JavaScript vs jQuery

By | December 13, 2020
JavaScript vs jQuery

JavaScript and jQuery are front-end technologies which mean their code executed at the client-side or user browser. Both the tools are used by web-developers to build interactive and dynamic web pages. Developers who have experience with both have a good idea of what is the difference between JavaScript and jQuery. Here in this article, we have mentioned all the significant differences between JavaScript vs jQuery, in case if you are a beginner and confused between these two tools.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a programming language which is used to make static web-pages more interactive and dynamic. JS is one of the three pillars of front-end development. People who are seeking their career in web-development have to learn JavaScript.


It has Java in its name but had nothing to do with Java programming language. The main objective of JavaScript to control the static HTML pages and provide UI like moving object, animation, pop-up screen, client-validation etc.

It is a light-weighted and widely used programming language, and to execute its code we do not need to install specific interpreter or compiler, any web-browser can execute JavaScript code. It follows both procedural and object-oriented programming paradigms.

JavaScript is dynamic which means the variable data type is determined at runtime. It’s’s dynamic nature makes it one of the easiest programming language and an ideal choice for beginners.

JavaScript Example:

var msg = " "Welcome to TechGeekBuzz."

What is jQuery?

jQuery is one of JavaScript’s popular libraries. It is not a programming language; it is a library. A library is a collection of modules (code file) that contain pre-written code. Like jQuery, there are many other popular JavaScript libraries such as Angular, react, MooTools, etc.

jQuery is nothing but pre-written JavaScript code, and to learn jQuery, you need to go through JavaScript. jQuery makes it easy for the developer to make impressive UI within a few lines of code. The code which takes multiple lines in JavaScript can be replaced with a single like jQuery code.

It is an open-source library which means you can use it for free and do not have to care about any licence. It comes with powerful cross-browser compatibility.

JavaScript vs jQuery: Head to Head Comparison

Here we have differentiated Javascript vs jQuery in tabular form here with complete deeper insights



Basic Definition

It is a programming language which makes web-pages more dynamic and interactive. It is a JavaScript library. Which means it is an extension of JavaScript.


It is a standalone programming language. It is a library written on JavaScript. It has no existence without JavaScript.


It is an interpreted, client-side programming language. It is also referred to as a scripting language. It is one of the oldest JavaScript libraries.

Code Length

To build a UI using JavaScript, we need to write code from scratch. In jQuery, we get pre-written code which makes our program within fewer lines of code.


We can run a JavaScript code within our browser, and for that, we do not need to install specific packages. jQuery code can also run on browser, but first we need to install jQuery package in our system.

Animation programs

To make an animation using JavaScript, we have to write many lines of code. jQuery library contains pre-written JavaScript code, so here we do not need to write code from scratch. And a simple animation which takes 100 lines in JavaScript can be made with 20 to 30 lines of jQuery.

Learning curve

JavaScript is a very easy language, and it has a low learning curve. To learn jQuery, you first need to learn JavaScript.

User Friendly

It is very easy to code in JavaScript but its advance topics are cumbersome. Once you are done with basic and intermediate JavaScript, you will find jQuery more user-friendly.

Code Performance

Pure JavaScript is faster than any of its library. The browser need to convert jQuery code to JavaScript first, which make it slower as compared to JavaScript.

Event handling and Ajax Call

JavaScript support both features but it would take many lines of code. jQuery can perform these features in fewer lines of code.

Community Support

JavaScript has a tremendous community support, because every web-developer have to go through this programming language. There are many JavaScript libraries which disperse the community. Still, jQuery has decent community support.


This is the complete deeper insights between Javascript vs jQuery. jQuery is a library, and like other libraries, it is well suited for those projects which need rapid development. It’s always a good idea to use a library or pre-written code instead of writing code from scratch. With the library, we face fewer errors and it increases the development process. With jQuery, we can eliminate the common JavaScript errors which could fail our code during development.

On the other hand, code written in JavaScript executed much faster than code written in jQuery. And there are many other popular JavaScript libraries in the market which are obsoleting jQuery.

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