C vs C++ Performance – Find Out Important Comparisons

By | October 27, 2020
C vs C++

Every beginner has a question that what is the difference between C and C++ and what should be the right choice to start the programming with? So here in this article, we will cover all the difference between the C and C++ and also discuss what language you should choose between C vs C++.

Difference between C vs C++

Before jumping to the comparison of both the Languages, let’s discuss the individual in the first place.


C Language

C is a high-level programing language which was designed by Dennis Ritchie at Bell Labs and first appeared in 1972. C follows the Procedure oriented programming approach that makes it different from the other languages which came into existence after the C language. Keywords are limited in C language and that is not enough to solve the real-time problems.

C++ Language

C++ is the high-level programming language which is developed by Bjarne Stroustrup at Bell Labs. C++ has considered as the upgraded version of C. Apart from Procedural oriented programming C++ focused on Object-oriented programming which helps a lot to solve real-time-based problems. C++ is also popular to use for the designing of graphical applications. When we compare C++ with the C, the syntax of C is more complex than C++. C++ uses the much more human-legible code as compared to C language.

What language should beginners Choose C vs C++?

If we look at the current scenario of technology, C++ is more trending than C language. All the developers have moved to C++ now because of its growth and use in the software industry. C++ contains all the elements of C and additional also there in C++. C++ gives more flexibility as compared to C. So it would be a good choice if the beginners choose to start with the C++ as the first language.

C vs C++: Head to Head Comparison

Area C C++
Basic Approach High-level Language High-level language
Data security The user can interface the code so it is not that much secure. The user cannot manipulate the code so it is highly secured.
Function Overloading Does not support Support Overloading
Variable definition All variables must be defined after just the Main function. Variable can be defined anywhere in the program.
Flexibility C is less flexible C++ is more flexible
Class There is no Class concept It supports the Class concept
The basic code for input and output scanf() for Input printf() for Output Cin>> for input Cout<< for output
Object-Oriented concepts It does not support object orientation It supports Object-orientation and all concept of Object-oriented programming.
Function inside structure Does not support. It supports the function inside the Structure.

Advantages and Disadvantages of C


  • The C language is a Procedure oriented programming language which means it follows the Procedure of the Program and read the program line by line which increases the Efficiency of the C language.
  • It contains a total of 32 keywords with an easy syntax which helps the user to understand the program and it is very easy to learn for the Beginners.
  • Portability is the other feature of C language. The output of the C language is stored in the format of .exe file which makes it more portable. Once a program wrote it can be used in any other computer system without making any changes in that.
  • It is very easy to debug the problem in the C language.
  • C language supports Pointer which helps the user to understand the concept of memory allocation of the data.
  • As it works on the Procedural Orientation, the compiling speed of the C compiler is very fast. The C compiler can compile 1000 lines in one to two seconds.
  • The C language is the building block of very famous languages such as C++, C#, Python etc.
  • One of the main Advantage of C language that user can extend its libraries. The user can add their own functions to the C library.
  • C is one of the languages used for development with which beginners can start their Programming Journey. Once they have done with the C language, it is easy to decide what language they should choose for the future.


  • C does not support the concept of OOPs (Object Oriented Programming).
  • C does not support OOPs features such as Inheritance, Encapsulation, polymorphism etc.
  • The user cannot declare two variable having the same name in one scope because C does not support the namespace concept.
  • C does not support the Class, constructor & Destructor concept, and the Run-Time Type Checking.

Real-world application of C

  • C language is the building block of languages like C++ and C#. C language helps to develop new languages.
  • Many other high-level languages are influenced by the C language.
  • Due to the fast performance of the C language, this is mostly used in calculation programs.
  • C language was created to script the Unix-Kernel, Microsoft Windows, and Android OS operating system.

Advantages and Disadvantages of C++


  • It works for both procedural and Object orientation program.
  • C++ is a portable language and if written in one system, that can be run on another without making any changes in it.
  • Users who choose C++ as their first programming language, it helps them to understand easily.
  • This supports to run C programs on the C++ platform; we can also run the C programs.
  • As it supports the Concept of OOPs so the concept like classes, inheritance, polymorphism, data abstraction, and encapsulation also includes in C++.
  • C++ follows the three Paradigm that is Generic, Imperative and Object-Oriented so C++ is a multi-paradigm language. The paradigm means the concept that deals with the logic, structures, and procedures of the program.
  • One of the advantages of the C++ language is that graphics programming can be done on it. The user can code for Graphical Applications.
  • C++ is one of the languages out there which has a large community. Community refers to those people who are using C++ so if you stuck anywhere in the C++ you can take the help from the community through GitHub, stack overflow etc.
  • When you discuss the syntax of the C++, it is very easy to understand.
  • It supports the Concept of Pointer which helps the developer to understand the memory concept of the program. It gives more flexibility to the developer over the Memory.


  • When Object orientated programming is used to then it increases the complexity of the program to understand.
  • It performs only on the specific platform.
  • If we try to execute the C++ program on other platforms such as web so it is very hard to debug the program.
  • One of the major disadvantages of C++ is that it does not Support the garbage collection.
  • It provides less security.

Real wold Application of C++

  • C++ helps to create 3D games.
  • A lot of Application such as Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, Google Chrome etc. use the C++ language.
  • Due to the fast performance of C++ many browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla Thunderbird uses C++ scripting.
  • Physical simulations, high-performance image processing, and mobile sensor applications are a real-world example of C++.

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