skills.

4. Read codes which are written by skilled developers

Another essential aspect of becoming a good software developer/engineer is reading codes by other developers. You can learn it easily by visiting various websites such as GitHub repositories. Sometimes documentation can be wrong, but most of the source codes are accurate. Therefore you should go for these websites and learn to read codes and understand them correctly.


5. Join a software developer/engineer community

There are a lot of communities available in which you can learn to be successful as a software developer. These communities can help you to understand the focus of learning in the development field. Apart from it, websites such as Meetup are an excellent choice for finding other professionals.

6. Create different projects

You have to start creating various projects on various languages you are suitable with. With this work, you can improve your learning and mould yourself as a potential employer. As you learn different programming languages, then you need to create a project because you can build a professional network through your projects.


7. Master you interview skills

Now, after having all the knowledge, you need to focus on your resume because it plays an essential part in hiring. You have to make sure about three things:

  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  • Your online presence.

Hiring HR managers always look for these things to shortlist the candidates based on their skills. Furthermore, cover letters are required when you apply for jobs online, so try these things to make a positive impression.

8. Proof yourself in Job Interview

Now it is the time to be in the interview so firstly most IT companies start their interviews through on the internet. Secondly, you have to face a telephonic interview. If you fortunately clear both interviews, then you can go for a face to face interview.

9. Take the Job Offer

After you successfully complete all rounds of the interview through your skills and knowledge then you will possibly get the job offer. You need to select the offer that can improve your career.

Required Skills for a Software Developer

There are various skills required to become a good software developer because these skills help you to do fantastic software development processes. So let’s discuss all of the required skills in brief:


1. Algorithms and Data Structure:

It is the most essential skill that is required to be a successful software developer in any company. This skill helps you to check the issues and solve them through coding because algorithms and data structure are the heart of the programming.

2. Programming languages

If you want to become a good software developer, then you must understand the programming languages in depth. There is various programming language such as Python, Java, C#, Ruby, JavaScript, C++, and you have to work on these languages based on the software development requirements.

3. IDEs (Integrated Development Environment)

IDEs provide an option to write, run, modify, debug and compile your code, so a software developer must know about IDE. IDE helps you to boost up your work because it has lots of techniques to improve the work. There is various IDE available, and these are based on the type of programming languages like:

  • For C, C# and C++ users: Code::Blocks and Visual Studio is available
  • For Python users: PyCharm, Jupyter notebook or Spyder notebook is available.
  • For Java users: IntelliJ IDEA Eclipse and NetBeans is available.

4. Databases

If you are a software developer, then you must know and understand the database working because databases play a significant role in developing software. The developer must know all types of operations such as recording, creating, inserting, updating, and deleting the database. There is no argument that SQL is the most famous classic database between developers. You can become a good developer through the basic knowledge of writing SQL queries. There are various database tools available, and some of them are MongoDB, Oracle, Redis, PostgreSQL, and Cassandra.

5. Operating System

A good software developer must know about the mechanisms and fundamental rules of various operating systems. You have to deal with many issues and you need to work on a different operating system. Hence it is good to have appropriate knowledge of the operating system that you are working on. Most of the developers prefer Linux, Windows and Mac to obtain best results possible.

6. Other Skills

A software developer requires having appropriate knowledge of SDLC Software development life cycle because it is a systematic process for developing software and ensures quality and correctness. Apart from it, a developer needs a good knowledge of Microsoft Excel because it is beneficial for tracking progress, checking data quality, data analysis, and maintaining data for the project.

Responsibilities of a Software Developer/Engineer

  • Developing software system testing and validation methods:
  • Directing software programming leads
  • Managing the development of all types of documentation.
  • Working with clients and cross-functional departments for communicating project proposals.
  • Analyzing dataset to efficiently organize the installation of newly developed systems or the alteration of existing systems.
  • Maintaining the lifecycle of software development.
  • Monitoring system administration.
  • Communicating critical project data with team members and creating coherence among teams.
  • Developing and completing project plans.
  • Implementing statistics and mathematics to problem-solving actions.
  • Implementing best methods and conventional operating procedures.
  • Building innovative solutions for meeting the technical needs of the company.

Other Factors of a successful Software Developer/Engineer

  • The software developer must act in an appropriate way that can be beneficial for the organization.
  • Ensure the quality of software meets the professional standards
  • The requirement to manage integrity as well as independence in the professional approach.
  • Promote a conventional approach for the process of software development
  • A good software developer must be supportive of their colleagues


Software development or software engineering is a procedure to analyze the needs and design, create and test the software application that can fulfil the needs. Hence it is essential to have complete knowledge and skills so that a person can fit into the criteria of a software developer. It is not an easy job because you have to find rapid changes and develop the system according to the requirements. However, you can reach the milestone if you follow these simple steps discussed above. We have provided complete information to be a successful software developer so that you can achieve your dreams from the right path.

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