Python vs Node.Js

By | October 9, 2021
Python vs Node.Js

Python and Node.js are one the trending topics amongst developer though python and node.js have no comparison at all on the basis of what they are supposed to do, there is one filed where the concept of Python challenges the concept of Node.js and this intersection junction what we are going to discuss. When it comes to back end development, developers have a hard time to choose between Python vs Node.js this is the only area on which we can compare these two tools, but before comparing these two let’s discuss what is Python and Node.js.

What is Python?

Python is a general-purpose, high-level and multi-paradigm programming language. Here general-purpose mean Python can be used for many things like Desktop application, web applications, scripting and lots more.


It is an Object-Oriented programming language which also supports the procedural programming which increases the versatility of Python. According to a survey, people have searched Python programming language on Google more than any other programming language this describes the popularity of this programming language. And when, we talk about AI, and Machine Learning topics python is there too.

What is Node.js?

Node.js is a free to use cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment which is used to run the JavaScript code on the server. Node.js is written in C, C++, and JavaScript and it uses JavaScript as its native language to build dynamic web pages and applications. It is clear that Node.js is not a Programming language, it is a runtime environment for JavaScript and JavaScript is programming language here. Node.js here .js is the extension of JavaScript file, although Node.js is not a particular JavaScript file. We could say that JavaScript uses this runtime environment to execute its code on the server side instead of browser or client side, and with the help of Node.js JavaScript is pushing its reach to the Backend development.

Python vs Node.js: Head to Head Comparison

Python Node.js


Python is a Programming language Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment

Beginner Friendly

Python has simple syntax and it is an Ideal Programming language for the Beginners To get started with Node.js you must have advance knowledge of JavaScript functionality, and for a Beginner, Node.js could be a wrong choice to opt.
It has a low learning curve It has a High learning curve

Web Application

Python for web application is not a good choice because for that we need its frameworks that come with complex structure and do not provide that much scalability for a web application. Node.js is specially designed for web application and it is one of the best tools used by JavaScript developer to create dynamic web applications


Python can be used for both small and big projects. Node.js is not an ideal tool for big projects, it just used to increase the functionality with less amount of scripting

Code Execution Technique

Python use PyPy interpreter to execute its code Node.js uses JavaScript interpreter


Speed is one of the main disadvantages of Python Node.js is way faster than Python because it is based on Chrome V8 which is a powerful engine


Scalability tests the performance of a system when the request for that system increase. Python is scalable but as compared to Node.js it lacks by some units but it has such tools that can increase its scalability. When we consider scalability here Node.js has an edge over python.

Error handling

Python is a programming language and error are common when we code in a programming language, and it uses an interpreter to execute its code so debugging is easy in Python Debugging could be difficult.


Python is the most popular programming language of 2019 Node.js is also very popular when we talk about web frameworks and libraries

Community Support

Python has huge community support because it is used everywhere Node.js also has large community support.


Web and internet development Business applications Data Science GUI desktop application I/O bound application Single page applications Data Stream applications JSON API based application

Advantage and Disadvantages of Python:


  • it is quick and easy to learn than other object-oriented languages.
  • It supports multiple platforms to run and platform like on Mac, it comes pre-installed
  • The syntax of the language is well organized and easy to read.
  • It is a dynamic language so you do not need to define the variable datatype.
  • It has a large community.
  • Supports OOP’s concept.
  • It has a large number of Libraries.


  • Python doesn’t do multi-core and multi-processor well.
  • There is a limitation to access the Database.
  • It is slow as compared to other languages such as JAVA, and JavaScript

Advantage and Disadvantages of Node.js:


  • It is more flexible because you just need JavaScript to code for the front as well as backend
  • It has a fast-growing community
  • It has many packages and libraries for various tasks


  • With the increasing number of libraries bring poor quality for Node.js
  • There is a rapid growth of Node.js users but there is no such increment in its update


Both the tools are serving great in their specific field Node.js is doing great in web applications and python is a number one choice for data science.

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