Top Django Projects Ideas for Beginners to Advanced Developers

By | May 2, 2021
Django Projects

Here in this article, we have mentioned some Django Projects ideas for all levels of Django developers. We hope from this article you will be able to get the idea for your next Django project.  We have categories this article into three sections Django Project ideas for beginners, Django Project Ideas for intermediate developers, and Django Project Ideas for Advance developers.

Django is the most popular Python web framework. And the best way to learn Django is by creating some Django projects. Projects will help you to implement solutions for real-world problems and also boost your resume.


These projects are categorized into three different categories:

  1. Django Project Ideas for Beginners
  2. Django Project Ideas for Intermediate
  3. Django Project Ideas for Advanced Programmer

Django Projects Ideas for Beginners

If you are new to Django, you are still exploring all the tools and libraries offered by Django. You can start with some beginner-level Django projects. These projects will help you explore how the (Model-Template-View) MTV architecture of Django works and how it deals with the data flow.

1. To-Do App with Django

To-Do is a simple app that performs only Create-Retrieve-Update-Delete (CRUD) operations. In this project, you need to build an application to create, update, read, and delete tasks.

The backend for this application is straightforward, and if you use the Django Class-based views, then the logic for this application can be written in 20 to 30 lines of code.

To make the app more interactive and responsive, you can use front-end technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This project is tiny, so it can also be built using the Flask framework.

If you wish, you can also use the Django authentication to make it a multi-user application where the user can log in to see all his/her tasks.

2. Weather App with Django

This is an interesting Django project. In this project, you need to build a weather app that shows your local area’s weather condition. You can also put the feature like select location to check the weather status of a specific location.

We know you do not have the equipment to calculate the weather stats to use some open-source Weather APIs. Using the APIs, you can grab real-time data and show it on your web application. To build this project, you should also have some knowledge of the rest of the APIs and web-scrapping.

3. Poll App using Django

Poll apps are popular right now. Mostly all the popular applications like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc., have their poll applications. Where the user can create a poll, and other users give votes.

In this project, you need to create a multi-user app to log in and create and vote for the polls. You have to make sure that a user can only vote once for a particular survey. To make the app more interactive, you can use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or any front-end web framework such as bootstrap, semantic UI, etc.

4. Quiz App Using Django

The concept of Quiz is similar to Poll App. In this app, the user has to select the right answer from the provided options. You can design the quiz app like a game where you give some additional features like a hint, 50-50, etc.

The app must contain multiple questions and show the user’s score after finishing summiting all the answers. To make the project more advance, you can constraint the Quiz with some time period and allow the user to select the specific topics for Quiz. You can also add some features like challenge friends and multi-player quiz war.

Django Projects Ideas for Intermediate Developer

To make an intermediate Django project, you must have complete knowledge of basic Django. In intermediate projects, you deal with more than Django, so you must know how the Django framework works.

5. Django Chat App

There are many popular chat apps out there, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Instagram, etc. The concept of all the chat apps is similar. They all provide a real-time chat feature. To make such powerful applications, you need more than Django. And as an intermediate developer, you are not expected to build such an advanced clone. But you can create a simple chat room where users can chat in real-time.

By now, you have full knowledge of how Django works with users and databases. By leveraging the built-in Django user models and database, you can set a chat feature between two users. The chat messages will be stored in the database, and with some logic, you can create a view where specific messages will be only be shown between two users.

6. School Management System with Django

Management Systems are classic projects, so does the school management system. The main task with these management systems is creating the right database schema. Django makes it easy for you with its ORM feature. We can quickly build an optimized schema using Django ORM.

To make a School Management system project in Django takes more than the knowledge of designing a database. Here you have to create a multi-user app where students, teachers, and staff members can register and log in. And you also have to be specific with the permissions.

With Django, you can also build other Management projects like Library Management System, Hotel Management System, Hospital Management System, etc.

7. Resume App with Django

Resume making is a tedious task, and many students do not even make their resumes. They copy and paste. To make the process easy for students, you can make a Resume app. It is a simple Django app, which generates resumes for the students based on the filled details. Although this app is straightforward, you can make it more interactive by adding front-end technologies.

The app must look simple and allow the user to select the output format of the generated resume. For instance, If the student selects pdf, then the resume must be downloaded in pdf format.

8. A blog website with Django

Django is initially built to create magazines and book-like websites, so it is the best framework to build a blog.  With Django, you can build a simple blog in no time. Django comes with many modules that make it easy to write the logic for a blog application.

You can either make a text blog like a magazine, a video blog like YouTube, or an image blog like Instagram. Instagram, which is an image blog website itself, uses Django for the backend. Although the blog is a simple and beginner-level Django project, you can make a multi-user blog, where users can log in and register using Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Advanced Django Projects

Django is a full-stack web framework, so as an advanced Django developer, you are supposed to have some knowledge of popular front-end technologies like Angular, React, Vue, etc. To make an Advance Django project, you have to use many other technologies, APIs, and libraries along with Django. Here is the list of some Advance Django project ideas; we hope you may consider them for your next Django projects.

9. Clone projects with Django

Now you are an advance Django Developer. Now you can create clone projects which look and act similar to popular web applications. You can create a clone of YouTube for starters, where users can log in using a google account and upload videos and do other stuff like liking and disliking other videos, saving playlists, and many more.

You can also build a clone of Instagram, which is initially built on Django itself. There are many other popular websites and web applications which clone you can build using Django. To build the exact clone, you also have to be get acquitted with the front-end technologies.

10. E-Commerce Application with Django

E-commerce applications are also popular these days. Many organizations that sell their own goods embed an eCommerce app on their own website. Creating an eCommerce app with Django is relatively straightforward, and like a blog app, it can be done with ease.

But if you are designing an eCommerce application for a big company, you will be dealing with a lot of data. There you might have to use more technology than just Django. On your web app, you also have to integrate different login systems with different payment and transaction methods. Building a fully-fledged eCommerce web app will take a lot of effort and a thousand lines of code.


With this, we have reached the end of our article on top Django project ideas. These are the starter project ideas you can consider and must-do projects by every Django developer. You can build many other projects using Django, such as social networking app, video calling app, CMS APP, video subscription app using Django, etc.

We hope you will consider one of the above Django project ideas and built one. If you like this article or have any new Django project ideas, let us know by commenting down below.

If you want to be the best Python developer, then Python’s theoretical knowledge would not be enough. You also need hands-on experience with some Python Projects. Web-Development is one of the primary domains where Python is used. With Python Best frameworks, you can build dynamic and secure web applications for every platform.

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