10 Best Android Books to Learn App Development

By | October 7, 2021

Android is an operating system based on several open-source software, including the Linux kernel. It is specifically suitable for touchscreen smartphones, tablets, and other similar gadgets.

Apart from being a modern operating system, Android is also among the most dominating and popular mobile operating systems in the world today. Also, most smartphones today make use of Android, and according to StatCounter, it has the highest market share of around 72.7%.


In this article, you will learn about Android and its best features that have made it popular among not just millennials and the Gen Z population, but also among the other generations. Further, we will discuss in detail some of the most popular Android books that will help you become familiar with Android app development.

So, let us get started by learning briefly about Android.

Android Overview

Most smartphones today, such as Sony Xperia, Samsung, Google Nexus, etc., use Android. This open-source operating system allows developers to customize it as per the needs and demands of the clients, keeping in mind the handset.

The code and programs in Android are written in Java programming language with the help of the Android Software Development Kit (ASDK). These programs run via Java Virtual Machine (JVM), which is optimized for smartphones.

Now, let us take a look at the reasons why most users prefer Android over other mobile operating systems.

Merits of Android

There are numerous features and benefits of Android that have helped it gain and maintain its popularity amongst users. Following are some of the key features of Android that has been fairly used for an advantage:

  • Free and open-source.
  • Intuitive interface.
  • Cost-effective for app development.
  • Huge options for connectivity.
  • Rich environment for development.
  • Supports multitasking.
  • Offers resizable widgets.

10 Best Android Books

In this section, we will list down the top 10 Android books that can help you learn various aspects of Android for becoming a professional Android developer.

1. Headfirst Android Development: A Brain-Friendly Guide

Headfirst Android Development is among the best Android development books. This book by David Griffith allows both beginners and experienced professionals to enhance their knowledge of Android development.

Although any beginner can take up this book to learn Android development, a basic understanding of the Java programming language is a must. As an individual having familiarity with Android, Headfirst Android Development might start out as a slow read. However, you can use it to quickly revise the various concepts that you are already familiar with.

This book is full of witty remarks by the author, making it more relatable and easy to learn to code. Also, the book contains several modules that cover various concepts. Also, learning with this book does not seem like a burden due to the effective methods and techniques followed by the author.

2. Android Application Development All-in-one for Dummies

Android Application Development All-in-one for Dummies is designed to pique your interest in Android Development. It is written by Barry Burd and is one of the most useful books for beginners as it covers all the basic concepts that entry-level developers need to know.

All the concepts in this Android development book are explained in such a way that it allows individuals to understand them without any difficulty. Here, the writer aims to cover everything necessary for beginners to become successful Android Developers. Also, the book does not burden you with complex modules and terms.

Though this book expects you to have some programming skills, it begins with the basics of Android development. Further, it discusses numerous tricks and tips for developing Android apps efficiently.

3. Android Programming: Pushing the Limits

Android Programming: Pushing the Limits by Erik Hellman is among the best Android books. However, it is not ideal for beginners. This is because the book is created for those who are familiar with Android Development, have already done a few projects, and are aspiring to upskill themselves to work on more complex projects.

The content in this Android programming book is precise, clear, and to the point, which allows you to understand it easily. Apart from that, it covers all the latest trends related to Android development to prepare you as per the current market requirements. As an Android Developer who wishes to improve their skills and explore new challenges, this book is a must-buy for you.

Another notable thing about this book is that it teaches you several basic as well as advanced-level topics, including Unit, threads, and performance tuning. Also, the topics are covered in-depth so that you can get a clear idea of how to implement them.

4. The Busy Coder’s Guide to Advanced Android Development

This Android app development book is an ideal choice for professionals who are already capable of developing simple Android apps. This book by Mark L Murphy is a comprehensive book to refer to while working on complex Android projects.

The author also discusses the technical aspects of Android development along with its best practices. You can leverage this book to gain expertise in Android Development and land high-paying jobs.

The main goal of this book is to help in the development of innovative and advanced Android applications. It gives an overview of Android Development and moves on to discuss topics like Android structure, various elements of Android Development, and simple projects to test your knowledge.

5. Android Programming for Beginners

John Horton is the author of this Android development book. As the name suggests, it is specifically designed for beginners who are keen to learn Android Development and pursue a career in this field. The book talks about the fundamental concepts of Android development and programming, including the use of Java with Android API.

Also, this book will help you understand the working of Java and Android as a single unit. Some of the key concepts covered in detail include the app development process and layout design. By the time you are through with this guide, you will be skilled enough to develop Android apps.

6. Android App Development in Android Studio

Written by Earl Triggs, this is the best Android book for beginners to learn the fundamentals of Android. Although, it requires you to have prior knowledge and experience working with Java. The Android App Development in Android Studio book includes the use of Java and Android.

The beginning of this book gives an overview of Android and its basic concepts, along with the method required to set the development environment. Further, it moves on to help you learn elements in Java and Test Drive. Not only that, you will also get the chance to develop six complex apps based on the knowledge you gained through the book.

7. Android Application Secure Design/Secure Coding Guidebook

This is yet another popular Android programming book, developed by Japan Smartphone Security Association. It includes a variety of topics, like the development of security for smartphones, Android application security, and using several security functions.

Apart from these aforementioned concepts, you will also learn about the Android secure coding literature, the steps used for the installation of sample codes in Android Studio, and the use of web views and notifications. Further, you will get an in-depth understanding of creating password input screens, making use of HTTPS for communication, methods for handling data, etc. You can start reading this book to move a step towards becoming a successful Android developer.

8. Application Security for the Android Platform

We all know that Android is extremely popular, not just amongst millennials and youngsters but also among the older generations. However, to keep up with the market and customer requirements, it is always subject to changes and updates. With this, the security of Android needs to be kept in check as well.

It allows you to understand how to develop a stable, rigid, safe, and secure application on an Android-based platform. Apart from that, this book offers in-depth knowledge in Android architecture, various security systems, the process of safekeeping data, and more. This book is best suited for Android experts who wish to learn about the security of Android.

9. Android Cookbook

Android Cookbook is among the best books for individuals who are already familiar with Java and Java Standard Edition API. In the beginning, you will learn to build basic applications, such as “Hello World.” Later, you will learn the skills to successfully create and test standard Android applications.

This Android book also covers various other topics like animation, gaming, telephone applications, multitouch gestures, Android features, location awareness, etc. Also, towards the end of this book, you will become an expert in the graphic user interface (GUI).

100. Beginning Android Programming: Develop and Design

Beginning Android Programming: Develop and Design is for those who are interested in pursuing a career in Android programming. But, to get started with this book, you should have knowledge and experience in the Java programming language.

In this book, you will read in detail about the easy and simple creation of root Android development apps via a user interface (UI). These apps can be used on tablets and phones. Along with the basic concepts of Android, the book will also help you learn how to create interfaces, develop applications, navigate at an advanced level, and more.

To Sum it Up

This blog aims to help you become familiar with some of the most popular Android books that will help you become a professional Android Developer. There are numerous books available in the market and here, we have tried to pick the best ones for beginners as well as experienced professionals aiming to get ahead in their careers. So, you can choose one or more Android books that best serve your requirements and help you get started with Android Development.

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