Java vs Other Programming Languages

By | May 16, 2020
Java vs Other Programming Languages

In the era of fast-growing technology, we come up with the new inventions every day. Similarly, in the case of information technology, there are thousands of programming languages already available and are still enhancements are going on. If you are from IT sector or willing to make a career in the same as a programmer or you are planning to make a new IT Project then you must have a clear idea of which type of programming language you may choose.

With the abundance of options available, there are few which are popular and adopted by most of the developers and JAVA is one of them. It is appreciated and adopted by most of the developers all around the world. Now, you just want to know that Why JAVA? What makes JAVA so popular among all other programming languages? So, let’s start with a tour on the best trending programming languages and know how Java is different from them.



About Java

JAVA is a popular general-purpose programming language. It is the fastest growing and reliable programming language. Owned by Oracle, this language is used on 3 billion devices all over the world which means that the trend of JAVA will never end. JAVA is used to make web apps, games, mobile apps, commercial websites etc. JAVA has a wide scope as it can be used in the development of any kind of projects.

What makes JAVA different from others?

JAVA has some features due to which it is accepted by many IT people. JAVA is platform independent which means once you have written a code, you can run the code on another platform (operating system) and the code will run with no modification. Java Virtual Machine abbreviated as JVM is needed to run any JAVA Program. JVM executes bytecode and CPU executes JVM and all JVM works as same thus making it execute similarly.

JAVA is an object-oriented programming language which means the complex problems can be divided into smaller sets by creating objects. This increases code reusability and also code can be maintained easily. The previous version of JAVA was slow but with the improvement in JVMs, JAVA has become fast among other programming languages like C++, PHP, Python etc.

Another reason due to which JAVA is preferred among most of the developers is the availability of huge libraries. Hundreds of classes and libraries are available in the ready to use packages which is the best feature of JAVA. So, no doubt that JAVA is a strong language and is prevailing more. But as there are two faces of coins similarly, JAVA also has few flaws which are often overlooked due to the wide features it provides.

There are so many programming languages which are being popular these days. Let’s have a look at them and find how they are different from JAVA and what are the additional features provides by them.

Comparison between JAVA and other Programming Languages



C++ is imperative, the general-purpose programming language which is widely used for competitive programming. C++ runs on many platforms like Mac, Linux, UNIX, and Windows etc. Though JAVA is derived from C++ the numbers of differences are many there. JAVA and C++, both are the object-oriented programming languages.

  • JAVA is platform-independent which can run on any platform while C++ is platform dependent.
  • C++ supports multiple inheritances, while JAVA does not support multiple inheritances in class.
  • C++ is used for system programming.
  • C++ is interactive with hardware but JAVA is not.
  • C++ is an extension of C language.
  • C++ supports the Goto Statement while JAVA does not.
  • The important difference between them is that JAVA has automatic garbage collection but C++ does not have this feature due which all the objects have to be destroyed manually.
  • The library of these two languages are slightly different, C++ has a simple, standard library while JAVA has the cross-platform library which is well equipped.



Python is a powerful high-level programming language. It is easy to use scripting language which supports object-oriented programming the same as JAVA. Python has Dynamically Typed Language which means that there is no requirement of an explicit declaration of the variable before they are used while JAVA is Static Typed.

The language is generally appreciated by the new programmers as the code of Python language is comparatively simple and short as compared to JAVA. In JAVA, you have to define each variable but this is not required in Python. It lets you focus on the problem rather than syntax. Python has in-built data types. But the language is not fully equipped for high-level projects as compared to JAVA.



PHP is used on a large basis as a server-side scripting language. It is well suited and preferred for creating web applications. The language allows the developers to create dynamic content that interacts with databases.

PHP and JAVA are very different languages as PHP is server-side scripting language while JAVA is a general-purpose language. PHP has dynamically typed language while JAVA is statically typed where the type is checked at compile time. If a developer uses PHP code, it runs on the server but in JAVA if the client computer does not have Java Runtime Environment (JRE), the code won’t run. This issue is not with PHP.



Ruby is a flexible, pure object-oriented programming language. The syntax of Ruby is far more similar to that of C and Java. It is easy for Java developer to learn Ruby. Although both the languages are similar, the key difference between them is that Java code is translated into virtual machine code which runs fast as compared to Ruby interpreted code.

Though Java is faster than Ruby its code is shorter and easy to maintain which attracts the developers to use it. Java and Ruby can be used together as they complement each other. Although Ruby and Java are similar to each other Ruby cannot be used as the replacement of Java.


So, here we have compared JAVA with C++, Python, PHP, and Ruby programming languages and we clearly get an idea that undoubtedly Java will survive in every case. Because Java provides all the features that a software engineer needs, it will be a priority always. With the evolving features among all other languages, there are also chances that the developers will shift on new technologies like Python or PHP.

It basically depends on the factor that how much efficient and easy to use a language is. The trend is not considered while selecting technology. Once a technology is adopted for a project and the project is initiated, it’s tough to shift on another language. So, choose to programme wisely and enjoy programming.

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